Lindsey Graham is Daring Joe Biden to Bring an Assault Weapon Bill to Senate Floor

On Monday, the United States experienced yet an additional mass capturing. The shooter in the Boulder, Colorado event was equipped with a Ruger AR-556.

As is the standard when a mass capturing takes place, Democrats asked for sound judgment weapon reform. Like the stimulation costs, weapon control is not just prominent with Democratic citizens. Polls routinely reveal assistance for broadened weapon control in the 80’s or 90’s.

Still, Republican Senators were prepared to eliminate versus any type of regulation that would certainly avoid individuals from purchasing tools of battle. Leading this cost is Lindsey Graham. The South Carolina legislator is bold Joe Biden to bring a assault weapon bill to the senate floor.

Graham told the Washington Examiner, “If there were a vote tomorrow to ban ‘assault weapons’ — I’ll make a prediction — a majority of the Senate would reject that vote. There are Democrats living in red states that cannot vote for an ‘assault weapons’ ban, but every time there’s a tragic shooting in this country, the Left uses it as a reason to grab a gun [from a] lawful gun owner.”

The South Carolina lawmaker continued with a common Republican talking point, “Republicans are not going to give ground on the idea of banning the assault weapon. The weapon is not the problem, it’s the mental health issues around people who use the weapon.”

Graham even bragged about owning an attack tool himself. “I want to vote on an ‘assault weapons’ ban. I own an AR-15 — now, why do I own it? Because I have the right to own it, and I chose to own it. The AR-15 I own has a medallion on it with my reserve unit, so it means a lot to me, but if there’s a breakdown of law and order [or] a natural disaster and the gangs are roaming through a neighborhood, what house do they go to the last?”