Posted by Chet Haase, Developer Relations Engineer

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We just recently completed one more collection of MAD Skills video clips – this time around on Motion Layout. We covered methods which you can make use of the API and also the style device to develop abundant, customized, and also complicated computer animations for your individuals.

Check out the episodes listed below to boost your understanding and also abilities in various locations of the Motion Layout API and also style device. And enjoy the real-time Q&A episode, including designers on the Motion Layout and also Developer Relations groups.

Episode 1 – ConstraintSet Animations

This video clip checks out just how ConstraintSets are utilized to specify various states of your UI that you stimulate in between. Along the method, Sean demonstrates how to make use of Motion Editor in Android Studio to develop and also modify these shifts.

Episode 2 – Keyframes

This episode demonstrates how to make use of Keyframes in a MotionLayout computer animation to personalize the computer animation by changing the worths of numerous residential properties in time. For instance, you can make use of keyframes to alter the course an item takes in between beginning and also end, as opposed to complying with simply the default straight course it would certainly adhere to or else.

Episode 3 – Multiple ConstraintSets

In this 3rd episode, Sean demonstrates how you can include ConstraintSets, past the default 2 (beginning + end) to develop extra complicated computer animations, or shifts that move with numerous states in between the beginning and also end.

Episode 4 – Building a Collapsible Header

In the 4th episode, describes just how to construct a retractable toolbar utilizing Motion Layout, which is an usual area where this API radiates. Along the method, you’ll discover just how to stimulate customized qualities utilizing MotionLayout.

Episode 5 – Live Q&A

The last episode of the collection was a real-time Q&A, streamed and also taped on February 18th. It’s far too late to see it or ask your concerns live, yet have a look at the tape-recording to enjoy the discussion in between me (asking the Qs) and also Sean, John, and also Nicolas (providing the As).

More Motion Layout Resources

There are lots of various other sources to read more concerning just how to make use of Motion Layout, besides this MAD Skills collection, consisting of:

  • MotionLabels: This collection of screencasts on particular locations of the Motion Layout API simply concluded.
  • Motion Layout Guide: This overview on our designer website gives a wonderful jumping-off place with a review of the API, code bits demonstrating how to begin, and also instances of just how to do numerous type of computer animations with Motion Layout.
  • Examples: This doc has a number of aesthetic instances, together with the XML it required to develop them.
  • ADB podcast: I had a discussion with John, Nicolas, and also Sean (not together, the exact same individuals that joined me for the livestream Q&A on MotionLayout) a couple of weeks back. If you intend to listen to even more concerning MotionLayout and also RestraintLayout, inspect it out on the podcast website or in your favored podcast application.

But Wait, There’s More!

The Motion Layout collection might have finished, yet there’s still plenty still ahead in the MAD Skills collection. Be certain to inspect the MAD Skills playlist on YouTube, the posts on Medium, or this useful touchdown web page that indicates all of it.