Vieques and Culebra residents in kayaks forming a blockade on the water in a protest against the ferry system

I am not overemphasizing when elevating the concern “life-threatening unreliability.” In January of 2021,Tatiana Mena Ramos, created for BeLatina:

Imagine you’re surviving an island in the center of the pandemic. The island doesn’t have a medical facility, experiences constant food lacks, and also the only method to obtain sufficient medical care and also various other vital products is by ferryboat or aircraft. This is the truth of the locals of Vieques and also Culebra — both island towns that flank the eastern coast of Puerto Rico. For years, these islands have actually battled to survive because of exactly how separated they are from the landmass and also the transport system’s inadequacies. With over 41% of both populaces living under the destitution line, the only practical method of reaching the landmass is by ferryboat because charter aircrafts can set you back anywhere from $40-$100 per journey.

The Puerto Rico Maritime Transportation Authority (ATM MACHINE for its phrase in Spanish) utilizes just 6 ferryboat watercrafts to attach the about 10,000 locals of these little islands to the landmass. Out of these 6, commonly just 2 of these are functional because of continuous failings in repair and maintenance. As an outcome, wait times at the incurable wind up ending up being as long that lots of require to prepare to utilize their whole day simply to reach a medical professional’s consultation. This likewise indicates that there is no warranty they will certainly have the ability to return home the very same day.

Findings from a record from the International Human Rights Clinic (IHRC) at Santa Clara Law in California, “Stranded: Human Rights Implications of an Inadequate Transportation System between the Islands of Culebra, Vieques, and Puerto Rico,” offer even more information and also state the transport circumstance an infraction of civils rights.


For News is my Business, an English language Puerto Rico information resource, Michelle Kantrow-Vázquez wrote:

“Puerto Rico has an obligation to protect, respect, and guarantee applicable international human rights law, including the right to access healthcare, the right to education, the right to employment and economic development, the right to live where you choose, and the right to access public transportation without discrimination,” the record ended. “By failing to provide an adequate maritime transportation system, Puerto Rico has violated its duty to respect, protect, and guarantee these human rights to the detriment of the people of Culebra and Vieques,” it included.

Transportation issues in between the 3 islands have actually capped in current weeks, when traveler and also freight ferryboats have actually damaged down, leaving ratings of locals stranded and also without arrangements, and also motivating the federal government to rely on the Puerto Rico National Guard for back-up. Two weeks earlier, the executive supervisor of the Maritime Transportation Authority, Mara Pérez, tipped down from her message and also on Saturday was changed by Jorge Droz.

The consultation came as locals of Vieques and also Culebra organized demonstrations at the piers, annoyed over the transport issues that influence their every day lives. Among various other difficulties, the approximated 10,000 locals of both islands commonly have issues reaching and also from Puerto Rico for medical professional’s visits, education and learning and also job.


The person demonstrations are being covered by CBS press reporter David Begnaud, though the majority of the information remains in Spanish.


“[DEVELOPING] They arrest a protester who participated in the maritime blockade of the port of Culebra. Video via Chamblin. Details and reactions at 5pm in @NoticentroWAPA” the tweet listed below checks out.


The English variation checks out “Viequenses oppose the privatization of the boat service”:

On the 2nd day of public hearings to review the agreement granted to the firm HMS Ferries for maritime transport to and also from the islands of Vieques and also Culebra, neighborhood leaders from Isla Nena revealed their resistance to the hiring, which they ensured was provided to their backs, and also provided feasible choices to attend to the primary issue encountered by the locals of the town islands.

The hearings occurred while water demonstrations in the town islands handled to avoid the touchdown of watercrafts that were arranged to dock there in the early morning and also resulted in the suspension of the solution by the Department of Transportation and also Public Works.

“This contract, at no time was made to benefit the needs of the residents. It gives us no hope. We have led a life screaming and it is a shame that we have to be screaming so that the main problem that the residents of the municipality islands have is addressed, ”claimed Andrea Malavé Bonilla, participant of the We Are More than 100×35 Collective, a company that unites neighborhood leaders from Vieques.

This video clip tweet consists of a meeting with among the activists—Dolly Camareno Diaz, that was a prospect for the Culebra mayoral political election in 2020.


Protests around Vieques and also Culebra have actually been taking place for years.


I’ve been re-posting information from Puerto Rico to social networks daily because Hurricane Maria—consisting of a day matter.


I likewise upload a Puerto Rico information summary to the remark area of Abbreviated Pundit Roundup right here on Daily Kos each early morning. I really hope that we can increase the media account of occasions occurring in Vieques and also Culebra which the locals will certainly obtain dependable ferryboat solution, and also a medical facility in the future. Help make it take place by getting the word out.