Richie Murray

Kody Swanson has actually connected with Jerome Rodela to complete in the 4 unique midget occasions at Lucas Oil Raceway this year. (Al Steinberg image)

BROWNSBURG, Ind. – Kody Swanson will certainly partner with automobile proprietor Jerome Rodela to complete in 4 USAC Midget Special Events at Lucas Oil Raceway on May 28, June 17, July 3 and also Aug. 14.

All the midget races at the .686-mile smooth oval are non-points occasions towards the championship game, and also the Swanson/Rodela combination plans to complete for success at a track where Swanson has actually won on 8 previous celebrations with USAC (5 Silver Crown, 2 sprint and also one midget).

Swanson’s single previous look in Rodela’s midget began the dust at California’s Ventura Raceway throughout a 2011 USAC Western States Midget occasion, completing 10th. The 2 have actually completed versus each various other on the right track various times on the west shore with Rodela possessing a set of driving champions in his very own right with the collection in 2005 and also 2006.

Now the pairing of Swanson and also Rodela intends that their development as a group ends up the very same winning pedigree that they are accustomed to.

“I’ve known Jerome for a long time,” Swanson stated. “We raced together on the west coast when I was still out there.  We keep in touch a little bit, and I check in with him when he’s in town.  Along came a great opportunity to race together again and I’m looking forward to doing it at Lucas Oil Raceway.”

Rodela additionally works as the staff principal on the USAC NOS Energy Drink National Midget route for vehicle driver Logan Seavey in the Tom Malloy No. 25. Rodela is familiar with the sidewalk and also wants it that runs deep.

“I’m pretty excited,” Rodela stated.  “I know I have a nice piece, and I think he’ll do well in it and showcase it pretty well.  I’ve put a lot of effort into this program, and I know that Kody has a real passion for these cars, and he’ll put forth the same effort.  That’s why I think it’ll be good.”

Now a normal on the IMSA Prototype Challenge circuit, Courtney Crone was the vehicle driver for Rodela throughout one of the most current Lucas Oil Raceway midget occasion, the 2020 Night Before the 500, completing 6th. However, it was the Crone’s certifying run that offered Rodela with among his most valued minutes in competing when, throughout a unique certifying session, Rodela took out the group’s time in order for Crone to re-qualify. Faster she went, approximately 3rd, amidst a rowdy action from the substantial group.

“I kid you not, that moment was probably one of the most memorable moments in my 20 years of racing midgets,” Rodela recognized. “That was so special to me for what we accomplished there. It literally brought tears to my eyes when we went out and did that.  The crowd cheered as I’m running back to our pit spot. Other teams were clapping and cheering. Man, that was a magical moment for sure.”

The growth from one race to 4 for sidewalk midgets at LOR begins the heels of the favorable action of the midget occasion there one year back. Both Swanson and also Rodela extremely value the initiative and also the dedication that has actually been taken into location to make these occasions take place once again.

“It’s definitely exciting for me,” Swanson described. “I came to the Midwest as a pavement guy specifically to run midgets at Lucas Oil Raceway. After racing shifted with pavement sprint and midget racing going away in some capacity, it’s great to have them back, and great for someone like me who has always enjoyed the pavement, to get the chance to race them again. I’m thankful for the effort Kasey Coler and Lucas Oil Raceway have done to get pavement midgets get back going. I’m looking forward to having some fun.”

Rodela shared the very same beliefs.

“It’s cool that Kasey is going full bore into this,” Rodela stated.  “I’ve held on to this car for a long time hoping and praying it came back.  I think people are itching for pavement racing again, and I feel Kasey brought it back right at the right time.  It got a big response from the teams, and I think this year will even be more successful.”