Clownshow: CNN Asks Blackface Governor Northam If Cuomo Should 'Follow His Playbook'

CNN remains to beclown itself as an information network, also inducing Virginia’s very own “blackface” guv to offer New York’s scandal-embroiled guv political recommendations today, as well as it had not been an April Fools’ joke!

New Day’s John Avlon caused Ralph Northam for an amazingly soft meeting, which finished in this real concern: “I’m wondering what political lessons you have learned from that experience and whether you think they should apply to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.” 

The CNN reporter began by admiring Northam for “going the opposite direction” of states like Georgia, Florida as well as Texas by “expanding access to the ballot box.” Unlike New Day’s meetings with Republicans today by themselves political election costs, Avlon didn’t grill the Democrat with objections of the costs. Instead, he offered Northam unlimited freedom to explain it as he pleased, begging, “Tell us what this bill is and why you felt compelled to push it forward.

Afterwards, Avlon flattered the guv some extra: “It’s important because you’re taking the opposite step, expanding access, prohibiting discrimination and restrictions, and it’s a powerful counterexample, particularly from a southern governor.”



He asked Northam 2 even more softball concerns phrased as his he was benefiting Northam’s public connections workplace: “Tell us what impact [Biden’s infrastructure plan] could have on improving people’s lives and business climate in Virginia if it goes forward?”

And a pleasant concern from the left: 

Let me speak about another thing you’re pressing ahead. An change to go up the day where cannabis would certainly be legislated in Virginia….I’m questioning what you consider this opposition in between government regulation as well as state regulation when it concerns cannabis legalisation since presently cannabis’s still identified as a timetable I numbing in addition to heroin. That produces lawful risk for individuals attempting to exercise their lawful civil liberties in Virginia. What’s your take on that, as well as, guv, should that government category be altered? 

Finally, one of the most eyebrow-raising concerns came. Avlon really asked Northam to share his “political lessons” for Andrew Cuomo, after the Virginia Democrat was captured in old yearbook images with a schoolmate in a Ku Klux Klan clothing as well as blackface in 2019:

Governor, prior to we go, 2 years earlier, you were being swamped with ask for your resignation after decades-old images in blackface were found. You said sorry, you rejected to surrender, as well as you have actually taken place to pass really considerable regulation as guv with high authorization scores. I’m questioning what political lessons you have actually gained from that experience as well as whether you assume they must relate to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. 

Northam happily promoted exactly how his very own debate led to extra modern racial plans in Virginia: “We have turned a lot of what I’ve learned about into action, whether it be criminal justice reform, police reform, ending the death penalty, doing things like making sure that people don’t have their driver’s license taken away because they can’t pay their court fines,” he described.

Clearly attempting to make the instance that Democrats must forgive as well as fail to remember with Andrew Cuomo as they finished with Northam, CNN’s Avlon pushed once again:

“To be clear, do you think that Governor Cuomo should follow your playbook as some are calling on him to do, or do you think he should resign because of the allegations put forward?” he asked. Northam decreased to respond to claiming that depended on individuals of New York.

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