Fire spectacle against night frost: Wine lovers can hope: the winemaker heats up the vines - to save the vintage

See in the video clip: The wine maker warms up the creeping plants – to conserve the vintage from frost

The fire phenomenon in the wineries of Schloss Wackerbarth near Dresden looks enchanting, however the factor for it is rather major. Vintner Till Neumeister: “Well, we’re standing below in this winery tonight since the meteorologists have actually forecasted minus 2 to minus 3 levels as well as our creeping plants will grow. That indicates they are currently vulnerable versus late frost damages. We’re attempting To prevent the entire point by increasing the temperature level in the winery by 3 to 4 levels Celsius with the candle lights that we see below as well as maintaining it completely over cold factor, this shields around 3,000 creeping plants of the Muscaris grape selection, a gewurztraminer grape selection which grows fairly very early, however where truly excellent glass of wines can be made. And consequently this step, to ensure that the a glass of wine can be delighted in following year, which will certainly be collected in fall this year. Neumeister as well as his associates have actually supplied a location of ​​around 30 football areas with warming up fires. In enhancement to the Muscaris selection, Bacchus as well as Müller-Thurgau creeping plants should likewise be secured from frost.