(Sifting through the junk at garage sales to find the gold!)

Hello! Please appreciate this post from a viewers, Rush Walters, on exactly how he turns yard sale and also public auction things on ebay.com as a side rush to make additional earnings.

Depending on that you ask, there are advantages and disadvantages to being a senior high school instructor. One disadvantage: earnings, One pro: having summertimes off.

Both my partner and also I are educators in a little mid-Missouri community. During my initial year (2015) as a senior high school instructor and also head kid’s tennis trainer I was making a monstrous $38,000 a year.

Needless to state, the spending plan was tight some months.

When I obtained wed in 2018, I believed a 2nd earnings would certainly be really handy, however a 2nd income would certainly not come till 2019. Long tale short, my partner is from Bolivia and also was unable to lawfully help a year till she got her long-term residency standing (permit).

Two individuals living off of one middle-class income, not to mention an instructor’s income, was tough. Thankfully my partner and also I were good at budgeting, and also have actually been utilizing an effective budgeting procedure because we have actually been wed, however I’ll conserve that tale for one more day.

Financially we were great, however what concerning the enjoyable cash? What concerning heading out to consume with pals throughout the weekend breaks? What concerning mosting likely to the motion pictures? What concerning my “want” acquisitions?

This is when the suggestion of turning things on ebay.com from yard sale & public auctions entered complete result.

At the moment, I found out about among my colleagues making a substantial quantity of cash from turning sporting activities souvenirs on the side. I believed to myself, “I could do that, I don’t have much of a sports background, but I do have an eBay account and I have been to garage sales before.”

So I started awakening Saturday early mornings at 6am, ordering my coffee thermos, heading to the neighborhood gasoline station to buy the neighborhood paper, and also increasing the classifieds with my pen.

(Sifting through the junk at garage sales to find the gold!)

Sifting via the scrap at yard sale to discover the gold!

I would certainly circle every one of the sales that began that day just. Forget the 2-day yard sale that began the day previously. I am not claiming that you cannot discover anything of worth at these sales, however every little thing has actually currently been selected via and also all the excellent things has actually been gotten. 

Flipping things on ebay.com promptly became my side rush! Starting out I looked for some recommendations from my colleague I stated previously.

I indicate this person is truly right into it, he would certainly take a trip on the weekend breaks to trade convention in various other states and also if he was going solo he would certainly oversleep his vehicle to conserve cash. He economizes, well some individuals like to call it “cheap,” haha.

Along with recommendations from him, I truthfully found out a great deal via experience. Trials & Tribulations. From an excellent flip I acquired cash and also happiness, from a poor flip I found out a lesson. Throughout this procedure I additionally learnt more about the worth of my time.

Is it worth investing half a day at public auction simply for one thing that may bring me $20?

I am mosting likely to show to you my detailed procedure for novices turning things on ebay.com. I have actually made errors and also I have actually appreciated successes, however most significantly is that I gained from my experiences. Experience is among the most effective educators you can discover.

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Step 1: Mining for Diamonds

You will certainly be extracting for the “diamond(s) in the ruff” as they state.

There are 3 particular devices you will certainly require prior to you struck the ground operating. Let’s begin with one of the most evident: cash money. Make an initiative to head to the financial institution the day prior to you go garage saling.

In the early morning when I would certainly acquire the paper at the gasoline station, I would certainly ask the register if they might transform a $20, however I promptly discovered that altering a $20 at the neighborhood gasoline station isn’t constantly reputable. Some filling station have sufficient dollar to extra, some do not. That being claimed, I have actually done it sometimes, however in some cases I am just able to obtain 10 or 15 dollar at once.

This limitations my bartering power. You are not mosting likely to have the ability to most likely to the financial institution in the early morning due to the fact that they are shut and also Atm machines do not outcome buck quantities in increments of 1.

My leading pointer for money is to constantly lug $1 expenses on you. Reason being, when you trade you will certainly require to have the capacity to pay any kind of quantity, not simply increments of $5. I attempt to lug twenty one $1 expenses on me in all times when I’m garage saling. If you purchase that you have bigger expenses for, utilize your huge expenses. Only utilize your buck expenses when required.

Tool #2 is the paper. Always acquire your neighborhood paper the day of the sale. Your neighborhood filling station ought to constantly have a duplicate. As quickly as you enter your vehicle, take out the classifieds section of the paper, toss the remainder in your rear seat, take out your pen and also begin circling around all the yard sale that open up for the very first time that early morning. Make a psychological note of the moments, clearly you wish to most likely to the earliest ones initially. Don’t invest permanently doing this, you get on a routine!

Have a tactical plan, you recognize the community you stay in, take one of the most tactical course you can. Do not copulate bent on the East side of community after that transform appropriate around to copulate to the West side of community. Go to the East side and also begged all the sales in the process. There isn’t a details tactical plan that I can provide you of what sales to strike initially, just some reminders.

Obviously struck the initial ones that are open initially. Hit the ones that remain in the exact same location. Hit what you are trying to find. I directly such as to turn old computer game for a variety of factors, so if I see a listing discussing computer game, I will certainly place that sale on the top of my listing. The last point you require to think about is the sort of yard sale listing. Here are the leading 3 listings you require to recognize:

Moving Sales – The name the video game remains in the title: “moving.” These vendors are inspired to relocate and also do away with their things. Sure, obtaining some money is an and also, however they simply wish to do away with things so they can relocate without needing to fret about them. They are inspired to market and also are really available to offers.

Estate Sales – The cream of the crop in my viewpoint. These vendors are stagnating, however they wish to do away with every little thing. I would certainly say that they are extra inspired to market contrasted to any individual else due to the fact that they are simply cleaning up the estate of every little thing, in some cases for any kind of cost.

The typical “Garage Sale” – The most typical sale, these vendors are extra inspired to generate income as opposed to to do away with things. They are the hardest to trade with, however have several of one of the most valued things due to the fact that they are valued to market.

(Online Garage Sale Ad from my local newspaper)

Online Garage Sale Ad from my neighborhood paper

All in all, you can most likely discover offers at any one of these sales, the title of them just assists me focus on which one I am mosting likely to initially. If both a yard sale and also estate sale starts at 7am you much better be dang certain that I am mosting likely to the estate sale initially.

Some neighborhood papers have an electronic variation of the classifieds noted along with a paper duplicate. The just advantage I’ve located to this contrasted to the paper duplicate is that it assists me make my choice on whether I wish to go garage marketing the following day. Typically my paper blog posts the day-of classifieds for Saturday on-line beginning at twelve o’clock at night, that makes feeling. You will certainly need to do your very own study if your paper supplies this.

So if I see that the on-line classifieds are just noting 2 yard sale for the following early morning, possibilities are I will certainly not go unless the listing summary is promising/convincing.

Also, individuals do upload advertisements on Facebook and also they ought to be taken into consideration, however I have actually located that if it gets on Facebook it will certainly be noted in the paper as well, at the very least if it’s worth mosting likely to.

As quickly as you’re done increasing the classifieds and also developing your tactical plan, head to your initial sale, it never ever harms to be early. I am mosting likely to duplicate this, it never ever harms to be early. I worry this due to the fact that although the listing might state that they open up at 7am, I have actually seen them open at 6:50am. Yes 10mins. makes a distinction! A 10min home window might be your opportunity to profit a good deal or might be a missed out on chance to profit a good deal if you appear at 7:00am. If you exist prior to it opens up, no fears, wait in your vehicle till they open up. Yes I recognize I recognize, it might appear weird to wait in your vehicle outside their residence however hey it will certainly not be weird when you’re leaving with excellent things to turn.

Always strive to be initially.

You require to be the initial individual at the sale to ensure that you are the initial individual to see what they need to use and also the initial individual to land the most effective bargain. People are marauders available, they desire the most effective meat initially and also do not care that remains in the means.

Last however not the very least, you will certainly require your mobile phone billed and also the ebay.com application up and also running. On the application you have the ability to perform a look for formerly offered things. This device is your secret for discovering the existing worths of things. This device is excellent due to the fact that it is constantly upgraded and also constantly exact.

You discover the “Sold Items” switch under the filter when looking for a details thing, as received the photo listed below.

Left picture: “Sold Items” switch              Right picture: Sold Items Search Results

Once you have actually discovered more concerning what markets and also what does not, you can relocate quicker.

Again you get on a routine, I am not claiming you require to range from sale to sale, however if you don’t discover any kind of offers at one you are squandering your time simply walking.

Your time might be invested much better at one more sale, where you might be defeating somebody else to the strike.


Step 2: Bartering

Here comes the critical factor. When to state yes, when to state no, what cost to ask?

When bartering for items in the $20 and also under variety, I usually begin by providing fifty percent of what they are asking. Example: the thing is valued at $10 so I will certainly use $5. Now I recognize that 8 out of 10 times I am most likely not going to obtain the thing for fifty percent off, however it’s a beginning indicate obtain the thing for at the very least 25% off the initial cost. So why do I aim for half off you might ask?

There is a great chance that they are mosting likely to counter your initial deal, consequently if you begin your deal at 25% off the initial cost they might respond to with 10% off the initial cost. The vendor, along with the customer, intends to obtain that pleased sensation. You as the customer are pleased with obtaining a bargain whereas the vendor is still delighted with earning money although it could be a little less than what they were asking.

You additionally require to absorb mind that many garage vendors are not available to generate income for a living. Their objective is to do away with things they do not desire any longer and also it is a reward if they have the ability to obtain money in return, it’s not like they are running a pop-up organization. Most of the moment they are extra inspired to do away with things contrasted to simply earning money.

When you are bartering you additionally require to develop your quiting factor. What is as well pricey for you?

The reduced the cost you buy your thing for, the bigger home window of chance you need to generate income. This choice all depends upon just how much you wish to make. The information remain in the margins, if you see a computer game that offered on ebay.com for $15 and also you got it for $5 that’s a good quantity of revenue.

You tripled your cash.

When you seek out a thing on ebay.com  you require to be as particular as feasible, so your search engine result are as exact as feasible. If you cannot discover a precise duplicate of the thing that was offered, discover one of the most carefully relevant thing and also utilize it to establish your criterion for the worth of a thing and also develop what you want to spend for it.

Do not obtain captured up in the enjoyment of the bargain. Yes it’s interesting and also of course it’s satisfying to have success turning items, however do not allow it shadow your reasoning or your expertise. I am mosting likely to be truthful, cash does not appreciate your sensations.

Stay concentrated, obtain what you lay out to obtain for the appropriate cost.

When I encounter a thing that I am still learning more about I constantly ask myself is it worth the threat of X quantity of bucks?

Are you comfy with possibly shedding X quantity of bucks?

Risk is constantly entailed.

I can bear in mind when I acquired some collectible Harley-Davidson Steins. I did not recognize way too much concerning them, I saw what they cost on ebay.com and afterwards chose to take a danger. The vendor offered me a cost that I fit with so I acquired 2 of them. I damaged favorable, however just made a couple of dollars for an excellent quantity of job. I rejoice I did not shed cash, however I shed my time.

My time is important therefore is your own.

Behind every flip, there is a lesson to be found out.

Before we get involved in the last action, I am mosting likely to show to you lessons I have actually gained from my mistakes and also successes.


Lessons to be found out

After dropping my partner off at the airport terminal in the city, I figured I could too beg some public auctions on my back house.

At the moment, I had actually been to public auctions prior to so I recognized the regular, however I had actually never ever been to a public auction with the objective in mind to turn things. I had a couple of effective yard sale turns under my belt so I figured public auctions are the following degree in my side rush quest.

I saw this collection of old American coins, primarily Kennedy half bucks and also some steel cents that were made throughout the battle as a result of the scarcity of copper.

I did the mathematics, if I offered 50 of them at $5 a pop I would certainly make $250 so I’d fit with investing $200 for the whole lot. I keep in mind that I suched as that the coins are a little thing so they would certainly be very easy to mail. I additionally suched as that it was a collection consequently I might develop my supply without needing to go to several yard sale to maintain my ebay.com listings upgraded. I got the coins, however I needed to bid versus others which increased the cost and also my appraisal was incorrect 😬.

I did not recognize much concerning coin accumulating and also in addition to my little expertise of the things, I did not have excellent mobile phone solution in the structure so I might not follow my guideline of valuing things on ebay.com.

I recognized that there was a market for collectible coins, however I did not think about the specifics of coin collections. Collecting coins and also money is an entire various other ballgame. Let alone the high quality qualifications behind them.

Let’s simply state I remained in the unfavorable on this flip. I think I offered about $50 – $70 of the around $200 I invested in them. I additionally got a collection of lighter in weights that day for around $90 and also offered them for around $20 – $30.

Sad day.

On the other side of points my initial large sell was an angling appeal. I got a little take on box of angling attractions and also equipment for $15 at a neighborhood yard sale.

When I was examining the cost of the attractions on ebay.com I was certain that I might make my cash back and also I fit with taking the chance of $15. I had difficulty picking a listing cost for the attractions, I simply did not recognize what to begin them at.

Let me advise you that this was when I was initial beginning. I asked my colleague what he believed, he recommended that I begin auctioning them at 99 cents. So that’s what I did. That means I might see if they deserve anything and also gain from my initial effort at marketing attractions.

Certain Fishing attractions are really collectible.

I offered one for $100!!

This was my initial large sale and also I was overjoyed! I captured the ebay.com high temperature!

My first big flip: collectable fishing lure

My initially large flip: collectable angling appeal

Step 3: Quality ebay.com Listings

I am not mosting likely to experience exactly how to note a thing detailed by action, however I am mosting likely to review my leading suggestions when noting a thing.

The thinking I’m not mosting likely to experience it detailed is due to the fact that ebay.com does an excellent work at detailing what is needed for thing listings.

I am mosting likely to provide you what you require to take your listings from a default fundamental degree to a premium quality degree.

By currently if you were utilizing the “sold items” function on ebay.com throughout action 1, you ought to currently have the ebay.com application mounted on your phone. To listing things you require to make a cost-free account on ebay.com. The firm does an excellent work and also provides you a simple procedure for establishing an account.

I don’t have much problems to state concerning the application, it offers a simple and also reasonable procedure for noting things.

Starting out, I would certainly advise that you concentrate on the “auction” noting greater than anything else. You have the possible to generate income and also you can find out exactly how pricey individuals worth your particular thing.

When you established a “buy it now” listing, you established a consistent cost that won’t transform.

Whereas purchasers in public auctions identify the last cost; the skies’s the limitation.

Another stunning facet that public auctions use is that they drive competitors! Think concerning it, state you’re missing out on the last couple of head of states in your project switch collection and also head of state #3 is up for public auction. President #3 is difficult to find by so you recognize that you’re mosting likely to do whatever it requires to get his switch……so is the following person…..and also the following person…..and also the following person.

That indicates something for you: $$$$$$. I assume you understand.

I think this is what occurred with my $100 angling attractions. Two men were going at it, to contribute to their collection.

Now this doesn’t occur with all things, not all things belong of a collection. The concept of supply and also need prove out and also via public auctions you have the ability to witness this procedure as a vendor.

Let’s get involved in rates.

Always begin your public auction at a cost listed below what the previous thing cost. This might feel like good sense, however I have actually seen a lot of public auction listings beginning at the cost they are valued at. Let me advise you that they have absolutely no quotes!

I ask yourself why. 😐

My guideline is that the reduced the beginning cost, contrasted to what it is valued at, the greater interest your listing is mosting likely to bring in.

With a reduced beginning factor, possible purchasers are visiting it as a bargain to be made! I usually begin the listing from $10 to in some cases $20 listed below what it is valued at. Also do not neglect to take into consideration ebay.com’s 10% listing vendors charge. For most things ebay.com just takes 10% of your offered cost. Here is a breakdown of ebay.com’s costs.

Once you have a concept for a ball park cost, you are mosting likely to wish to take high quality images of your item.


  • the back
  • the front
  • the sides, and also
  • a bird’s eye sight

Display every photo required to provide possible purchasers a complete understanding of your thing.

Once your images are published you require to finish the summary of the thing, this is usually overlooked/partially finished.

Now do not over do it, however your thing’s summary requires to be particular.

Example, if I am marketing a computer game that I have actually never ever evaluated on a console and also the instance is missing out on the initial guidebook I would certainly place the adhering to in the summary: “Untested and missing manual as seen in pictures.”

By claiming this, it both notifies your customer and also covers your butt. I have had it take place to me a couple of times where a customer will certainly buy a fruit and vegetables that has a problem, that I stated in the summary and also revealed images of 🙃, whining that it is damaged or otherwise what they initially acquired. I after that reference my initial uploading and also they can’t win the debate. I will certainly not reimburse them their acquisition due to the fact that they did not check out the summary.

What concerning evaluations from the customer!?!

If a customer that remains in the incorrect efforts to provide you a poor evaluation, you can call ebay.com’s customer support, discuss the circumstance, and also ask for it to be removed. Of training course ebay.com have to concur that you remain in the right, however if you are right they will certainly back you up.

1 factor ebay.com, 0 factors bad-tempered customer.

Last pointer on noting a thing: delivery.

When beginning, constantly have the customer spend for delivery. Ebay has an excellent system in position that computes just how much it will certainly set you back each based upon their place.

All you need to do is go into the thing’s weight and also measurements of the box/package that you prepare to deliver it in. When submitting the delivery section of your listing, make sure that every little thing is appropriate or else you will certainly be billed for additional delivery if your things really set you back greater than you expected.

This is a lesson that I needed to discover more than as soon as.



  1. Establish your tactical plan for garage marketing. Know where and also exactly how to extract for gold.
  2. Barter like it’s no one’s organization! The reduced the cost the higher the home window of chance you need to generate income.
  3. Simply comply with instructions when developing a listing, be detailed with your images and also summary.

Finally and also most significantly, find out as you go.

After you do your study and also check out exactly how to turn things on ebay.com, you require to attempt it! Experience is among the most effective educators.

I have actually experienced negative turns and also excellent turns.

The course to success is not excellent or else everyone would certainly be doing it.

Author biography: Rush is a Mid-Missouri senior high school design instructor and also tennis trainer. He and also his partner Mia have no children, just a clever Bernese Mountain pet dog called Zion. Along with training, he runs one blog site; Clim & Joe’s. He takes pleasure in discovering, food preparation, parlor game, and also time invested with his partner and also household. 

Are you curious about turning things for resale? What inquiries do you have for Rush?

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