You can simply void a test by writing “VOID” throughout the entrance of the test, utilizing blue or black ink and huge letters. You might must void a test to arrange automated transactions, like direct deposit of paychecks to your checking account.

Though many monetary transactions are actually paperless and most of us preserve monitor of our funds utilizing web sites and apps, there are nonetheless many widespread causes to make use of a bodily test.

Frequently, employers require you to submit a voided test so as to file your account info and arrange direct deposit to your paychecks.

Fortunately, voiding a test is a straightforward and simple activity. Read on to study precisely void a test, why you would possibly must void a test, and what to do in case you don’t have any checks.

How to Void a Check

Voiding a test is so simple as writing “VOID” in massive letters throughout the entrance of the test, however there are a couple of different issues to bear in mind. Follow these three steps to get a correctly voided test for organising direct deposit or different automated funds.



Step 1: Start With a Blank Check

When you’re submitting a voided test for direct deposit or automated funds, you don’t want to incorporate any info on the common traces. Grab a clean test out of your checkbook, you then’re prepared to maneuver on to the subsequent step.

Step 2: Void the Check With Blue or Black Ink

Using a blue or black pen, write “VOID” in massive letters throughout the whole entrance of the test, ensuring to not cowl the routing or account numbers. Those numbers are what the particular person receiving the voided test will use to establish your checking account.

By writing “VOID” on the test, you’ll stop anybody from filling out the test and cashing it. There’s only one extra step within the course of.

Step 3: Make a Copy of the Voided Check

Make a replica of the voided test to ship to your employer or whoever else wants the voided test. You can preserve the unique for your self as a reminder that the test with this quantity was not used for a selected fee.

You can use copies or photos of the identical voided test for a number of conditions. Read on for a couple of situations the place a voided test is important.

Reasons You May Need To Void a Check

In a wide range of conditions, offering a voided test lets you share your checking account info with out permitting anybody to make use of the test.



Here are a couple of occasions {that a} voided test could also be mandatory:

  1. Setting up direct deposit: If you’d desire to have your paycheck deposited straight into your checking account, your employer might ask for a voided test to allow them to view your account particulars.
  2. Establishing automated funds: Some recurring funds, like loans or utility payments, will be robotically deducted out of your checking account on a set schedule, however this typically requires a voided test to arrange.
  3. Voiding a test with errors: After filling out a test, you might discover that you simply’ve made a mistake within the identify of the recipient or the quantity. You can merely void the test by writing “VOID” on it, then write a brand new test.

If it’s worthwhile to void a test for any purpose however don’t have one, there are workarounds you possibly can attempt.

What To Do If You Don’t Have Checks

If it’s worthwhile to present a voided test however don’t have any checks, there are some things you possibly can attempt:

  1. Connect on to your checking account: Many employers and companies now allow you to straight join your checking account utilizing your login credentials or your routing and account numbers, bypassing the necessity to present a voided test.
  2. Preview a test in your financial institution’s web site: When ordering checks on-line, many banks present a preview of the checks. In sure conditions, you might be able to print this preview picture and write “VOID” on the test. However, this will likely not all the time be ample.
  3. Get a “counter check” at your native financial institution department: Many banks will offer you a “counter check” at a neighborhood department. Rather than a complete checkbook, this will probably be a single test you can void. Note that some banks cost a payment for offering counter checks.

If none of those options work to your explicit scenario, you might must order checks out of your financial institution. Some banks don’t provide checks, so you might want to join a brand new checking account in case you want checks to void.

Once you’ve voided a test and shared it along with your employer or one other enterprise, just remember to arrange a funds to maintain monitor of your earnings and bills.

Frequently Asked Questions About Voiding Checks

Since checks are much less and fewer widespread, many individuals have questions associated to voiding checks. Here’s are a couple of of the questions individuals typically have:

How Do I Void a Blank Check?

You can void a clean test or a filled-out test precisely the identical approach: Write “VOID” in massive letters throughout the whole test. Once you’ve completed this, nobody will be capable to deposit the test.

How Do I Void a Check for Direct Deposit?

To void a test to supply your employer to arrange direct deposit, take a clean test and write “VOID” in massive letters throughout the whole test. Be sure that you simply don’t cowl the routing or the account numbers, which your employer will use to verify your paycheck goes to the proper account. Make a replica of the test to ship to your employer, and preserve the unique to your personal information.

How Do I Void a Check I Already Sent?

There’s no strategy to void a test when you’ve already despatched it. Instead, you’ll must contact your financial institution and ask them to challenge a cease fee on that exact test quantity, although there could also be a payment to do that.

How Do I Void a Lost Check?

If you’ve misplaced a test, you gained’t be capable to void it, however you need to contact your financial institution instantly in order that they’ll challenge a cease fee for that test quantity, which can stop anybody else from utilizing it. Note that some banks might cost a payment to challenge a cease fee on a test.