I encountered the Logitech G Pro collection by accident: I stayed in Japan when I (promptly) called for an outdoors mechanical key-board. Upon looking as well as additionally checking out at the community option in a Yodobashi store, the Logitech G Pro collection was the greatest I could find at the time. I acquired one as well as additionally was instead pleased with the top quality.

In The Future, Logitech drew out what seemed unthinkable, for a large key-board manufacturer: A G Pro collection with unpredictable switches to entirely customize YOUR inputting experience, the Logitech G Pro X(primary websites).

The Pro X key-board with unpredictable switches truly feels substantially like the Logitech 810, besides that it takes adjustments in addition to keys repairability to the complying with level (this will certainly not settle PCD-related key-board failings normally). Its forerunner operated in fact well, in addition to there was no aspect to tailor a reliable thing more than required.

The keys customization is exceptional: most certainly, you can choose various type of switches as well as additionally have a heterogeneous mix of Blue, Brown, as well as additionally Red modifications. I such as the brown switches, yet I have a variety of key-boards of all kinds. Eventually, I took in a great deal worrying Key-boards that I acquired for ~$500/ year well worth of key-boards to increase my procedures ever-slightly.

Right right here are some essential metrics pertaining to the Logitech G Pro X key-board:

  • Key-traveling: 3.7 mm (Blue+ Brownish), 4mm (Red)
  • Actuation stress: 50 g (Blue+ Brownish+ Red)
  • Detachable USB cable (5.9 feet)
  • User-changeable exclusive switches
  • 1ms report cost

Changing the methods is done using a provided tool. Some people insist it is difficult, I do not’ see any type of sort of basis for that complaint, especially that it is a solitary treatment as I do not prepare for people to modify their methods usually.

The just modification that I question is the reduced contrast of the Trick’s painted individualities, nonetheless it refers private options. Come organization like Das Key-board have things with no obvious crucial individualities in all.

Any individual that harmed a trick on a non-swappable+ modifications key-board discovers repairability. I’m not mentioning that you require to bang on the keys while computer video gaming, nonetheless if you do -as well as additionally harm a method- you can a minimum of adjustment it. That’s particularly simply exactly how my G810 key-board met its fatality after years of exceptional option in addition to (fierce) taking a trip in bags.

You can furthermore switch over computed methods to numerous sort of switches. I such as having numerous essential switches for keying vs. function keys. Some gamers can want computed methods to be extra-firm or extra-sensitive. Currently you can customize all you want.

Besides the exchangeable switches, the numerous other aspect to such as the key-board is the “really feel” of the various Logitech exclusive G switches. I find them to have the very best mix of remarks in addition to remarkable construct top quality, up there with one of the most reliable things on the market. The detachable key-board cable tv makes it rather simpler for travel/transport due to the fact that you can perfectly pack the cable away.

At $14999, the Logitech Pro X is not low-cost whatsoever, in addition to you’ll require to consist of $4999 for every single collection of key-board switches. If you want a heterogenous vital style, or if you want to deal with a set of methods in the future, the expense isn’t excessive for a costs key-board.

The RGB methods alteration (macros, crucial binding, etc) is done by means of the Logitech G Center software program application, which great deals of individuals also established for their Logitech computer system mouse or camera. The application is easy to use adequate in addition to has in fact much continued in the previous variety of years. I desire there were a method to import/export as well as additionally share various customizations with the location.


Ultimately, the Logitech Pro X computer video gaming key-board is enhanced a truly solid framework, with outstanding precision in addition to feedbacks. The alteration software program application is a fantastic second layer, as well as additionally the exchangeable crucial switches are the last thing that alters an outstanding thing right into something remarkable.

Probably this thing can be your oblique rock to a fully-customizable Do It Yourself mechanical key-board, nonetheless currently I’m not relatively there yet, unlike various other people in our team. As an intermediate activity, I exceptionally recommend this thing.

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