MSNBC Regular Frightened That 'Ignorant' Chauvin Jury Could Fail to Convict

George Floyd died in police custody with a knee on his neck. It’s all on video. Now attempt discovering a jury that may hear either side of that case. Try being a juror understanding that Floyd’s loss of life precipitated a summer season of rioting throughout America, and that the way you rule on this case might trigger extra violence and destruction. 

On Tiffany Cross’s weekend MSNBC present, MSNBC common Elie Mystal — “justice correspondent” for The Nation — apparently believes that former policeman Derek Chauvin’s jury ought to be composed of individuals…who had already determined to convict him! He decried the “ignorance” of the Chauvin jury, saying it was chosen by individuals who both had not seen the video of the arrest of George Floyd, or perhaps “saw the video and couldn’t decide if sometimes, maybe black people do need to be choked to death.”

In different phrases, Mystal needed a jury composed of people that had determined—prematurely of seeing any proof—that Chauvin had no legitimate protection. Or that anybody who hadn’t seen the video are far too silly or self-involved to be reliable jurors. 

Mystal is so blindingly anti-police that he in contrast Floyd to the victims of 9/11 and the Boston Marathon bombing. Police are home terrorists like al-Qaeda. Speaking of ignorance, Mystal additionally led viewers to consider that the three different law enforcement officials concerned within the Floyd arrest had been all white. He stated:

“We don’t let terrorists blame the victims for the terrorism. That’s not what happens in this country, unless the victim is black. And when the victim is black, these white, domestic, state-sponsored terrorists—which is what Derek Chauvin and his three accomplices were that day—state-sponsored terrorists. When the terrorism is against black people, it is suddenly okay for lawyers to make the arguments and judges to allow evidence suggesting that the victim of the terrorism was at fault for their own death.”

Alex Kueng Tou ThaoIn truth, two of the three accompanying law enforcement officials weren’t white. Alex Kueng is black, and Tou Thao is Asian-American. With this sort of ignorance, would Mystal disqualify himself from jury obligation? 

And observe additionally Mystal’s slur of town of Minneapolis and the state of Minnesota.  He refers back to the cops not merely as “domestic” terrorists, however as “state-sponsored” terrorists. Has Elie forgotten that Minneapolis and Minnesota are managed by liberal Democrats? Does the MSNBC viewers agree whole-heartedly that liberal Democrats sponsor home terrorists of their police departments?

Mystal additionally claimed Floyd was killed “with impunity,” when Chauvin in now on trial, he is been faraway from the police pressure, and town of Minneapolis agreed in March to pay $27 million in a civil settlement to Floyd’s household, which was talked about on this section. That’s not the dictionary definition of “impunity.”

Host Cross, removed from correcting or criticizing Mystal’s misstatements concerning the nature of the justice system and the identification of the opposite law enforcement officials, predictably praised him: “Elie, you’re so good! I hope you can stick around for the next hour!” He did.

Before the present, MSNBC touted the looks of this “great guest.”

MSNBC common Elie Mystal saying he was “frightened” that the Chauvin jury was “seeded with ignorance” as a result of it’s composed of people that hadn’t determined prematurely that Chauvin is responsible, was sponsored partly by Jeep, Planters, Allegra, Tide, and Dell.

Here’s the transcript.

The Cross Connection
10:21 am EDT

ELIE MYSTAL: Now, the testimony that the prosecution has placed on from the opposite law enforcement officials ought to, to my thoughts, blunt this protection argument that Chauvin behaved like an inexpensive cop. Literally, different cops are saying that he didn’t. 

But then we’ve to consider the jury. And it’s a must to bear in mind, this jury has been seeded with ignorance. It’s been seeded with folks who both didn’t see the video, which is sort of inconceivable to do on this nation, or, noticed the video and couldn’t resolve if typically, perhaps black folks do must be choked to loss of life for eight minutes and forty-six seconds. Maybe that they had it coming!

So these are the folks that wer’re speaking to right here. It’s not speaking to me; it isn’t making an attempt to persuade you. That ship sailed way back. They’re making an attempt to persuade 12 folks which were picked particularly for not understanding issues. And so, that’s what — that’s what frightens me. No, they don’t must put Chauvin on the stand. They want one juror to refuse to see a purpose.

. . . 

MYSTAL [earlier in the segment] Of course, we don’t let terrorists blame the victims for the terrorism. That’s not what occurs on this nation, until the sufferer is black. And when the sufferer is black, these white, home, state-sponsored terrorists—which is what Derek Chauvin and his three accomplices had been that day—state-sponsored terrorists. When the terrorism is in opposition to black folks, it’s instantly okay for attorneys to make the arguments and judges to permit proof suggesting that the sufferer of the terrorism was at fault for their very own loss of life.