Matt Scappini will certainly contend in the restricted late design department at Stafford Speedway this year.

STAFFORD SPRINGS, Conn. – When the restricted late design area requires to the track at Stafford Speedway on April 24, 23-year-old Matt Scappini will certainly start his very first period of regular competitors at the Connecticut half-mile.

The Litchfield, Conn., indigenous has a restricted auto racing history, having actually competed snow sleds as well as go karts, yet the 2021 period will certainly note his very first time behind the wheel of a complete sized race automobile.

Scappini as well as his family members acquired the previous No. 43 automobile that Andrew Durand drove to the track champion last period as well as have actually changed it right into the No. 10 JRC Transportation Chevrolet that Scappini hopes will certainly aid lug him to Rookie of the Year honors.

“I’m super excited,” stated Scappini. “It’s a cool new opportunity for me and it gives me a chance to show what I can do and have some fun. There’s a little bit of nerves, but I’m very excited. My end goal for this season is to win Rookie of the Year. For the first couple of races, I’d like to get a feel for the car, see what it can do, and see where I’m at. After that I can reassess my goals but I want to get comfortable in the car and make smart decisions on the track and bring the car back in one piece. The first couple weeks are going to be very important for me to gauge where I’m at and see where I need to improve. Also I have to learn the experience of being a driver at Stafford versus being a spectator.”

Scappini has actually been hectic in the off-season getting ready for his newbie project by seeing YouTube video clips along with making as numerous digital laps around Stafford as he can worldwide of iRacing. Scappini has actually likewise been obtaining guidance from both Durand along with Joe Hamm.

“I’ve watched every possible YouTube video that I can and I’ve been doing a little iRacing to get used to the track,” stated Scappini. “I’ve been to Stafford to watch the races and I’ve been studying for months now. I’ve also been talking with Andrew Durand and Joe Hamm and they’ve been nothing but helpful throughout this entire process. Without them I don’t know where we’d be with the car. Joe is like a racecar wizard and any questions or issues that we’ve run into both Andrew and Joe have been very helpful.”

With no previous experience to aid relieve his discovering contour, Scappini has his emphasis directly on winning Rookie of the Year as opposed to thinking of factors or being a champion challenger.

“At this point I haven’t really thought about points,” stated Scappini. “Being a rookie driver, I’m not even considering racing for the championship, I’m more focused on getting experience and winning the Rookie of the Year.”

That being stated, it hasn’t quit Scappini from fantasizing regarding placing his No. 10 JRC Transportation Chevrolet in NAPA Victory Lane throughout his newbie period.

“Winning a race is a thought that’s been in my head,” stated Scappini. “I’m not going to lie, I’ve dreamed about winning a race a couple of times already and it would certainly be amazing if we can get a win this year. The equipment is good so it’s all going to come down to me. I have to thank my father for helping me out and putting this deal together, Andrew Durand and Joe Hamm for all their help, and JRC Transportation and Ray Capella for sponsoring us, and Joseph Freedman for sponsoring us. Those are the key pieces for our team and we’ve been able to do a lot.”

Source speedsport.com