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Hazel heart in the examination: exactly how does the nut nougat lotion with coconut bloom sugar preference?

There are 2 variations of Hazel Heart: “Choco Nuss” (left) as well as “Choco Nuss vegan”. We examined both natural lotions.

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Seldom has a creator showed a lot endurance as Ebru Erkunt, the owner of HaselHerz – a natural nut nougat lotion that does not include hand oil or white sugar, is gluten-free as well as also ideal for vegans. The celebrity did the trial run.

It took 5 periods prior to she was ultimately able to acquire a ticket for the starting program “Die Höhle der Löwen”: The Hamburg business owner Ebru Erkunt with Turkish origins created a nut-nougat lotion that is claimed to include one hundred percent all-natural components. It does not include commercial sugar, hand oil or gluten. Instead, the owner relies upon coconut bloom sugar as well as the complete nut preference: Each glass includes 35 percent hazelnuts from Turkey. “It is said that Turkish hazelnuts are very crunchy and have a very aromatic taste,” describes Erkunt.

While the owner put on the Löwen time after time, Ebru utilized the moment to more create her items. Their array currently consists of 2 various delicious chocolate bars, 2 spreads as well as 2 natural nut nougat lotions: Choco nut as well as Choco nut vegan. Ebru Erkunt was influenced by the beginnings of her moms and dads: “Every summer vacation in Turkey I was inspired by my favorite nut spread, which I then adapted for the German palate. From the beginning it was clear to me that I would create a cream that was neither palm oil still contains white sugar “.

Taste examination: exactly how does HazelHerz price?

Visually, both natural nut nougat lotions just vary somewhat from each various other: “Choco Nuss” looks a little darker than “Choco Nuss vegan”. Both variations have an abundant shade, a wonderful luster as well as a velvety uniformity. Both spreads need to be mixed well prior to the trial run, as the oil they include will certainly pick the surface area in time – which is a totally all-natural procedure as well as means the pureness of the components. Then both sorts of HaselHerz were tasted on a wheat roll. The initial point our strict editor observed favorably was the extreme nutty fragrance of both variations.

Their verdict: Both items have a persuading preference. The gluten-free nut nougat lotions taste pleasant, yet not as well pleasant, as well as have a wonderful thaw – where “Choco Nuss” tastes a little bit sharp as well as “Choco Nuss vegan” is a little bit extra fluid. The profits is that both ranges do not vary in regards to dimension from various other hand oil-free nut nougat lotions with a high nut web content, yet their web content is a huge plus due to the fact that they do not include commercial sugar as well as just utilize all-natural components. HaselHerz additionally sustains the Orangutans in Not eV organization

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