A various type of outfitter is mapping a various type of backcountry journey that evaluates limitations, with unidentified results. Three good friends approve the obstacle to integrate bikepacking and also packrafting and also chart a self-contained course throughout the sturdy Southwest.

I wager she goes,” Doom states, peering down the messy route we’re presently riding, a path which, practically, doesn’t exist. It’s out the National Geographic map, and also signs up just as a pale line on his GENERAL PRACTITIONER, like a ghost, going away suddenly in the center of a canyon.



This scenario is absolutely nothing brand-new; Doom makes use of lots of tracks that were initially damaged right into the desert by bikes or cowboys however have actually never ever been made authorities. But this route is meant to be our leave technique after 4 days of tough cycling, and also if it doesn’t go, we’re mosting likely to need to make some unpleasant modifications.

“I don’t know. I hope she goes,” Doom states with a worried laugh as we go across an energetic creek and also press our bikes up the sandy financial institution. We jump over a downed tree and also…the route disappears in a wall surface of thick sage.

She doesn’t go.

Rigged and also rolling in Bears Ears National Monument Steve Fassbinder

We’re in Bears Ears National Monument, in southeastern Utah, attempting to climb up out of a messy chasm choked with head-high brush. The enigma route was terrific for 6 miles approximately, a large course that went down altitude quickly and also tightened as it went across the creek a half-dozen times prior to it unceremoniously passed away.

It’s an excellent information/bad news offer. The great information is that the creek is one of the most trustworthy water resource we’ve seen in days, so we won’t pass away of thirst.

The trouble? We’re prepared. Four days of large miles has actually transformed our legs right into noodles and also our butts raw. The concept of backtracking when we’re so close, simply a couple of miles from Doom’s vehicle, is frustrating. There’s cool beer because vehicle. If we reverse currently, that understands just how dark it will be prior to we break those beers?

Here’s the odd point, though: This is precisely what we registered for. We’re on a bikepacking and also packrafting journey with a guy called Doom (actual name: Steven Fassbinder), that is recognized for developing multi-day courses around the globe that need mountain bicycle, packrafts and also the periodic llama. His ventures are epic and also borderline nuts: a fat-bike trip throughout looming glaciers in Northern Pakistan, a 1,000-mile bike and also rafting trip throughout Tajikistan. Sierra Nevada included him in a beer commercial. The person has followers.

Steve Fasssbinder holding his guide card
Doom himself. Steve Fassbinder

Doom and also his companion, Lizzy Scully, began a brand-new overview solution last springtime, Four Corners Guides, to present those followers to his special design of journey inside the messy, canyon-rich background of southwestern Colorado and also southeastern Utah. The trademark scenic tour is “The Full Doom,” where customers invest numerous tough days riding and also paddling in the desert. It’s a significant event, and also possible customers go through a shakedown in which Doom and also Lizzy evaluate their physical expertise and also psychological perseverance. I was informed I might sign up with a getaway just if I assured I wouldn’t “be late, shitty or not up for the trip in any way.”

Not that you need to be an overall jock to delight in a Doom journey. Doom himself is infamous for his less-than-hardcore training program. “I love it when people just go for it,” he states. “What’s the worst thing that could happen? You get tired. Or hungry.”

Paddling loaded packrafts on Lake Powell.
Paddling crammed packrafts on Lake Powell. Steve Fassbinder

I’m accompanying with Dave Martinez and also Chad Eagle, 2 long time good friends from Southern California. They registered for a personalized Full Doom that incorporates a large, four-day bikepacking trip via Bears Ears with a two-day riding and also packrafting journey via an edge of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. It’s an enthusiastic plan that incorporates 200 miles of pedaling with 10 miles of flatwater paddling, and also has us strapping every one of our equipment, food and also water to our bikes and also back. My camping tent and also blow up watercraft are connected to my handlebars and also every little thing else is dispersed via structure bags and also my knapsack. It’s a hefty set, however it’s strangely pleasing to recognize that every little thing I require for the direct future is included on my carbon-fiber, stormtrooper-white-painted fat bike.


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Doom puts his GENERAL PRACTITIONER away and also considers the wall surface of sage before us. He comprehends that backtracking would certainly eliminate spirits. “I bet the creek goes,” he states and also removes down the facility of the stream, his pedals spinning the water with each downstroke. We chase him, really hoping that the scrub-brush wall surfaces climbing on both financial institutions will certainly pave the way to a clear path to cool beer.

Descent Into the Desert

The journey started 4 days previously at a high-alpine hand down a crushed rock backroad bordered by high aspens. Someone had actually sculpted an anime penis and also spheres right into among the trees on top of the pass, the art work transforming black with age versus the white bark. Doom chuckles. “That’s how you know you’re on a Doom trip. Those are my blazes.”

He’s slim in such a way that many would certainly refer to as scrappy, with a deep tan, a shabby beard and also a huge tattoo of a cabin throughout his back, which he discovers amusing due to the fact that it’s the last automobile of a train, not the very first. Initially, he went far for himself in the 24-hour mtb race scene, winning 3 solo globe champions throughout his prime time. But this brand-new design of journey, multi-day rollicks right into unrelenting landscapes, appears to match his nature much better than auto racing.

slot canyon in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Park

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The very first day has plenty of large descents and also large climbs up as we capricious in between 6,000 and also 10,000 feet, checking off miles on messy OHV tracks with loosened, beefy rocks. The climbing is high and also lengthy. The downhills are quick and also unsafe, with tough edges and also techy rock decreases. But every grunt of a climb is awarded with large surroundings, the sights right into the heart of Bears Ears brushing up the eponymous rock developments and also the Navajo Nation.

Bears Ears has actually obtained a great deal of interest since Obama provided it nationwide monolith standing in 2016, and afterwards Trump quickly decreased the safeguarded location by 85 percent. Rock mountain climbers enjoy Bears Ears, however often tend to adhere to the widely known high cliffs around the led State Route 211. The backcountry is vacant of Sprinter vans however loaded with little-explored canyons and also old Native American damages. Cattle wander the valleys in between high cliffs openly. Once we quit of the towering area, the landscape is traditional desert trendy: tan, sandy roadways, scratchy sage, juniper trees and also enormous, red sandstone high cliffs. As we experience networks of neglected moto tracks, Doom pencils them onto his individual map.

The riding is hard, possibly more challenging than Dave and also Chad anticipated, however they’re players. These are the type of people that wake at 3:45 a.m. to exercise prior to placing in a 12-hour day. They both appear for a power business in Southern California, where they invested years gaining overtime as post mountain climbers. Chasing Doom around the desert could feel like a strange means to invest free time, however Chad wouldn’t have it otherwise.“

This has to do with seeing what I can do,” he states, including that the journey is noted on his family members schedule as Dave and also Chad’s Death March. “Can I ride 40 miles a day in the desert over and over? I don’t know.”

Doom obtains it. “The unknown is a big part of it,” he states. “Getting out here where nobody else goes and seeing what there is to see, and how you can handle it—that’s the draw.”

bears ears

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The opening night, we established camp off a messy roadway, spreading our sleeping bags in a dish bordered by pink and also black high cliffs.

“Hey Doom, where’s the chardonnay?” fractures Dave, lighting his oven to steam water for supper. Nope, this isn’t your criterion Western Spirit scenic tour where an overview establishes a great cheese plate and also cooled red wine for you at the end of the day. Instead, we have freeze-dried ramen and also chili, and also some beef jerky if we’re fortunate.

It’s primitive, however that’s part of the allure. We’re a little team discovering remote surface, and also for that to function, every person needs to be self-dependent. Doom isn’t cooking our food or holding our hands in any type of means. There are no assistance vans or post-ride massage therapies. But there are beers. Doom firmly insisted that each people tuck away a couple of containers in our structure bags. So currently we break cozy light ales and also consume them gradually, to make them last as the sundown transforms bordering high cliffs right into fire-like tones of red.

Male mountain bikers pause to catch their breath and make bike adjustmets in desert landscape.
Bike modifications offer the writer an unusual minute to capture his breath. Steve Fassbinder

Embracing the Suck

There are not a great deal of meaningless miles in our plan, however over the following couple of days, I periodically locate myself daydreamily searching for pet encounters in the rock functions, like a child looking the clouds for dragons. Dramatic high cliffs control the perspective with split red and also tan sandstone evocative Tatooine, from a Star Wars galaxy much, far.

The ideal means to waste time is to obtain Doom informing tales. Like the one concerning just how he obtained his label, which entails him winning a 24-hour solo race on his means to Burning Man and also approving the big sign in complete outfit as Marvel supervillain Doctor Doom.

Riding oscillates in between smooth dirt-road climbs up cluttered with sand catches, and also high descents on beefy, deserted OHV tracks. There are additionally short lived minutes of pure happiness when you struck a lengthy spot of sand on a rapid downhill. Doom shows us to float our butts over the back wheel and also maintain a light discuss the handlebars, raising the front tire somewhat as we struck the sand. Do it appropriately and also the bike drifts like you’ve momentarily left the policies of gravity.

Grand Staircase-Escalante bikepacking expedition southern Utah

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We adhere to a slickrock laundry right into all-time low of Lavender Canyon, a vibrant ditch loaded with smooth, tan rock that decreases in rounded layers to the canyon flooring. It’s an enjoyable descent, however the only escape is a required hike-a-bike up the opposite side of the canyon.

“We’ve got 30 minutes of suck ahead of us,” Doom states, stopping briefly to reassess the complicated incline prior to fixing himself. “Make that 45.”

It’s full-on bushwhacking as we haul our bikes over rocks and also press via scrub. It’s a high, full-body initiative, and also we stop frequently to capture our rough breath. Gravity is back. And it’s mad. During our breaks, discussion relies on food. We’re all stressed with the very first dish upon going back to human being. Dave is established to drive hrs out of his means for a heaping plate of Cracker Barrel biscuits and also sawmill sauce.

Doom is a various tale. He desires absolutely nothing and also appears to feed on gummy bears and also tallboy containers of Eddyline Brewery’s Crank Yanker IPA. Atop the penalizing climb, we locate a pocket of color where Doom grins prior to ingesting one more handful of gummy bears. “That’s the customary entry fee for a Doom trip,” he states. “It’s gotta have some suck.”

If this Doom has a superpower, it’s his capability to hold up against suffering. Whether it’s out-grinding the rival area in a race, or humping his bike throughout distant glaciers, Doom appears to savor circumstances that make the remainder people unpleasant. And when absolutely nothing—also the following freshwater springtime—is assured, unpredictability is what divides the Doom means from many directed journeys. All you recognize is that it will certainly be hard, which you’ll see some amazing crap. Everything else is unclear.

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Some of that amazing crap we see consists of Newspaper Rock, a touristy-but-impressive piece of petroglyphs that go back 2,000 years; countless 1,000-year-old damages developed with slim, piled rock right into high cliffs and also caverns; organic dirt crust appearing like black mold and mildew that comprises among the oldest-known life-forms on earth; and also a legit oasis with a running creek winding via high environment-friendly lawn and also 2 tiny falls.

But there’s a catch. That sanctuary rests at the end of a high canyon, so we need to rush down the wall surface of stated canyon, downclimbing brief high cliffs and also vibrating throughout slim walks. It’s questionable, however workable, and also when we get to the stream, we immerse 4 beers to allow them cool while we filter water and also replenish our bags. It’s been 2 days given that I’ve seen one more individual beyond our team, which is both anxiety-inducing and also calm at the very same time.

Doom desires these journeys to be transformative. Almost like treatment. The continuous activity, the alien-like landscapes, the absence of interaction with the outdoors…all of it transforms journey right into a reset switch. All we need to do daily is pedal our bikes and also locate water. That freedom really feels as if we’re not simply riding bikes, however taking a trip via time, discovering a globe prior to cellular phones and also out-of-office informs and also weekend breaks invested taking a trip for an 8-year-old’s club football event. And that’s the entire factor: to leave our convenience area and also go into one more globe where survival rests on a bike and also a rubber watercraft, and also bare requirements come to be the concern.

Cave paintings at Newspaper Rock.
Newspaper Rock has all the searching information from 2 centuries earlier. Steve Fassbinder

Our last day in Bears Ears finishes with the speculative pedal down the facility of the creek as we frantically look for our vehicle. After a half-mile even more of water-logged pedaling, we’re incredibly back on the map and also heading towards incentive beer. We make it prior to dark, invest the evening in a cavern and also, gently revitalized the following early morning, launch the 2nd leg of our journey right into Lake Powell and also Glen Canyon Recreation Area.


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The watercrafts are pietistic internal tubes filled with hefty equipment—bags stowed away in the hull, bike strapped to the nose. The paddling is calm, as the watercrafts can’t relocate much faster than a relaxed speed. You can boost paddle physical effort, however you won’t relocate a lot faster than travelling rate. It’s ideal to embrace Zen-like perseverance. Paddle constant and also sluggish, invest the moment soaking up the red high cliff wall surfaces climbing from the silt-laden water, thick as delicious chocolate milk. Blue herons eye us from high perches, like little pterodactyls attempting to figure just how to fit us right into their beaks.

Six miles in, we struck our location campground on a rough bluff 20 feet over the water. Doom makes use of the website frequently and also has Crank Yanker tallboys stowed away in different gaps, which he uses to me, Dave and also Chad—his variation of the chardonnay and also cheese plate.

As we appreciate the last sips, firing celebrities fling throughout the dark, vacant skies. There will certainly be extra paddling tomorrow, the journey’s last day, consisting of a tough 20-mile bike come through of Glen Canyon. There will certainly be times when I’ll simply desire the discomfort in my legs to quit. But now, looking at the Milky Way and also consuming a cozy IPA, I want the miles would certainly extend constantly. I don’t intend to leave this globe where I don’t recognize what’s around the following bend. Where there are no guarantees. Where there’s a possibility of serious dehydration however additionally minutes of absolutely no gravity. The lousy freeze-dried suppers, the gummy bears, the alien petroglyphs—I desire extra. And if this journey can’t last permanently, after that I’m ready to begin preparing the following.

Doom comprehends that pull. “It’s important to do something hard every once in a while, so you know what you have in you,” he states, existing back versus a rock and also looking up at the skies. “That’s the thing about these trips. They leave a mark.”