What’s Actually Stopping You From Your Goals

You do NOT have a “problem” accomplishing your objectives. What you might be doing not have is Focus. Clarity. And Vision…(allow me discuss…)

When you ask lots of people what remains in the means of their objectives:

  • Some will certainly provide you a checklist of “reasons” or “circumstances” avoiding them from accomplishing them.
  • Some will criticize others
  • Some will inform you why they surrendered or stop
  • Some will inform you they don’t recognize “how” to accomplish them

But the ones that accomplish them?

  • They were CLEAR on what they desired as well as why they desired it.
  • They had an EXTREMELY details VISION of what they desired
  • They CONCENTRATED ON that vision.

When you have emphasis, vision as well as clearness:

  • Circumstances don’t quit you
  • Others can’t quit you
  • You won’t quit or stop since you are clear on what you desire
  • The HOW will certainly function it self out. It constantly does.
  • You do not have a trouble accomplishing your objectives. You simply haven’t understood EMPHASIS, CLEARNESS as well as your VISION around what you desire.

Shift your blame to asking on your own “what do I want and why do I want it”


Natalie Jill