Without mayo, with lamb's lettuce: Potato salad is back in fashion: this is how the classic is reinterpreted

See in the dish video clip: Potato salad is fashionable once again – this is just how the standard is reinterpreted.

The dish as well as the components:
Potato salad with pumpkin seed oil as well as lamb’s lettuce
Ingredients for 4 portions:
600 grams of potatoes (see to it the potatoes are floury or ceraceous)
200 milliliters of veggie brew
2 onions
3 tbsps of mustard
2 tbsps of sugar
5 tbsps of apple cider vinegar
4 tbsps of oil
4 tbsps of pumpkin seed oil
100 grams of lamb’s lettuce
80 grams of pumpkin seeds
pepper as well as salt

that’s just how it functions

1. Let the potatoes steam in a pan (unpeeled, with the cover shut) for around 10 mins
2. Roast the pumpkin seeds in a superficial frying pan (see to it that the seeds do not melt as well as drink the frying pans every once in a while)
3. Now period the pumpkin seeds with a little salt and afterwards caramelize with a little sugar
4. Set the pumpkin seeds apart (you will just require them once again to offer)
5. Chop 2 onions, placed them in a pot / frying pan as well as fry the onion up until transparent – lastly deglaze with the veggie supply
6. Now peel off the (ideally still warm) potatoes
7. Cut the potatoes right into 4 millimeter vast pieces
8. Put the still cozy potatoes in a dish along with the brew as well as put the deep-fried onions over the entire point
9. Add 3 tbsps of mustard to the potatoes, onions as well as supply
10. Mix well while the blend is still cozy
11. Add apple cider vinegar, salt, a little sugar as well as pepper to the salad, after that include a dashboard of pumpkin seed oil
12. Let the salad steep for around 15 mins up until it has actually cooled
13. Fold the lettuce right into the salad
14. Now include the ready pumpkin seeds. Drizzle with a little pumpkin seed oil. Finished