Shavonne Morrison, MS, RD, LD, shares the most effective high-collagen meals so as to add to your eating regimen. And later: extra meals for collagen manufacturing.

Collagen dietary supplements have lengthy been rising in recognition. You could have seen them popping up at your native grocery retailer or favourite magnificence retailer—however do you know you can additionally eat meals which might be excessive in collagen?

Before we get to particular meals excessive in collagen content material, let’s first talk about what collagen is and what it’s good for.

What is collagen?

Collagen is a protein considerable within the physique. One of its principal features is to assist the biggest organ in your physique: your pores and skin.

However, it’s additionally present in joints and ligaments, the place it contributes to their elasticity as properly. This elasticity is vital for you to have the ability to transfer comfortably and have flexibility.

As we age, collagen manufacturing naturally decreases, which might result in:

  • wrinkles
  • boring pores and skin
  • much less flexibility

What is collagen good for?

While getting sufficient collagen is only one technique to forestall the results of growing old, it’s an vital one to remember.

In reality, a 2015 examine states that getting sufficient collagen in your eating regimen can delay pores and skin growing old and promote joint well being. This applies long-term as properly, so it appears prevention is vital in relation to sustaining these aspects of well being and wonder.

Other research cite comparable knowledge: One states that getting sufficient collagen enhances facial pores and skin moisture and elasticity. It additionally notes enhancements in wrinkles and pores and skin texture.

Another examine particularly analyzing collagen dietary supplements presents comparable outcomes. After simply 12 weeks, individuals had enhancements in pores and skin elasticity, hydration, and wrinkles.

Young man who eats collagen-rich foods with glowing, youthful skin looking at his complexion in the mirror

How to Boost Collagen Production Through Diet

In phrases of vitamin, there are two major components concerned in rising collagen in your physique:

  1. constantly consuming meals excessive in collagen
  2. consuming meals that promote collagen synthesis

If you need agency, supple pores and skin and wholesome joints, learn on to see which meals are excessive in collagen so you may combine them into your eating regimen.

The Top 5 High-Collagen Foods

Collagen is considerable in animal merchandise because it’s a part of an animal’s connective tissues. However, some crops comprise collagen, as properly.

That stated, listed here are the most effective meals which might be naturally excessive in collagen content material.

1. bone broth

By far, one of many richest sources of collagen protein is bone broth.

Typically, bone broth is made by taking—properly, bones—and cooking them in water for a number of hours. In doing so, vitamins together with glycine and collagen are extracted from the bones.

You can use bone broth instead of commonplace broth in soups and stews to spice up the nutrient content material. You can even get pleasure from it solo, sipped as a sizzling beverage.

Bonus: Bone broth has great advantages for intestine well being, as properly!

Kale salad with egg, the latter of which is a high-collagen food

2. eggs

You in all probability know that eggs are excessive in protein. However, what you might not know is that egg whites are significantly excessive within the amino acids glycine and proline, each of that are essential to create collagen within the physique.

Consuming eggs usually can present your physique with the constructing blocks of collagen. So nonetheless you get pleasure from your eggs, know that they’re contributing to your glow!

3. meat

Meats—particularly pink meats together with beef, pork, and lamb—are among the many finest high-collagen meals.

These animals have plenty of connective tissue that requires collagen for a similar cause people have it: It helps them transfer their muscle tissue correctly. (Fun reality: Tougher cuts of meat are robust as a result of they’ve extra collagen in them.)

Including these meats in your eating regimen might help enhance your collagen consumption. If you’re involved that the collagen itself is “cooking out,” it turns into gelatin when it’s heated. Plus, the meat nonetheless incorporates the amino acids vital on your physique to create collagen, so don’t fear!

4. fish

Like different animal merchandise, fish has connective tissues and bones that comprise collagen.

Marine collagen peptides (MCPs) come from fish pores and skin and scales. Research reveals that fish collagen has comparable advantages to beef collagen by way of its pro-aging advantages. Interestingly, some sources say that collagen from fish absorbs higher than that from meat.

Those who’re eco-conscious might also be happy to know that such a collagen could also be higher for the surroundings, as properly. That’s as a result of utilizing fish pores and skin and scales to supply marine collagen can cut back waste and air pollution.

5. spirulina

A much less generally consumed supply of gelatin is the algae spirulina.

It’s supply of protein, which implies it additionally incorporates amino acids. Which amino acids, you ask? You guessed it: Glycine and proline, which (as we realized above) make up collagen.

Spirulina is obtainable in powder or capsule kind.

Cooking foods rich in vitamin C, including broccoli and bell peppers, to boost collagen production through diet

Other Foods for Collagen Production

Eating meals which might be excessive in collagen is nice—however what’s even higher is supporting your physique’s pure course of of making it.

Collagen manufacturing begins by combining just a few key vitamins to make procollagen:

  • vitamin C
  • proline
  • glycine

Eating these vital vitamins will enhance the collagen your physique makes. Zinc additionally helps collagen operate, so load up on high-zinc meals, too!

Foods High in Vitamin C

  • oranges
  • strawberries
  • grapefruit
  • kale
  • bell pepper
  • broccoli
  • kiwis

Foods High in Proline + Glycine

  • beans
  • pumpkin seeds
  • walnuts
  • almonds
  • cashews

Foods High in Zinc

  • lean meats
  • oysters
  • beans
  • lentils
  • soy merchandise
  • nuts + seeds
  • chickpeas

Pink bubbles in HUM's Collagen Pop supplement for youthful, glowing, hydrated skin

Benefits of Taking Collagen Supplements

It’s all the time vital to purpose to get particular vitamins from entire meals. This ensures you reap all of the nutritious advantages these meals have to supply. However, many discover it handy to take dietary supplements to ensure they meet their well being and wellness objectives.

Enter: high-quality collagen dietary supplements.

Products resembling HUM’s Collagen Pop are a enjoyable technique to enhance your magnificence routine and allow you to get sufficient collagen. Plus, it packs the highly effective antioxidant vitamin C, which not solely will increase collagen synthesis, but in addition combats free radical injury from solar publicity. All stated, it’s a win-win on your pores and skin.

Prefer capsules? Opt for Collagen Love.

The Bottom Line

Consuming the most effective high-collagen meals—together with meals that enhance collagen manufacturing—will give your physique the entire instruments it must create high-quality collagen.

From there, for those who’d like to make sure that you’re reaping the entire advantages of collagen on a constant foundation, think about supplementing your eating regimen.

With these insights in thoughts, you could be proactive in regards to the well being of your pores and skin—in addition to your joints—for years to return.