Full supplies, little need: 2020 was an unpleasant year for potato farmers – exists a danger of a French french fries drop currently?

The corona situation was adhered to by a french fries situation in 2020.

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For the potato cultivators, the Corona year 2020 was a negative, an extremely negative one. The need for the roots broke down. What are the repercussions for this year?

The previous year was unpleasant for the potato farmers. Hotels, dining establishments and also canteens were shut for a long period of time, and also less potatoes discovered purchasers. Have the farmers transformed and also currently grown much less? And does that drive rates up? Experts do not think this situation, the location under growing can at ideal decline a little. So the bright side for potato fans: a potato lack or a rate surge are not to be anticipated – given the weather condition complies.

“In the end, the amount of income will be decisive, how many potatoes there are and what they cost,” claims Christoph Hambloch, the expert for the potato market at Agrarmarkt Informations-Gesellschaft (AMI). “In 2020/21, however, there were only very low revenues for the producers, so that higher prices are more likely than even lower ones.”

French french fries situation and also decrease in rates

In the initial corona-Crisis year 2020, the need for light bulbs from resorts, dining establishments and also huge canteens broke down. Farmers set apart in between table potatoes and also handling potatoes for the manufacturing of French french fries, all set dishes and also starch. “Table potatoes actually went better because people cooked more at home,” claims Johann Graf, the potato professional at the Bavarian Farmers’ Association. “But the processing potatoes went really badly.”

The Corona situation was adhered to by a French french fries situation, since French french fries are mainly eaten in dining establishments, firm canteens and also junk food electrical outlets. “Three quarters of French fries are not eaten at home,” claims Graf. The storage facilities overruned sometimes and also rates plunged. This, consequently, brought about anxieties that farmers can dramatically decrease the growing of handling potatoes this year, so rates would certainly increase dramatically and also there would certainly be an absence of chips.

Market has actually recouped

But it does not appear like a potato lack right now. “The market recovered relatively quickly,” claims Graf. According to the Bavarian potato professional, a mild decrease in the location under growing would certainly not have any kind of significant impacts. “The weather is decisive for the harvest,” claims Graf.

The essential potato nation is Lower Saxony by a huge margin in advance of Bavaria. According to initial numbers, the across the country growing location in 2020 was 274,900 hectares. The Federal Information Center for Agriculture generally thinks that there will certainly be no decrease in locations, as a spokesperson for the Federal Office for Agriculture and also Food (BLE) in Bonn claims.

The extremely high supplies in 2015 have actually currently greatly been decreased. The handling firms have actually opened brand-new sales networks – “for example by exporting French fries to New Zealand,” claims the BLE spokesperson. In the long-term, the potato experiences a loss of significance anyhow.

In 1950, according to the Federal Information Center, the per head intake in Germany mored than 200 kgs each year; today it is a relatively moderate 55 kgs. 70 years ago nowadays typical side recipes such as rice or noodles were still unique recipes in lots of components of Germany.

In any kind of situation, 2021 can be a typical potato year once again if the weather condition agrees with. “Demand in Germany must stabilize and also there is usually an absence someplace in Europe Potatoes“claims potato market professional Hambloch.