Veggie hamburgers in the item examination: How excellent are the meatless patties actually?

Vegetable patties are amongst the very successful meat replaces after vegetable sausages.

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Burgers do not need to feature meat for a long period of time. Veggie patties made from soy, seitan and so on are stylish. Stiftung Warentest has actually examined its meat-free variety – an icy traditional falls short.

Today there are hamburgers in all possible variants. And the focal point no more needs to be constructed from meat. Alternatively, there are currently patties based upon soy, seitan, jackfruit and also various other veggie basic materials. Stiftung Warentest examined 18 meatless patties, fifty percent of which were persuading. Above all, one based upon pea healthy protein from “Beyond Meat”, which was ranked as “particularly aromatic”. Five items, nonetheless, drew in adverse interest, they were contaminated – consisting of that of a market dimension.

Pollutants in the hamburger patty

The testers discovered neither important bacteria neither included glutamate in the items. And in the vegan versions, absolutely nothing pet was found. So much so excellent. Nevertheless, not all patties encouraged in the examination. Ironically, among the leading pet dogs in the cooled area, “Iglo”, dissatisfied. The patties were so stretched, 4 Pollutants it was shown that the testers provided a quality of 5.5. The business currently declares to have actually enhanced. The “Black-Bean-Cashew-Burger” from “Alnatura” really did not encourage either – the natural tag really did not assist either. The patties became the 2nd worst (quality 3.5); a contaminant had actually additionally been discovered in these.

The 3 finest patties in the examination are “Beyond Meat” (1.8), “Edeka“(2.1) and also” The Vegetarian Butcher “(2.1). The initially 2 are made on the basis of pea healthy protein, the last on the basis of soy and also wheat healthy protein. The cost distinction is especially visible. The Edeka item is consisted of 87 cents per 100 grams is just regarding fifty percent as high as the competitors – and also is as a result the price-performance champion. Of the leading 3 patties in the examination, nonetheless, just the “No Meat Just Burger” patties from Edeka in the variation examined The various other 2 producers have actually currently modified their items.

Greasy event

Which is healthier: meat or the plant-based choice? Warentest involves the verdict that the items add “to different degrees to health”. Calorie counters should not be blinded by the natural choice. A beef patty has approximately around 9 percent fat. Compared to the worths ​​of jackfruit items, that appears a great deal, they manage with approximately 2.7 percent. A patty from “Beyond Meat”, on the various other hand, has a fat material of 21.5 percent. However, the examination champion ratings with an and also in healthy and balanced omega-3 fats many thanks to rapeseed oil, which can barely be discovered in beef.

Beef is high in iron. The meat choices cannot create that. Iron can additionally be discovered in them, however the body is much less able to absorb it. Iron is contributed to some items, however the body is much less able to use that as well. Warentest as a result suggests a glass of orange juice with your dish, as it assists with iron application.

Minced meat


If you desire high quality, you do not need to go for the most pricey items. The most pricey patties in contrast just obtained a “satisfactory” score. The low-cost Edeka patties, on the various other hand, made it right into the leading 3. And the natural tag does not assist either. None of the natural items can stay on top of the top – 3 were excellent, 4 were acceptable. The fundamental active ingredient additionally supplies little info regarding the high quality. Two of the most effective patties are based upon pea healthy protein, however so is the most awful item in the examination.

Then there is the concern of the beginning of the items. While there should be guidelines on the product packaging of unrefined meat, this is not the situation with the choices. According to products examination, 3 of the producers obtain their jackfruit from tiny farmers in India that expand sustainably. However, the fruits initially need to take a trip a lengthy means to be refined. This is not excellent for the environmental impact. Import others soy from overseas. The issue: In several locations in the U.S.A. the farming of genetically customized plants is permitted. The testers discovered traces of genetically customized microorganisms in the patties of 2 producers.

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