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Garmin GPSMAP 66i Satellite Communicator Reviewed



It’s very early March 2021 as well as there’s even more snow than they’ve had in half a century in the hills southeast of Whitehorse, Yukon. I’m alone, checking out the location around the off-grid log cabin where I’m living for a pair weeks together with my better half as well as our young child. I’m well right into a mouth-long journey in the Yukon where I’ll winter season camp, snowshoe, as well as snow sled thoroughly in remote locations.

It’s gusty, as well as I’m snowmobiling with a big stretch of towering expanse. The path I’m on is blown over as well as tough to adhere to. I’m going back to the cabin where I’d informed my better half I’d be house for supper, however I’m currently running late as well as shedding light. Trying to make time, I go off the hard-packed path as well as my equipment begins to sink in the deep snow. I pin the throttle to make up as well as hum with the deep powder, placing both feet on the within jogger to guide the equipment back onto the stuffed snow of the path however my turn is a little also limited. That’s when I add in addition to some thick shrubs as well as obtain stuck. Hopping off, I drop as much as my waistline in cosy sugar snow. Pulling out my shovel, I recognize it’s mosting likely to take me a while to go out; also after I’m done shoveling, I’ll need to begin removing whatsoever the branches beneath the equipment’s track if I desire any type of opportunity of obtaining grip.

Jim Baird

With a Garmin GPSMAP 66i in my pocket, prior to I begin excavating, I draw it out as well as fire a satellite sms message to my better half: “I’m fine but I just got stuck so I’ll be late.” My better half is back at the cabin (which is likewise out of mobile phone array) as well as she sounds me back utilizing her InGet To satellite communication device. She claims she’ll wait up. Relieved she doesn’t need to fret, I remove my parka as well as begin shoveling.

Using the shovel as well as a folding saw I constantly generate the snow sled, it takes me a half-hour (as well as a great deal of effort) to release the sled—in some way still making it back in time for delicious moose hamburgers talented to us by a neighborhood seeker.


What It Is

Having significant experience utilizing portable GPS gadgets as well as rested interaction devices throughout the years, I was delighted to find the 66i prior to avoiding on this Yukon experience. What makes the 66i so great is that it has all the abilities of a premium portable GENERAL PRACTITIONER gadget, combined with those of an advanced satellite-messaging gadget.


Jim Baird tests the Garmin GPSMAPS 66i while snowmobiling in the Yukon.
Jim Baird

Why We Like It

This gadget has several attributes however listed below I’ve consisted of a listing of the primary 66i attributes I utilized most.

1) Maps

The gadget includes preloaded topographic maps, however you can likewise fill satellite images as well as added topographic maps right into the gadget.

2) Tracking

In the area when I have enough battery power, I leave tracking on. This suggests the gadget will certainly maintain a document of my progression, which constantly provides me a very easy breadcrumb path to adhere to back house. After a couple of days of checking out a provided location, the several tracks conserved in the system produce an exact path map also.

3) Waypoints

I note a waypoint to obtain me to (or back to) something details like an ice fishing opening.

4) Sat Comms

The 66i has satellite-texting capacity that permits me to not just interact with my better half’s InGet to gadget, however I can likewise participate in two-way sms message with any type of mobile phone, as well as send out as well as obtain e-mails also. Emails as well as messages to cellular phone are sent out with a going along with web link that permits the receiver to check out the specific place of the sender as well as follow his/her progression on a map. The 66i can also send out a map web link as well as message blog post to Facebook as well as Twitter, permitting others to follow your progression also.

6) SOS

Potentially the gadget’s most critical save-your-bacon function occurs to likewise be the one you never ever wish to need to make use of. If as well as when crap genuinely strikes follower, you’ll require the interactive SOS switch. This sends out a signal to an emergency situation tracking terminal that can promote a rescue throughout the globe.


Jim Baird tests the Garmin GPSMAPS 66i while snowmobiling in the Yukon.
Jim Baird


This is a tough outside gadget as well as due to that supreme toughness, its user interface isn’t as easy to use as a mobile phone’s, for one. That downside is mostly since it doesn’t have a touchscreen, so texting as well as map panning take much longer. There is likewise a weird problem in the firmware, which suggests that from time to time, you require to transform it on and off to reboot. Note that this problem will likely not linger as brand-new firmware updates appear.

This gadget supplies extra item of mind, however don’t allow it provide you an incorrect complacency while you’re in the backcountry. No gadget (or item of equipment for that issue) need to replace experience and skill.

[$600; garmin.com]

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