It went like this:



HANNITY: “What observations did you see as it relates to the president? Did he seem engaged, did he have a high level of energy? You’ve been around Donald Trump, you’ve been around Joe Biden. What’s the difference between the two men?”

MCCARTHY: “It was the first time I saw Joe Biden as president since he’s been … I saw him on the inaugural and the State of the Union night. He was with it and he was engaging and he was giving me numbers and he was talking, but at no time, having known Joe Biden for quite some time, does he have the energy of Donald Trump. We both know it. Donald Trump didn’t need to sleep five hours a night, and he would be engaged. If you called Donald Trump, he’d get on the phone before staff would. He’d … bring other people down.”

Okay, firstly, McCarthy’s as well as Elise Stefanik’s smiles are haunting me, due to the fact that I recognize I’ve seen them someplace previously. They’re simply … so … famil …

Oh, yeah:

Secondly, perhaps somebody that assumed it was a great concept to brag about a test they only administer to people showing early signs of dementia ought to consider obtaining a complete 8 hrs of rest an evening. Just an idea.

Finally, Hannity’s deeply held hope that Joe Biden will become located at 4 a.m. on an arbitrary Wednesday playing with a dead raccoon on Abe’s lap at the Lincoln Memorial motivates him to ask ridiculous leading inquiries concerning our head of state. And because any individual can see Biden is plainly not senile or doing not have in emphasis or power, McCarthy couldn’t also confect a suitable lie concerning it. But he did the following ideal point: Pretend that Donald Trump, that at this moment is 90% poultry skin as well as Adderall by quantity, has much more vitality than Biden can ever before wish to muster up. (Erm, even if somebody screams for a Diet Coke 22 times a day doesn’t imply they have “energy,” as well as it absolutely doesn’t reveal that stated power is being propounded efficient usage.)

I imply, all you need to do reads this New York Times exposé concerning Joe Biden striving, requiring his individuals strive, as well as taking his work seriously—an item they in some way chose to beginning with the heading “Beneath Joe Biden’s Folksy Demeanor, a Short Fuse and an Obsession With Details”—to recognize that the story Hannity as well as his ilk are attempting to obtain all of us to ingest is simply a huge, uncomfortable equine tablet of a sugar pill. 

Check this:

But numerous individuals knowledgeable about the head of state’s decision-making design stated Mr. Biden fasted to remove discussions. Three individuals that function very closely with him stated he also sometimes hangs up the phone on somebody that he assumes is squandering his time. Most explained Mr. Biden as having little perseverance for advisors that cannot field his several inquiries.

“You become so hyperprepared,” stated Dylan Loewe, a previous speechwriter for Mr. Biden. “‘I’ve got to answer every conceivable question he can come up with.’”

Oh, gawd, WHAT A FUCKING PROBLEM! A head of state that aims to recognize every element of his work as well as requires his individuals come “hyperprepared”! Does that imply we’re done obtaining quack clinical guidance from our POTUS?

Of program, I review the Times’ whole “Biden is too deliberative” struck item, yet I could have simply review this component as well as rested simple last evening:

One product out the everyday schedule?

Watching hrs of cord information. The tv that Mr. Trump set up in the dining-room beside the Oval Office is still there, yet assistants state it is hardly ever on throughout the day.

Yup. It takes a lots of power to see 10 hrs of teevee a day—as well as a lot more to equate Brian Kilmeade’s chatter right into something similar to English. Donald Trump is an actual Energizer Bunny. If that recommendation is also old, replacement something much more current, like “Don Jr. Midnight Cocaine Rabbit.”

The Three Spooges additionally did their ideal to persuade Hannity’s target market that the nation is breaking down, since Trump isn’t screwing up the pandemic reaction any longer. The reality that we’re appearing of yet an additional crippling Republican economic crisis—made much even worse by Trump’s small-to-no-government ideology—shows up shed on them. Instead, they selected to concentrate on a short-term spot in rising cost of living, most likely triggered by pandemic-related supply traffic jams, as well as a downturn in oil pipe deliveries sped up by a one-off ransomware strike that’s currently been dealt with. Somehow, they neglected to state the massive SolarWinds hack that happened under Trump’s watch.

They additionally asserted that the CDC’s modification in mask advice was simply a scheme to sidetrack the nation from all these “disasters.”

Okay, certain.

Here’s the whole meeting, if you have the tummy for it:

Seriously, however. Those smiles are simply scary, appropriate?

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