So a lot of golf has to do with feeling. That’s real not just in regards to efficiency yet additionally the psychological reaction of a completely struck shot. The sensation you obtain from striking the wonderful place as well as respecting see a pure golf shot flying towards the target is exhilarating which’s what I’ve been experiencing more frequently given that placing the PXG Gen 4 clubs guaranteed.



While it’s still instead very early in the golf season, I’ve handled to play 6 rounds as well as numerous practice with a launch screen examining the brand-new sticks as well as uncovered a couple of efficiency upgrades that generate a sonorous chord of self-confidence.


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First, in the 0311 Gen 4 irons, the brand name is making use of a brand-new tailor-made XCOR polymer to strengthen a very slim 1.5mm maraging steel face. The product is soft as well as versatile, yet doesn’t take in power, which permits faster round rates as well as even more range contrasted to previous generations. That brand-new polymer additionally appears as well as really feels various (in a great way) at effect.

More range is great. I appear to be obtaining in between 4 to 6 even more backyards out of complete, well-struck irons shots, exceptional look into environment-friendlies with the brief- as well as mid-irons, plus a little bit of additional mercy on mishits contrasted to Gen 3. But what I’m absolutely caring concerning the Gen 4 irons is the brand-new facility weight. PXG has actually minimized the variety of its trademark noticeable screw weights in the rear of the club head from 9 to 5—as well as not simply for the purpose of Dolly Parton. One of those weights is a big as well as variable one.

During my session, the PXG club fitter as well as I trying out a couple of various weights in the club head, as well as we discovered extra uniformity from the heaviest 18 gram weight. Some gamers may gain ground with a lighter club head, yet what I observed was the much heavier weight included some really feel to where my club head went to the top of the backswing. As a person that can obtain a little loosened on top as well as over-rotates, it enabled me to much better understand where my hands are as well as set off the change to the drop-off prior to I go also much.

Adding weight to the club head isn’t a brand-new modern technology; it’s usually made with lead tape for elite gamers making use of blade-style irons in the rear of a manufacturer’s scenic tour van. But PXG has actually included this additional modification for all ability degrees—from expert to place amateur—as well as it’s worth the moment as well as power to locate the ideal mix at a tailored installation.

As with previous generations, PXG uses the 0311 irons in 3 versions T, or Tour Performance, which has actually much less countered (they’re additionally extra practical); XP, for Xtreme Performance together with optimum mercy; as well as P, for Player, which beings in the center.


PXG Gen 4 driver golf clubs have three models to suit every player.
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The brand-new Gen 4 chauffeur additionally includes lots of brand-new technology. The body as well as face are both made from high-strength titanium, while a big area of the crown is built from carbon fiber strengthened with light weight aluminum vapor. If you reduced the club head open, you’d locate a honeycomb-shaped polycarbonate urethane inside the single, which offers the club terrific audio as well as really feel.

On the training course, the brand-new chauffeur is similar in regards to range with my previous player. The wonderful place isn’t rather as warm, yet it’s significantly straighter as well as extra constant many thanks to the personalized installation. It’s a lot easier to make the same level or much better from 10 feet daddy back as well as in the fairway than in the harsh or the trees.

The chauffeur is available in 3 versions XF (optimum mercy), X (mix of mercy as well as range), as well as XT (smaller sized go to even more rate).

PXG Gen 4 fairway and hybrid golf clubs have three models to suit every player.
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Fairway Woods as well as Hybrids

Much like the chauffeur, PXG’s brand-new fairways as well as crossbreeds additionally make use of aluminum-vapor strengthened carbon fiber in the crown, yet the bodies as well as faces are built from steel. Both the fairway timbers as well as the crossbreeds include bigger faces (taller on the timbers as well as longer in the crossbreeds) with adjustable weighting for draw as well as discolor predisposition.

These 2 clubs were where I saw one of the most range gains. During the suitable, I grabbed greater than a lots backyards with a 3 crossbreed as well as 20 plus when tearing a 3 timber. Those are impressive numbers. On the course, that’s bringing long par-5s within series of my 2nd shot as well as choosing to lay back behind the risk of water or fairway shelters all the much easier.

The 0341 X fairway timbers can be found in loft spaces of 13, 15, 18, as well as 21 levels as well as 17, 19, 22, 25, as well as 28 levels in the 0317 X crossbreeds.

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