Bike burglary utilized to be a criminal offense of possibility. No a lot more. The COVID-powered bike boom is altering the nature of burglaries right into a much more energetic as well as well organized event.

Bike Index, a nationwide online bike windows registry, approximates that the variety of bikes taken raised by 24 percent in 2020 contrasted to 2019. Over the exact same duration, Seattle cops reported a 54 percent boost in burglaries, while the Denver Police Department tape-recorded a 26 percent increase. In various other territories, the variety of break-ins hasn’t raised that a lot, yet the worth of the taken bikes has. The 2 patterns relate.

“We’ve seen a big increase in thefts in the last 12 to 24 months,” claims Seth Wolins, the proprietor of Big Ring Cycles, a bike store in Golden, CO. “It’s about supply and demand. Because the supply chain for new bikes is so broken and the demand for bikes is up so sharply, the price of used bikes increased 15 to 20 percent in the last year.”

The enter worth is urging burglars to be choosier regarding what they take, claims Chris Winn, the education and learning program planner at Bicycle Colorado, a campaigning for not-for-profit. Smarter lawbreakers currently recognize what brand names as well as designs deserve one of the most as well as are sleuthing online to discover them.

He’s read about burglars searching social networks for photos of the designs they desire and afterwards utilizing Strava as well as various other monitoring applications to learn where the proprietor lives. Or also following them house from the trailhead or team flight.

“Thieves are going to the next level and putting it all together,” claims Winn. “It’s driven by the fact these bikes are worth thousands of dollars. That’s real value.”

The ideal method to maintain a bike risk-free, he claims, is to deficient very easy for the burglars. Here’s exactly how.

6 Steps to Keeping Your Bike


1. Record the Serial Number

It’s normally discovered under brace of the bike. Register it with regional cops as well as a nationwide team like Bike Index and afterwards take a photo of on your own with your bike. These actions will certainly make it much easier to reconnect with a trip. But the truth is, “there’s a pretty slim chance you’ll see a stolen bike again,” claims Winn. Thieves normally relocate them out of the location, as well as commonly the state, prior to offering them.


2. Add Bike Insurance

Home as well as rental insurance policy commonly covers bikes, yet with a huge insurance deductible as well as restricted payment. If you have a costly flight, it’s most likely worth including better bike coverage. And recognize that a lot of plans don’t cover e-bikes; insurance firms consider them a mechanized automobile.


3. Buy a Good Lock

Opt for a key lock over a mix: “It’s easy to smash a combo lock with a hammer,” claims Wolins. U-locks, like the Pitbull LS, are one of the most protected, yet cords as well as chains are great as long as they are 1/4 inch or thicker, which requires a specialized device to reduce. “I don’t think bigger and bulkier is necessarily better,” Wolins claims. “All you need to do is present a level of difficulty that suggests it will take too long to cut.”

4. Lock it Right

Pick an intense, well-lit location with routine foot website traffic as well as great deals of various other bikes. Lock it to a dealt with things, via the structure as well as the back wheel, at a minimum. Remove any type of accoutrements like lights, bags, as well as device packages.


5. Go Dark Online

Stop publishing photos of your bike online as well as in applications. On applications like Strava, shut off place monitoring or make your account personal.


6. Secure It All the Time

Whether it’s a fast quit heading house from the tracks or in your garage overnight, bike burglars are functioning all over, so protected your bike all over as well as all the moment. “It sucks, but it only takes seconds for them to grab it and be gone,” Winn claims. “It’s a bike owners’ responsibility to keep it safe.”

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