WATCH: Trump Jr. Has Meltdown Over Media Covering Biden’s Fitness Regimen

When he was head of state, Donald Trump had a variety of individuals around him ready to claim he was fit. Dr. Jerome Adams said that he was fitter than he was. Dr. Ronnie Jackson said that Trump was an outstanding physical sampling.

In fact, Trump was an overweight male that consumed inadequately as well as seldom worked out. Joe Biden, on the various other hand, is extremely suitabled for a male his age. Not remarkably, the media has actually noticed Biden’s health care program. And this has actually tossed Donald Trump Jr. right into a craze. The previous head of state’s name is so mad concerning the media’s protection of Biden’s health and fitness that he made a video clip concerning it.

Trump Jr. moaned, “He can’t walk up the stairs of Air Force One without falling over! Now, if you said that he’s hard to keep up with because you have no idea what the hell he is saying when he’s speaking, that I would understand. But if you’re going to tell me that he’s hard to keep up with physically when we don’t see him doing anything early, we see lids being called in the middle of the day, you don’t see him doing anything late.”

The previous head of state’s boy continued:

“The president rides a stationary bike. Oh, that’s wonderful! You think that would happen with Trump? The world is on fire and we’re pretending everything is just fine. Joe Biden is riding a bike and he’s weightlifting! He’s a strong and viable leader! You can’t make it up, folks. So we’ve got to push back. We’ve got to call it out.”

Watch a clip of the remarks listed below: