WARNING: Spoilers forward! Do not proceed in case you haven’t watched Sunday’s season 8 finale of When Calls the Heart!

Who calls the center? If you ask Elizabeth Thornton, it’s Lucas Bouchard.

During Sunday’s season 8 finale of When Calls the Heart, hearties world wide noticed the top of its seasons-long love triangle, as our favourite college trainer instructed the dashing saloon proprietor she’s prepared to start a romantic relationship — and so they even sealed it with a passionate kiss!

ET spoke completely with collection stars Erin Krakow, Kevin McGarry and Chris McNally by way of video chat to be taught extra about what went into Elizabeth’s determination, how suitors Nathan and Lucas are feeling, the challenges of filming that kissing scene on the bridge and what’s subsequent as they put together to begin filming season 9. 

Elizabeth and Lucas

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“I’m very happy and I’m very sad, it’s the truth, people!” Krakow, who’s additionally an government producer on the drama collection, tells ET of how she’s feeling now that Elizabeth has made her determination. “I hope that I’m validating what probably many of the hearties are feeling, which is very mixed feelings. We have been blessed with Kevin and Chris, who have done such an incredible job bringing  these characters to life, and it’s impossible not to, as a viewer, fall in love with the characters they’ve created, it’s just impossible not to. So I’m really excited about this next chapter for Elizabeth, getting to see her happy and free and in love.”

McNally chimes in to talk on behalf of his character, explaining, “I think that Lucas is ecstatic! He did his best to show [Elizabeth] how he felt and tried to be patient and took his time. Obviously there were hiccups along the way, but I think he said [in season 6 or 7], ‘I’ll wait as long as I have to for the woman of my dreams.’ Something in that neighborhood. So I think he’s mostly just relieved and excited for the future.” 

As for Nathan, McGarry admits the Mountie is “totally heartbroken” (extra on that later) — however for now, the Ontario, Canada native desires to guarantee the viewers that the plot for this season was simply as a lot of a thriller to the actors because it was for the followers.

“This decision, I think, was right up until the very end. I’ve read many comments being like, ‘Oh, they’re weaving us through this carefully-orchestrated thing. But the truth is, that a lot of times, Hallmark, all of us, we’re just still kind of figuring out what was best, what was the best way to go. So when we did finally come to that conclusion, I think it does open up for some really interesting storylines moving into next season,” McGarry mentioned.

Krakow echoes McGarry’s phrases, confirming that Elizabeth’s alternative to begin a romance with Lucas got here at a degree throughout the season. The actress explains, “It was a very long, drawn out decision that involved many voices and brains, and, yeah, it took a really long time. And again, that’s a testament to these guys and how interesting their characters are and how wonderful they are in real life. It was very hard to choose, and ultimately, this was the story that we decided to tell. But I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, I think we would have been in really great shape with either decision. It just would have been a slightly different story.”

After three seasons of back-and-forth between Elizabeth and each suitors, who’re distinctive males in their very own methods, Krakow sheds gentle on why her character in the end aligned with Lucas.

“For a long time, Elizabeth has just been kind of confused and overwhelmed by her feelings, and specifically, the connection that she’s felt with Nathan over these past few years, it is undeniable. There’s been a connection between these two characters. It’s like a thread between them. I think they have obviously similar experiences with loss. Their lives were just sort of supposed to be intertwined in this way,” she explains. “I think for a long time, she was swept up in those feelings with Nathan, but didn’t necessarily realize how much of it was because of Jack and what she was almost projecting onto Nathan. Once she got to a point where she could see the difference between why she was feeling what she was feeling for Nathan, and what she’d been feeling all along for Lucas, I think it became clear to her that one was absolutely love, but the other was hopefully her lifetime,” she concludes, referencing Rosemary’s poignant recommendation from episode 11.

Elizabeth and Lucas

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And whereas Elizabeth’s imaginative and prescient is seemingly clear, Krakow says the climate on the day they filmed the scene on the bridge was something however. The Juilliard School graduate describes the outside parts that day as “poor” and provides that it was “sort of a scary day,” as they hoped Mother Nature would cooperate. McNally says the climate had him feeling “massively stressed out” because the wind began selecting up and so they heard tree branches cracking. He remembers, “All we are able to hear is, ‘We don’t have time! We don’t have time! We can’t do this, is it safe? Is it not?’”

Krakow explains, “We had saved this very important scene for the final day of filming, and we can’t control the weather and we were expecting this really bad windstorm,” before sharing alternative sets they considered pivoting to. “There was conversation the night before of, ‘What do we do? Do we move the scene? Do we move it inside Elizabeth’s row house? Do we kind of just wait and see how things are looking in the morning?’ And Chris and I both felt pretty strongly, the scene couldn’t happen in Elizabeth’s living room. It had to happen somewhere that felt cinematic, that was a place that was special to them… luckily, all we got was a bit of a drizzle, and I think it turned out beautiful.” 

McNally calls the kiss on the bridge a “very powerful moment” for Lucas. Why? “He’s been through such a roller coaster emotionally… He knows that he loves this woman more than he’s ever loved any other woman before, and that she is the woman of his dreams,” he gushes. “So when he sees her at the bridge, or when he finds her, she’s at the bridge and they make eye contact and he realizes how deeply she’s feeling, thinking that he’s left, and Nathan has told him where she stands with him, and they have that moment of connection. I think they just both intuitively understand each other and know that they’ve come to the same place and common ground, and they can finally come together, no strings attached, and move forward.”

Elizabeth and Lucas

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Elizabeth and Lucas

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As for that kiss — or shall we say sequence of kisses — Krakow says she and McNally discussed it ahead of time and pre-planned how they wanted it to look and feel on camera. “We talked about how we wanted it to feel, like it was this explosion of their passion and emotion, and that it wasn’t just one sweet romantic kiss,” she shares, before adding, “It was just this [feeling of], ‘Now that I have you, I don’t want to take my hands off you’ kind of feeling.”

When it comes to Nathan, McGarry shares some insight into the emotional scene filmed in his office, when the Mountie learns that Elizabeth loves him but isn’t in love with him.  

“It was written that Nathan thanked her at the end [of that scene], and I was like, ‘I didn’t want to say thanks,’” he explains. “I think the idea was that he was like releasing from this obligation that he had to kind of protect her, but I felt like Nathan was in love with her. It might have started with him coming in and trying to, you know, with the whole Jack story and him coming to Hope Valley to protect her, but he really did fall in love with her. So I thought, we owe it to the Nathan fans that have been with us. You got to see him get heartbroken, essentially, and I just thought it was better if he didn’t say anything and he just took that in.”

McGarry goes on to call his character “totally heartbroken” but says viewers should remain optimistic.

“We all get broken hearts, and that’ll be a fun thing to play and see. I hope he has some kind of redemption story of him building himself back up and moving on,” he says with a smile. “I think there should be a little bit of mourning that we see at the beginning of season 9 that Nathan’s going to have to go through. What’s so cool is that both these guys are still on the show, so we get to see these after-stories. We’ve all seen the guy gets the girl and the happy ever after, but the guy that doesn’t is still on the show, so there’s this whole different storyline that’s going to come out of it.”