Chelsey Amer, MS, RDN, CDN, shares seven stunning explanation why your pee could odor unhealthy.

So you’re on the bathroom and spot a cool odor to your pee. The very first thing that involves thoughts is perhaps: Did I eat asparagus? Yet as pungent as “asparagus pee” could be, consuming this veggie recurrently isn’t the one cause why your pee smells robust.

Keep studying to find the first causes of robust smells in urine.

What does urine comprise?

Urine is a waste product made by your kidneys. You can consider your kidneys as a high-quality mesh strainer that filters your blood and collects metabolites that your physique doesn’t want.

Over 95 p.c of urine is water. From there, its waste merchandise embrace however aren’t restricted to:

  • urea
  • sodium
  • potassium
  • creatinine

If these waste metabolites have been to construct up in your physique, they might probably trigger issues with different organs. But fortunately, they’re excreted by your urine.

Woman sitting on toilet wondering why her pee smells bad

Why does my pee odor unhealthy?

Depending in your stage of hydration, “normal” urine is someplace on the yellow spectrum and it doesn’t have a powerful scent. However, there are some situations which will have you ever marvel why your pee smells.

Usually, scented urine is fairly innocent; it originates from numerous compounds created in the course of the filtration course of. It’s a good suggestion to pay attention to your regular urine scent (or lack thereof), so that you discover adjustments and you may search out assist out of your doctor.

Without additional ado, listed here are the principle explanation why your urine could odor robust, unhealthy, or in any other case completely different than it usually does.

1. You’re Dehydrated

One of the commonest causes of strongly scented urine is under-hydration or dehydration.

When you’re dehydrated, your urine turns into extra concentrated. (In different phrases, it comprises much less water and extra waste metabolites.) When this occurs, chances are you’ll discover your urine has a deeper yellow coloration versus a extra diluted, pale yellow coloration whenever you’re adequately hydrated.

More concentrated urine signifies that the waste elements in your urine are additionally extra concentrated. The consequence? A stronger odor.

Tip: Be certain to remain hydrated all through the day and sip water often. Not to say, sufficient hydration is crucial for glowing pores and skin, lasting power, and bowel regularity.

2. You eat a high-Sodium weight loss program

If you’re heavy handed in relation to the salt shaker, your urine can develop into extra concentrated. As we simply discovered, extra concentrated urine usually has a stronger scent.

Even if you happen to don’t use a salt shaker, it’s a good suggestion to be aware of extra salt in meals. Typically, packaged and extremely processed meals comprise further sodium as a preservative. If your urine has a particular stench and also you’re consuming extra packaged meals, examine labels to extra totally monitor your sodium consumption.

Tip: A weight loss program that’s very excessive in salt isn’t splendid for optimum well being. Instead, attempt to add taste to your meals from different herbs and spices.

Couple preparing asparagus for dinner, which is the most common food that causes smelly urine

3. You eat meals that trigger smelly urine

The greatest offenders that may trigger robust smells in urine embrace:

  • asparagus
  • Brussels sprouts
  • onions
  • garlic
  • cumin

Here’s why: When your physique digests these meals, it produces two compounds that comprise sulfur, a pungent chemical ingredient: methanethiol and S-methyl thioesters.

These sulfurous compounds are additionally liable for pungent gasoline and unhealthy breath—so it’s no marvel your pee smells, too!

However, not everybody can detect that notorious “asparagus pee” odor. A 2016 examine discovered that people who can detect asparagus metabolites in urine after consumption have particular variations in olfactory receptor genes. (Simply put, they’re concerned in scent detection.)

When meals trigger strong-smelling urine, the stench usually disappears after a number of hours—that’s, so long as you hydrate effectively.

4. You drink plenty of espresso

If you drink plenty of espresso every morning, chances are you’ll discover your urine has a specific scent throughout your morning lavatory journeys. That’s seemingly attributable to caffeol, the oil in espresso that’s additionally liable for the scrumptious scent you whiff whereas brewing your favourite mix.

Plus, do you ever discover that you just go to the toilet extra often after consuming espresso? That’s as a result of espresso is a widely known diuretic.

Drinking plenty of espresso with out consuming water can truly trigger you to develop into under-hydrated attributable to extra urination. As we noticed earlier, this results in extra concentrated pee, which might have a extra pungent and noticeable scent.

Tip: Coffee drinkers can keep away from smelly pee by consuming a glass of water earlier than your morning cup. Doing so can even depend in the direction of your day by day water consumption to make sure sufficient hydration.

Pouring red wine into two glasses

5. You Drink Alcohol Regularly

Like espresso, alcohol is a diuretic, which over time can result in extra concentrated (and smelly) urine. Plus, alcohol ferments because it metabolizes, so chances are you’ll discover extra odorous urine after an evening of consuming.

Tip: To fight smelly urine, alternate alcoholic drinks with water or seltzer to dilute your urine and cut back the stench.

6. You Have Bacterial Imbalances

Many folks imagine urine is “sterile,” however that’s not correct.

Healthy urine naturally comprises low ranges of micro organism. If you’re affected by urinary tract points, micro organism ranges could enhance in your urine, which might trigger a definite scent of rotten eggs or fish.

If you’re involved about these kinds of urine odor, seek the advice of your doctor for correct remedy.

7. You Have Underlying Health Conditions

Lastly, a change within the scent of your urine could sign an underlying well being concern.

For instance, one of many telltale indicators of excessively excessive blood sugar is a rise in urination frequency. An enhance of sugar within the blood results in the urge to pee, in addition to a sweeter-smelling waste product.

Additionally, though uncommon, there are a number of metabolic circumstances that may change the scent of your urine. Often, they may end up in a buildup of waste merchandise in your urine.

If you discover a change within the scent of your urine, it’s finest to see your physician for correct prognosis and remedy.

The Bottom Line

As you may see, the principle causes of smelly urine are fairly innocent. Rest assured that the majority typically, smelly pee could be traced again to what you eat and drink.

However, if you happen to discover an uncommon change within the odor of your urine—in addition to overlapping signs—chances are you’ll want to search out medical recommendation to make sure optimum well being.