Why Kourtney and Kim Kardashian Are Worried About Scott Disick in Heartbreaking KUWTK Preview

Scott Disick is not a follower of adjustment.

In this preview at tonight’s brand-new Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Scott’s ex-spouse Kourtney Kardashian frets about just how he will certainly deal with the collection finishing. The household behind the hit E! fact franchise business announced in September 2020 the program would certainly end after period 20.

Kim Kardashian guesses that Scott could really feel alone after KUWTK. “I feel like he feels like maybe as a family we’re going to be gone if we’re not scheduled to all meet up,” she clarifies.

Yet Kourtney thinks it’s simply Scott’s individuality that makes him reluctant. “I think it’s just change. Some people have a really hard time with change,” she counters. Of program finishing KUWTK What not an easy decision for any individual.

Kim mentions that it’s easy to understand if that holds true: a lot of Scott’s large life adjustments have actually been hard. “Maybe he’s scared in this way that he feels like, ‘Well what if I have nothing to do and I get so restless and that was giving me a purpose and giving me something to do? What if I start drinking? Or what if I start this, or what if I start that? ‘”Kim understands. “You know, like, I can only imagine.”