If you’re aiming to inform your taste buds, there’s absolutely nothing incorrect with taking some guidance from the specialists. And, fortunately, when it involves tequila, mezcal, and also various other spirits made with agave, some guidance is warm off the press. Last week, go by the San Francisco World Spirits Competition called their 2021 victors for the very best spirits worldwide, choosing from 3,800 participants. Founded in 2000, the occasion is the earliest and also biggest of its kind. Before get your following container, have a look at their options for finest tequilas, mezcals, and also agave-based spirits.


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Best Silver/Gold Tequila

Tequila Blanco Criollo / Calle 23

Alcohol: 49.3%

Created by Sophie Decobecq, a French biochemist transformed tequila manufacturer, the agave for this tequila originates from the highlands of Jalisco. Tequila Blanco Criollo is made from smaller sized “criollo” blue agave that has a greater focus of all-natural sugars. Tasters states it the tequila has actually fragrances of prepared agave and also mint stabilized versus tastes of black pepper and also agave.


Reserve Collection Reposado Tequila
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Best Reposado Tequila

Reserve Collection Reposado Tequila / Cierto

Alcohol: 40%

Cierto was begun in 2019 by Enrique Fonseca and also Sergio Mendoza, 4th- and also fifth-generation distillers. Since its launching, the business’s tequila has actually won almost 300 honors in global competitors. According to Cierto, Reserve Collection Reposado Tequila has a light fragrance with tips of butterscotch and also prepared agave. It additionally has tastes of agave that develop into sugar and afterwards completed with cinnamon.


Añejo Tequila
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Best Añejo Tequila

Añejo Tequila / El Tesoro

Alcohol: 40%

The La Alteña distillery has actually remained in Jalisco considering that 1937. Started by Don Felipe Camarena, his grand son Carlos Camarena is currently the master distiller at El Tesoro. Their tequila ages in American oak bourbon barrels for 2 to 3 years. According to El Tesoro, Añejo Tequila has a scent of flower jasmine and also oaky personality. The preference is wonderful agave stabilizing with pepper, oak, and also flower tones.


Extra Añejo Tequila
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Best Extra Añejo Tequila

Extra Añejo Tequila / El Tesoro

Alcohol: 40%

Made by Carlos Camarena to recognize his dad, El Tesoro Extra Añejo is matured in oak bourbon barrels for 4 to 5 years. This aging provides this lively gold tequila fragrances of coffee, cinnamon, butter, as well as additionally notes of sugar. Additionally, the preference is a mix of coffee, dark delicious chocolate, completely dry fruits, and also baked almonds.



Raicilla 100% Agave Maximiliana
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Best Other Agave Spirit

Raicilla 100% Agave Maximiliana / Perra Suerte

Alcohol: 38%

Produced with one hundred percent agave maximiliana, Perra Suerte’s raicilla is single-distilled in copper pots, unlike mezcals which are generally double-distilled. Not as smoky as a mezcal, Raicilla 100% Agave Maximiliana is handcrafted in Jalisco.


Bacanora Silver
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Best Sotol/Bacanora/Comiteca

Bacanora Silver / IZO

Alcohol: 44%

Different from its tequila and also mezcal relatives, bacanora is an agave-based alcohol from the Mexican state of Sonora. Because it’s double-distilled in copper and also stainless-steel and also made with a range of agave called Pacifica, bacanora preferences noticeably various from mezcal. According to IZO, their Bacanora Silver has fragrances of desert minerals combining with preferences of anise, apple, and also pepper.




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Best Mezcal/Best of Show White Spirits

Cupreata / Mezcal Amarás

Alcohol: 40%

The globe’s very first carbon-neutral mezcal business, Mezcal Amarás concentrates on aiding regional agave farmers and also distillers. In truth, it calls this service version “From seed to sip.” Mezcal Amarás Cupreata has notes of pumpkin seed, natural leather, and also cacao. Tastes consist of bell pepper and also flavor, with a sharp flavor coating.

Not just did Mezcal Amarás Cupreata win Best Mezcal in San Francisco, it after that won Best in Show White Spirits. This indicates that together with defeating various other tequilas and also mezcals, it additionally obtained the gain vodkas and also gins. That’s something to think about when you make your following journey to the alcohol shop.


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