Burying the Shocking N-Word Claims Against Hunter Biden

So, out comes the case that Hunter Biden is purportedly vulnerable to making use of a  racial slur. To wit, the “N-word.” Here’s the allegation from the UK Daily Mail: 

EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden resolved his white attorney as ‘n***a’ several times, utilized expressions like ‘real dat n***a’ and also bantered ‘I just enjoy you due to the fact that you’re black,’ in stunning messages discovered days after Joe’s psychological Tulsa speech decrying bigotry

The tale asserts:  

“Hunter Biden utilized the n-word several times in discussion with his white, $845-per-hour attorney, his texts disclose.

The stunning messages might confirm humiliating for his daddy President Joe Biden, that simply recently offered a speech decrying bigotry on the 100th wedding anniversary of the Tulsa bloodbath, and also has actually looked for to depict racial justice as a leading concern for his management.”

And the media outcry that adhered to? It was primarily minimized or neglected. 

Got that? But if you secure the name “Hunter Biden” and also alternative “Don Trump, Jr.” or “Eric Trump”? 

Well, you understand specifically what the media response would certainly be. All unshirted heck would certainly have broken out. In truth, some time back previous President Trump’s niece Mary…she that cannot follow her uncle…was featured on Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC show to bill him with having actually utilized the N-word. One presumes neither Hunter Biden neither any kind of Joe Biden ally will ever before be mobilized by Maddow to review his use the accurate exact same slur.

In truth, over there at Breitbart, press reporter Hannah Bleau did an examine the response to 12 stars and also others of the minute not called Trump and also located this: “12 People Who Were Canceled for Using the N-Word like Hunter Biden.” 

One of the instances is secondary school trainee Mimi Groves, Breitbart records: “Groves was pressed to take out from the college after trainee Jimmy Galligan shared a three-second video clip from 2016 of Groves making use of a racial slur while vocal singing in addition to a rap track… The New York Times eventually commemorated the trainee that shared the brief video clip of Groves making use of the N-word as she sang along to the rap track.”

That Groves would certainly be compelled to take out from her college of option for vocal singing in addition to a “rap song” talks its very own sort of media rumor. In this write-up on the MTV internet site, the rap artist Jay Z is priced quote thusly: 

“In an interview with Jonathan Ross airing on the BBC Friday (February 19), Jay-Z revealed that the president has invited the rapper to the White House a number of times since Obama’s inauguration.”

This would certainly be the similar Jay-Z headlined by doing this in November of 2016 by Yahoo Finance

Jay Z consistently goes down n-word, f-bomb throughout performance for Hillary Clinton

The tale states: 

“Jay Z was completely uncensored Friday evening at a performance for Hillary Clinton.

The rap artist consistently utilized the n-word and also went down the f-bomb as he executed “F—WithMeYouKnowIGotIt” and also his hit “Dirt off Your Shoulder” track at a Cleveland rally.

“You’re tuned into the motherf—– greatest,” a voice stated as Jay Z showed up onstage.

“If you feelin’ like a pimp n—-, go and brush your shoulders off,” Jay Z rapped. “Ladies is pimps too, go and brush your shoulders off. N—– is crazy baby, don’t forget that boy told you. Get that dirt off your shoulders.”

Jay Z likewise executed the track “Jigga My N—-,” in which he flaunted that he was “Jay-Z, motherf——-!”

Not to place also great a factor on this? Liberals in the media and also in elite Democratic Party circles couldn’t care less regarding those of their fellow liberal elites that make use of a racial slur – as long as they are lefties. So Hunter Biden’s declared use the N-word to them is truly immaterial. A rap artist that makes millions making use of the N-word in his tunes will certainly obtain welcomed consistently to the Obama White House, as well as reach do his slur-filled tunes for Hillary Clinton. And he will certainly be commemorated. But a senior high school trainee seen on a three-second video vocal singing along to simply such a tune is salute.

The tough truth below, as well as the horrible truth, is that using a straight-out racial slur obtains a come on the left-wing media. 

As long as it’s a lefty that does it.

Shocking? Never.