Why do you consume cool at night in Germany?

Sandwiches – supper in Germany

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Dinner in Germany: a piece of bread, sausage, cheese. What seems like a starter is standard supper in this nation. The kitchen area remains cool at night. Why really?

Food prepares! At 6 p.m. isn’t that prematurely? On the table are bread, sausage and also cheese, possibly a bit a lot more raw veggies. Isn’t that simply the starter? Are you joke me? Are you significant when you claim that. The standard supper in Germany After all, it is not incorrectly called supper. But why do we really consume cool at night?

If you check out our next-door neighbors in France or in the nations of the south like Italy or Greece, the tables with cold and hot specials are curved there at night. Dinner begins there at 8 p.m. at the earliest. In Italy it is not unusual to fulfill at 10 p.m. for the Cena (Italian for supper).

Warm at midday, cool at night

At the standard supper in Germany, which is offered in between 5 p.m. and also 7 p.m., you consume pieces of bread. Ideally, they need to be 8 millimeters thick, complied with by butter, cool cuts and also cheese. That seems monotonous initially, yet Germany has more than 300 kinds of bread. It’s the very same with sausages: there is searching sausage, liver sausage, yellow sausage, pork, salami and also numerous various other sausage items.

The kinds of cheese are much less unique: Gouda, Tilsiter and also butter cheese are the kinds that are most frequently consumed at supper. Some individuals embellish their bread with cucumbers, pickles, radishes or a steamed egg. The north Germans likewise like to consume marinaded Bismarck herring, in the south sausage salad is offered.


The customized of consuming cool at night goes back to the 1920s. In comparison to the country frameworks in France and also Italy, commercial facilities have actually created in Germany. Canteens were promptly presented in the manufacturing facilities. Because the employees consume cozy at lunch break, they no more always require a cozy dish at night. Also since the job is no more so literally difficult many thanks to the automation. So you make it simple on your own at night. A piece of bread that can be covered up as you desire. Another interest: generally, supper is not consumed from plates, yet from boards. Due to their level form, they are much better fit for covering bread.