El Rey: This alcoholic drink might make rum actually huge

A mix of rum, sugar and also verjuice: the El Rey alcoholic drink from the air

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The daiquiri was Hemingway’s favored beverage and also is taken into consideration the king of rum mixed drinks. Now a Munich bartender has actually established a version that is intended to dismiss the standard. The crucial active ingredient is a practically neglected vinegar replacement.

If you speak about rum in a bar, one way or another you wind up with daiquiri – the blend of white rum, pressed lime juice, sugar and also ice that drove Ernest Hemingway insane. To today, the Daiquiri is taken into consideration the king of rum mixed drinks.

Lukas Motejzik from Munich intended absolutely nothing much less than the regicide. For the global alcoholic drink competitors Bacardi Legacy, the guy that guaranteed the counter in the fashionable “Zephyr” in Munich developed a beverage that tackles the makeup of the timeless, yet changes important information.

It’s called “El Rey”, in English “The King”, and also the name alone makes it clear: the objective is the throne.

El Rey: You must pick this rum

El Rey is a traditional three-ingredient alcoholic drink based upon an attempted and also checked pattern: a little acid, a little sweet taste and also a great deal of pizzazz. The standard spirit is rum, it is best to pick a light selection that has actually not been saved for as well lengthy. Motejzik selected for the competitors Bacardi Reserva Ocho, is a suggested option Santa Teresa 1796 rum from Venezuela or the distinguished rum. The El Rey might likewise include bourbon be blended, according to its developer.

The initial dish is:

  • 50 ml Bacardi Reserva Ocho
  • 20 ml of sugar syrup
  • 30 ml verjuice

All the components include enough ice Put in a mixing glass, after that mix intensely for 15 secs. Strain the beverage right into a cooled glass and also garnish with a lime passion.

Verjus: The acid makes the distinction

What identifies El Rey from various other Daiquiri variations is the verjuice, which is made use of rather than a traditional acid resource such as lime or lemon juice. It is clear, pushed juice made from immature grapes, which, because of its stylish level of acidity, referred program in Central European food for centuries, yet was after that changed by lemons throughout worldwide profession. Verjus fell under oblivion, yet has actually rebounded in the previous twenty years – initially in leading gastronomy, currently in bench.

The raising appeal is likewise shown in the reality that increasingly more suppliers are following suit. Cognac manufacturers are getting involved in business, on the other hand there are likewise natural and also also Demeter selections. “I make use of that for my beverage Verjuice from Kögler“states Motejzik.” It’s good value for money and has a firm acidity. Many are more for cooking and therefore a little sweeter. “

Practical: unlike red wine, verjuice can be maintained in the fridge for weeks, otherwise months. It is likewise ideal as a vinegar replacement for a tasty salad clothing.

The ingredients of a modern-day standard

“I had the drink in my head for two years,” Motejzik claimed in discussion with him celebrity. “Actually, a drink with three ingredients is too simple for a competition. But I was just convinced of this simplicity – and it worked again.”

Whether the El Rey will certainly be alongside contemporary standards like Dick Bradsells Bramble, Audrey Saunders Old Cuban or Jörg Meyers in 10 or 15 years Gin Basil Smash can be located on the maps from London to Singapore, stays to be seen. At the very least theoretically, it fulfills one of the most vital requirements: it has an appealing name, a straightforward dish, is adjustable and also contains components that are readily available throughout the globe.

The king is dead. Long live the king!

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