Hateful John Cusack Rant: America is 'F**king Awful'

John Cusack gets on yet an additional twitter tirade, however what else is brand-new? This time the star as well as expert bellyacher is assaulting Boeing for “funding insurrectionist gop members” as well as producing advertisements revealing assistance for our armed force. Of program the Hollywood jerk simply spouts off, despite reality. He simply enjoys interest (as well as disliking on individuals).  

The newest variety of oblivious tweets from Cusack start with insurance claims that Boeing is “giving money to anti democratic Fascists.” But in 2020, Boeing actually donated $123,186 even more to Joe Biden it did to Donald Trump as well as it offered greater than $500,000 to the Democratic Political Action Committee, senatorial project board, as well as legislative project board. 

For somebody that is continuously on his phone you’d assume he understands just how to do a fast google search. 

Unfortunately, the lack of knowledge does not finish there. Cusack after that asserts that Boeing is proactively “denying the right to vote to [America’s] black and brown service members.” Ignorance really is happiness. On the various other hand, he might understand as well as simply does not care. During the 2020 project, he revealed he was obstructing any individual that had not been “aggressively anti-Trump” — “family co workers – or friends.” He’s closed to question or debate.

As if this had not been adequate mendaciousness for the evening, he after that strikes the firm for playing an advertisement on behalf of our soldiers at a baseball video game. Lets not fail to remember that he has actually never ever offered time abroad as well as not does anything however hate on America. But according to the “activist,” Boeing cannot sustain U.S. soldiers as well as give away to the GOP at the very same time since the Republican celebration is “anti-democratic.” Well, we do stay in a democratic-republic, it’s not a freedom despite the amount of times he duplicates that lie. He ought to actually grab a background book at some time. 

Wasn’t every little thing was expected to improve if Biden was chosen? At the very least that’s what they were claiming, specifically the insane Hollywood leftists like Cusack. Instead, we get back at much more tweets articulating his extreme disgust for our nation:

Funny just how he in fact can claim that while living below, I attempt him to head to China as well as attempt claiming the very same point. Seriously, obtain the heck out of below after that if it’s so awful. For somebody that is so anti-free speech he sure appreciates his First Amendment right. Not when it’s Trump using it however. 

“Forcible suppression of opposition” becomes part of the meaning of fascism, which appears extremely comparable to what Cusack has actually been sustaining for many years.