Is charcoal good to your pores and skin? If so, what are the advantages? This information to activated charcoal for pores and skin has solutions to those questions and extra.

Skincare traits come and go. But by way of hyped-up components, one of many energy gamers with confirmed longevity—significantly for shiny and acne-prone pores and skin—is activated charcoal.

To study extra about this detoxifying skincare energetic, we reached out to our pals at boscia. After all, their charcoal assortment has maintained a loyal following for a decade-plus—which, if you happen to ask me, isn’t any small feat.

Below, Lan Belinky—boscia’s Co-Creator and General Manager—helps us illuminate this star skincare ingredient.

Charcoal vs. Activated Charcoal

To start, it seems that there’s a distinction between charcoal and activated charcoal. While each have advantages for pores and skin, Lan tells us that the latter is way more potent possibility.

First, she begins by saying that charcoal is sweet for pores and skin because it’s inherently porous.

However, activated charcoal (aka activated carbon) “is heated to a much higher temperature—sometimes almost 1,700 degrees!—making it even more porous and optimal to absorb impurities.”

(It’s additionally price noting that each kinds have a bunch of makes use of and advantages that go nicely past skincare. You can discover it within the likes of deodorant, toothpaste/toothbrushes, meals, and extra.)

Man washing his face with an activated charcoal cleanser to remove oil and refine pores

Activated Charcoal Benefits for Skin

Now, on to the great things: What does charcoal do to your pores and skin, precisely?

“Charcoal acts like a sponge to absorb impurities, oil, and debris from the skin,” Lan explains. “Additionally, it has exfoliating properties to refine skin and reduce pore buildup.” When it involves refining pores, she provides that activated charcoal works each on the spot and over time, too.

Essentially, you possibly can consider it as one of many final detoxifiers for pores and skin given its toxin-trapping, pore-cleansing powers.

(Note: While extra medical analysis is required to verify comparable findings for pores and skin, activated charcoal in different makes use of provides quantifiable antibacterial advantages.)

These activated charcoal advantages are significantly engaging to individuals who:

  • have oily pores and skin
  • are liable to breakouts
  • sweat loads
  • put on make-up and/or heavy merchandise that result in buildup

Should anybody keep away from utilizing it?

Lan says that boscia’s activated charcoal—which is a core ingredient in a few of their bestselling merchandise—is light sufficient even for delicate pores and skin sorts.

Further, she nonetheless champions this ingredient for these whose pores and skin isn’t significantly oily or acne-prone. After all, nearly all of us will profit from exfoliating frequently and exhibiting like to our pores.

“Charcoal is an amazing, naturally derived skincare ingredient that can be beneficial for all skin types,” she affirms.

boscia Detoxifying Black Charcoal Cleanser for skin in a puddle of water

How to Use Activated Charcoal for Skin

Ready to reap the advantages of activated charcoal to your pores and skin? Let’s dive proper in.


For starters, the most typical types of activated charcoal in skincare are:

  1. cleansers (like boscia’s Detoxifying Black Charcoal Cleanser)
  2. normal + peel-off masks


When it involves how usually you must use it, activated charcoal cleansers are nice for once- or twice-daily use.

Meanwhile, activated charcoal masks are usually finest to use a few times per week, relying in your private wants and issues.

How to Round Out Your Routine

To take your skincare routine a step additional, you may as well look to make use of it in tandem with different merchandise and components for optimum outcomes.

For occasion, if you happen to battle with extra oil, breakouts, and buildup, give the double cleaning methodology a go. The first cleanse with—you guessed it—an oil-based cleanser ought to present an additional clear (although not stripped) canvas to work with.

Next, if you happen to’re making an attempt to fight dullness or hyperpigmentation, look to vitamin C.

“Vitamin C works exceptionally well with charcoal, adding a brightening benefit as the charcoal works to detoxify the skin,” Lan explains. She significantly loves this pairing, including that it’s nice for general readability and radiance. (That stated, she additionally speaks to its versatility and complimentary nature with numerous different components.)

Last however not least, you’ll want to adequately hydrate your pores and skin, seal in all the great things with a moisturizer, and apply SPF for daytime UV safety.