Cindy McCain Tells Colbert: My Husband Would be Very Disappointed in Current GOP Cowardice

Joe Biden as well as John McCain were notoriously friends. Despite their political distinctions, both guys interacted in the United States us senate for 20 years.

The relationship in between both guys resulted in McCain’s widow Cindy supporting Biden in his race versus Donald Trump in the autumn. And it was rather a vital recommendation. In 2020, Biden ended up being simply the 2nd Democrat to lug the state of Arizona considering that 1952.

McCain paid a political rate for backing a Democrat. The Arizona GOP determined to censure her back in January in addition to Governor Doug Ducey as well as previous Republican legislator Jeff Flake.

But currently, McCain will certainly be obtaining something of a benefit from Biden. On Wednesday, Biden chose her to come to be the Ambassador to the UN Food Agency.

McCain reacted to the statement by saying in a declaration, “I am honored to be selected by President Biden to serve as Ambassador to the United Nations Agencies for Food and Agriculture. The communities this group serves need our support and focus, and I look forward to meeting the challenges this role presents. I’m especially appreciative of the McCain Institute, its board, the team at the Institute and our partners at Arizona State University for their support and for preparing me for this position.”