Liam Payne details "Really Severe" Mental Health and Sobriety Struggles While in One Direction

He likewise confessed that his alcohol consumption battles have actually proceeded throughout the coronavirus pandemic, discussing that the downtime has actually been “the worst thing in the world for me.”

For Liam, having a great deal of time in your home made him resort to alcohol. “It was just getting earlier and earlier. Easier and easier to go to,” he claimed. “What I’ve found more than anything with the alcohol and stuff is boundaries. There were no boundaries. So, if you’re on Zoom you quite easily hide that you might be a little bit tipsy at the point you shouldn’t be . ”

As an outcome, he discovered that he “put on so much weight” throughout the international lockdown, and also also developed a sophisticated reason. “I was eating badly and describing it as a bulking period, [saying], ‘I’m doing it for a movie role! It’s all good! ‘ That’s the best excuse if anyone asks if you’ve put on weight, say, ‘It’s for a role. It’s coming out 2022, ‘”he claimed.

Now a month sober, Liam disclosed exactly how his previous One Direction bandmates have actually provided assistance for him in his current trip.

“I had a lovely phone call from Harry the other day,” he took place. “He was checking in on me. It’s almost as if some people have got a sixth sense about when you’re going through something and want to check in.”

He included, “He’s very much like that. He’s a lovely, lovely boy. I love him to pieces.”

Liam still really feels that he had “the best time ever” in 1D, yet explained that some components were “toxic.”

On the podcast, Liam announced his split from his future wife of 10 months, Maya Henry.