“The Lions’ Den”
Yucona water filters made from DHDL in the examination: like the initial?

The filter bag as well as cartridge lean versus the Amazon Basic water filter container. The Yucona starter collection consists of 3 filters as well as the cartridge. Filtered water suffices for 3 months.

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Water filters eliminate limescale as well as chlorine from faucet water. However, the plastic cartridges are single-use items. Yucona filters from the “Den of the Lions” intend to alter that. The examination discloses just how great the multiple-use filters are.

Minerals have an undesirable aftertaste. Coffee fans as well as tea enthusiasts taste right away when their favored warm beverage is prepared with difficult faucet water. In order to stop the preference mess as well as to obtain the purest feasible water, many individuals place on it Water filter. The plastic cartridges are full of triggered carbon, which binds deposits in the water such as lime or chlorine.

But not just premiums filter their water. tap water Although it is drinkable in Germany, the pipelines where it runs can be polluted microbiologically or with hefty steels. This is commonly the instance in old structures when the pipelines have a couple of years under their belt. A water filter additionally aids to minimize this problem regardless.

However, distilled water has a high cost: the cartridges are made from plastic as well as cannot be recycled. After concerning a month of usage, they wind up in the garbage – which’s not specifically eco-friendly. Yucona intend to alter that. In October 2020 Richard Birich as well as his relative Inga Plochow place their multiple-use cartridge consisting of eco-friendly filter bags in the “Lions’ den“as well as were granted the agreement by Löwe Ralf Dümmel. More than half a year has actually currently passed, yet the delay has actually deserved it: The filters are lastly all set for the marketplace.

DHDL: This is just how the Yucona filters function

DHDL Yucona: non-woven bag and water cartridge from a bird's eye view.

The fleece pocket (right) enters into the reduced component of the cartridge (left). Put the cover (top) on as well as the multiple-use filter prepares.

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The development of the innovator pair is simple to describe: The filter cartridge can be opened up as well as a fleece pocket can be discovered inside. The triggered charcoal, which is gotten from coconut coverings, lies in the circulation. What appears easy is additionally easy – yet conserves lots of plastic waste. In the examination, setting up the cartridge as well as filter bag is youngster’s play.

Fits!  The Yucona filter cartridge embeds itself seamlessly in the water tank.

Fits! The Yucona filter cartridge installs itself effortlessly in the water storage tank.

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But there is one little bummer: Before the fleece bag is positioned in the cartridge, it requires to be taken in chilly water for a couple of mins. Manageable thinking about just how much plastic waste is conserved. After that there is very little to describe: press the cover on the cartridge, position the cartridge in the water container, placed water on it as well as wait up until it is filteringed system.

DHDL Yucona: The first water ran through the filter and came out slightly cloudy.

The initial water went through the filter as well as appeared somewhat over cast.

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The maker suggests providing the initial 2 litres of the filtered water blossoms, since the triggered carbon causes small clouding of the WATER. According to the maker, this is not a carcinogen. The cloudiness was not visible in the trial run, yet the eye beverages with it. If 2 litres of Kraneberger have actually gone through the cartridge, the water continues to be clear. After concerning 4 weeks, Yucona suggests altering the fleece filter. The cycle accompanies the plastic filters of the marketplace leader.

Unfortunately, the cartridge does not fit right into all water filter systems. It was checked with a Jug from Amazon Basic as well as the preferred Brita system called “Aluna”. The Yucona cartridge balanced with both with no issues. However, consumers of various other Brita pots report that the cartridge is not seated effectively. It is feasible that the maker wishes to require its consumers to get their very own cartridges as well as has actually consequently transformed something on the owner in the container.

By the means, altering the fleece bag is as simple as placing it right into procedure for the very first time: take the cartridge out of the water storage tank, open up the cover of the cartridge, deal with the fleece bag, saturate the brand-new fleece bag and afterwards place it – et voilà, the water can be filteringed system once more.


So much, individuals with specifically difficult water or otherwise polluted crane water ingested at the very least one bitter tablet: Either they filtered their faucet water once more for intake as well as approved the plastic waste or they consumed alcohol the difficult water. Both have an undesirable aftertaste as well as consequently the Yucona filters are ideal for everybody that desires soft water for coffee, tea or pure, without needlessly contaminating the world with plastic. The reality that you need to saturate the fleece pockets momentarily is a little added job as well as procedure is truly simple.

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