Leticia Bufoni, Brazil’s 5-time X Games gold champion and also ultimate Olympian on the 2020 Olympic post ponement, talks burglarizing the children club and also skateboarding in whatever the heck she desires.



But initially, the fundamentals:

Age: 27

Hometown: São Paulo, Brazil

Top 3 Career Highlights:

  1. Moving to California from Brazil at 14 to seek skate boarding
  2. Winning launching Street League Skateboarding title in 2015
  3. Winning top place in Skateboard Street at the 2013 X Games

Men’s Journal: How did you really feel regarding the post ponement of the 2020 Olympics, offered all the training and also psychological prep work?

Leticia Bufoni: We’d been preparing yourself for the previous 2 or 3 years and also every person was so prepared for this minute; it obtaining delayed a year—it type of draws. At the very same time, we have even more time to train. I believe skate boarding, generally, will certainly obtain even more focus.

How do you see skate boarding suitable right into the Olympics?

Skateboarding has actually altered a whole lot in the previous couple of years, and also it’s come to be a much more major sporting activity. Before, it was a way of life and also currently it’s a sporting activity. Skateboarding is ultimately obtaining the focus it is entitled to due to the fact that we educate like professional athletes; we contend, consume healthy and balanced, and also do whatever that an actual professional athlete does. Skateboarding is a sporting activity, and also currently, individuals ultimately identify that.

What is the physical prep work?

I like exercising, so I’ll virtually do whatever. Most of the workout I do is concentrated on skate boarding, so I do stabilize training, a great deal of extending, together with ankle joint and also hip movement.

How did you initially obtain curious about skate boarding?

I began skating around the age 9 or 10. All my pals got skateboards, after that I had no one to play football with; I began skating so I wasn’t alone. I was the only woman skating and also I was most definitely battling regularly with the children, since that’s what youngsters do.

Having ladies admire me is a desire, due to the fact that I didn’t have that when I was skate boarding.

Has anything altered given that?

When I began skate boarding, ladies didn’t have the assistance that we do today. We didn’t have that several competitions or enrollers. Now that we have much more ladies in the sporting activity, we have larger occasions, and also it’s obtaining much easier and also much easier to contend. But I keep in mind when I initially began skating, it was very hard, and also there was no assistance.

After rooting out and also relocating to Los Angeles at age 14, was it likewise hard to leave institution and also seek affordable skate boarding?

I like skate boarding a lot. I understood it was what I intended to provide for life. I understood I needed to quit institution and also concentrate on contending due to the fact that you can constantly return to institution yet, skate boarding, if you don’t do it when you’re young, it obtains more challenging and also harder.

You integrate style and also charm right into skate boarding. How is that obtained by various other skaters?

Since I such as to exercise a lot, I was constantly using physical fitness clothes. One day, I began skating in tights, and also every person was disliking on me. They stated it didn’t look excellent, I was going to obtain injured, that the clothing were also limited. It’s comfy. You’ve reached fit. It doesn’t matter what you’re using. Now every person is type of made use of to seeing me skate in exercise clothing, so they don’t also state anything any longer. There’s a brand-new generation currently and also they’re all using tights and also beginning to end up being much more womanly.

Think you began a fad?

I believe so. Before, I had actually never ever seen any type of ladies skating in tights. And back then, every person was kind of gamine with their clothing. Now every person is using make-up and also obtaining their hair done to go skating. I’ve been doing this due to the fact that I intend to look excellent. I intend to appear like a woman and also split on a skateboard.

How’s it really feel to have various other skaters, and also ladies, want to you for motivation?

From where I originated from to where I am currently, having ladies admire me is a desire. I intend to maintain motivating much more ladies. I intend to be a good example. I intend to be somebody others can admire due to the fact that I didn’t have that when I was skate boarding.

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