The Card Battler sub-genre has actually seen a variety of hits throughout the years, consisting of heavyweights like Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links from Konami and also Hearthstone from Blizzard. This year has actually additionally seen brand-new challengers arise, such as Magic: The Gathering Arena from Wizards of the Coast, revealing brand-new development locations for the marketplace. Sensor Tower’s brand-new State of Card Battlers record uses Sensor Tower’s effective selection of solutions, including our Game Taxonomy and also Game Intelligence systems, to give an extensive evaluation of the state of the sub-genre and also the development chances readily available therein.

Fastest-Growing Strategy Sub-Genre

While the Card Battler sub-genre is reasonably little contrasted to 4X Strategy and also MOBA titles, it has actually seen a rise in development this year. Downloads in Q2 2021 boosted by 23 percent quarter-over-quarter, stimulated on by the brand-new launch of Magic: The Gathering Arena and also a surge in appeal for Mighty Party from Panoramik Games. Previously, a spike in installs throughout Q3 2019 was stimulated by the development of brand-new Auto Chess titles, such as the eponymous Auto Chess from Dragonest, released by Tencent, and also Chess Rush, additionally from Tencent.

Quarterly Strategy Game Downloads by Sub-Genre

The development of the Card Battler sub-genre contrasts with various other sub-categories as the just one of them to experience substantial development in Q2 2021, while they saw downloads continue to be level or decrease.

United States Expands Market Share

Historically, the Card Battler sub-genre has actually seen most of its earnings originated from Asian markets. In 2019, Japan made up 43 percent of general gamer investing in the classification, while China stood for 14 percent.

Card Battler Market Share by Country

In 2020, nevertheless, Japan’s market share reduced to 39 percent, as the U.S. Card Battler market expanded to a 21 percent share. During the very first fifty percent of 2021, that trend proceeded, with the U.S. bookkeeping for a 27 percent market share, while Japan reduced even more to 29 percent.

Top Card Battlers

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links was the leading earnings creating Card Battler in H1 2021, generating $110 million from globally gamer investing. Japan made up 33 percent of its earnings, while the U.S. stood for 27 percent, making it among minority effective international card combatants throughout these vital markets.

Top Card Battlers by Worldwide Player Spending in H1 2021

Six out of the leading 10 Card Battler titles created most of their earnings in Asian markets like China and also Japan. Few video games in the sub-genre have actually had the ability to discover equivalent success in both U.S and also Asian markets, with Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links! and also Hearthstone being the exemptions. However, Magic: The Gathering Arena, a brand-new competitor in the room introduced this year, is revealing very early indicators that maybe an international success, creating earnings in both the U.S. and also Japan.

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