(Reuters) – Myanmar protection pressures punched, put as well as defeated a U.S. reporter as well as maintained him blindfolded for greater than a week of examination, he stated after being deported to the United States adhering to over 3 months in apprehension.

Nathan Maung, 44, editor-in-chief of the on the internet information system Kamayut Media, was apprehended on March 9 in a raid as well as released on June 15. He stated his associate Hanthar Nyein, that continues to be in apprehension, had actually been hurt extra roughly, as had other individuals he satisfied behind bars.

A junta representative did not react to an ask for discuss the account by Nathan Maung, which mirrors those of several of the hundreds of others that have actually been apprehended because the military toppled chosen leader Aung San Suu Kyi on Feb. 1.

The junta has actually stated detainees are being dealt with based on the legislation.

“The first three to four days were the worst,” Nathan Maung informed Reuters in a telephone meeting from Virginia on Friday.

“I was punched and slapped several times. No matter what I said, they just beat me. They used both their hands to slap my eardrums many times. They punched my cheekbones on both sides. They punched my shoulders. I was not allowed to stand up. My legs were swollen. I could not move anymore,” he stated.

Nathan Maung, that was birthed in Myanmar as well as took off to the United States as an evacuee in the 1990s, stated he was confiscated at Kamayut Media’s workplace as well as was considered examining concerning his magazine, his duty there as well as exactly how it runs.

“They handcuffed my hands behind my back, tied my eyes with a cloth and covered that with another cloth,” he stated.

“They did not allow me to sleep for about three or four days. Nonstop interrogation. There was no time to sleep,” he stated. He stated the poundings decreased on the 4th day, after they uncovered he was a U.S. person.

“On the eighth day, a colonel came, he removed the cloth blindfolding me,” Nathan Maung stated.


Nathan Maung was satisfied by U.S. authorities after his launch as well as they aided him as well as his household, the U.S. consular office stated.

It revealed its proceeding deep problem over the apprehension of U.S. reporter Danny Fenster, that was apprehended greater than a month back as well as whose sibling stated he was enabled to talk to the U.S. consular office for the very first time recently.

Nathan Maung stated the colonel had actually tape-recorded his testament as well as asked if he had any kind of declaration to make – to which the editor asked for that his civils rights be valued which he have a legal representative to prevent any kind of costs.

The colonel had actually informed him that he was not billed with any kind of criminal activity which he would certainly be released when the scenario had actually relaxed, Nathan Maung stated.

During his apprehension, Nathan Maung stated he had actually satisfied other individuals that had actually been abused as well as listened to individuals yelling, pleading as well as howling from various other structures.

“Some people experienced worse torture than us. There was someone together with me in a room for two days. His body was covered in bruises and injuries. They put his handcuffed hands on the table and beat his hand.

“The bones were not damaged, however he was terribly damaged as well as his skin was scammed.”

Kamayut Media quit magazine after his apprehension, however Nathan Maung stated he prepared to resume his job.

The Assistance Association for Political Prisoners lobbyist team claims almost 5,200 individuals stay put behind bars after being apprehended because the stroke of genius. It claims protection pressures have actually eliminated a minimum of 881 individuals ever since. The junta contests the number.