Is carbonated water good or unhealthy for you? Jessica Nelson, RDN, CPT, investigates.

Carbonated water—and seltzer specifically—is exploding in recognition. In reality, this market is without doubt one of the quickest rising non-alcoholic beverage classes at this time.

In 2018, $22.1 billion in glowing water/seltzers have been offered. Annually since then, this determine has solely elevated. By the top of 2021, the projected market worth rings in at $33.46 billion.

All issues thought-about, you might marvel: Is carbonated water wholesome? Here, we’ll discover the advantages of carbonated water, what to look out for, and extra.

What is carbonated water?

Before we dive in, let’s begin by understanding what carbonated water is.

Simply put, it’s water that’s infused with carbon dioxide gasoline, beneath stress, to supply small bubbles.

Then, a number of completely different sorts of carbonated water fall inside this beverage class.

Different sorts embrace the likes of:

  • membership soda
  • tonic water
  • glowing mineral water
  • seltzer (aka glowing water)

Pouring seltzer into glass

Many well-liked manufacturers—like La Croix, bubly, Spindrift, Sparkling Ice, and Perrier—outline their drinks as “sparkling water.” However, there’s actually no distinction between that time period and the phrase “seltzer.”

Companies do that since there’s no FDA regulation on figuring out the distinction in terms of gentle drinks. In reality, there’s little regulation on carbonated waters, excluding glowing mineral water.

The FDA units Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for carbonated water for components, contact substances, and diet labeling. However, carbonated waters don’t have any high quality testing regulation and no set limits on contaminants, not like bottled water.

Types of Carbonated Water

From a dietary standpoint, right here’s what differentiates the assorted sorts of carbonated water.

Club Soda

Club soda has added minerals like potassium sulfate, sodium chloride, disodium phosphate, and sodium bicarbonate.

Tonic Water

Tonic water has minerals in addition to the compound quinine, which supplies its bitter style.

Sparkling Mineral Water

Sparkling mineral water is of course carbonated from spring water. True to its title, it’s a pure supply of minerals together with sodium, magnesium, and calcium.

Seltzer (aka Sparkling Water)

Seltzer doesn’t naturally include minerals. Additionally, it generally accommodates components corresponding to sugar, juice, and/or synthetic sweeteners for added taste.

Woman drinking seltzer to stay hydrated

So, is carbonated water good for you?

At the top of the day, carbonated water is a wholesome, good-for-you beverage.

Here’s a better have a look at the advantages of carbonated water.

It’s Just as Hydrating as Water

Perhaps one of the vital widespread FAQs about carbonated water is that this: Is it as hydrating as common water?

It seems the reply is sure. A 2015 research within the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition discovered that, in comparison with plain water, it’s no completely different in the way it hydrates the physique.

That mentioned, all of us may benefit from consuming extra bubbles if it helps us keep hydrated. This reality rings very true for individuals who don’t love the style of water and/or fail to satisfy their each day fluid wants.

It’s a Healthier Alternative to Other Beverages

Many sorts of carbonated water include zero sugar. This makes them a more healthy various to manufactured juices, sports activities drinks, vitality drinks, and common sodas.

Of course, consuming every of those drinks is ok moderately. However, in terms of staying hydrated all through the day, zero-calorie or no-added-sugar drinks (like glowing water) are preferable choices.

It May Aid Digestion

Gas and bloating are pure unwanted effects of sipping on drinks with bubbles. But can these drinks really make your abdomen really feel higher—or worse?

Honestly, the present analysis isn’t so clear. To start, some literature means that carbonated water may very well individuals who expertise digestive points. One 2009 overview of research discovered that it might assist enhance indigestion and constipation, in addition to promote early satiety.

…Or It May Not

Experience extra intense and ongoing digestive points corresponding to IBS or acid reflux disease? If so, you’ll probably wish to restrict your consumption of seltzer and different carbonated drinks.

Drinking over 10 ounces of carbonated water each day can probably exacerbate signs of reflux.

Woman pouring fruit-infused seltzer into glass at garden party

What to Watch Out For

Finally, in terms of how wholesome carbonated water is for you, there are potential cons in terms of components.

Some seltzers and related drinks include components corresponding to:

  • sodium
  • caffeine
  • citric acid

Again, all three are secure to eat moderately—however there are some things you need to be aware of first.


The sodium content material in carbonated drinks is often low. By diet labeling requirements, it’s thought-about low sodium (140 milligrams or much less per serving) to very low sodium (35 milligrams or much less per serving).

If you want monitor your sodium consumption for well being causes, simply remember that carbonated water is a possible supply of additional sodium.


The caffeine content material in sure carbonated drinks is probably going not more than the quantity in a Coke or Pepsi can, which is about 35 milligrams.

However, caffeine can irritate reflux. Therefore, when you have acid reflux disease and/or are delicate to caffeine, use warning when consuming seltzer and the like.

Citric Acid

Lastly, producers add citric acid to tons of meals and drinks, corresponding to soda. It even exists naturally in meals like fruit.

It’s essential to be aware of your citric acid consumption, as it might contribute to the erosion of tooth enamel. Those with dental well being points must be particularly cautious.

The Bottom Line

At the top of the day, carbonated water is nice for you. In sum, it quenches your thirst simply in addition to water to maintain you hydrated all through the day.

Seltzers and different sorts of carbonated water pose few drawbacks and style nice, which is why it will get this dietitian’s stamp of approval.