Shavonne Morrison, MS, RD, LD, addresses questions associated to being pregnant, prenatal nutritional vitamins, and hair progress.

If you’re on a mission to develop thicker, longer hair, you would possibly’ve heard that prenatal nutritional vitamins can assist. However, there are some things you must think about earlier than supplementing—particularly when you aren’t pregnant or making an attempt to conceive.

In this text, we’ll examine hair progress throughout being pregnant. Then, we’ll check out what science has to say concerning the impact of prenatal nutritional vitamins on hair progress. From there, you’ll be higher geared up to determine in the event that they’re value making an attempt in your personal wants.

How Pregnancy Changes Your Hair

Pregnancy is a time of exponential progress and improvement for the child. To facilitate this, the mom’s physique undergoes many hormonal modifications. These modifications—mixed with elevated blood quantity and circulation—might be the rationale for healthier-looking, longer hair.

The most important hormone at work right here is estrogen. Estrogen prolongs the expansion section of hair throughout being pregnant. For many, this implies much less hair loss and breakage, leading to wholesome, shiny hair.

On the flip aspect, many ladies expertise postpartum hair loss. Once estrogen ranges start to return to regular, hair is extra prone to fall out at a better charge.

Pregnant woman with long curly hair touching belly on bed

Do prenatal nutritional vitamins assist hair progress?

Although there’s a correlation between prenatal vitamin consumption and hair progress throughout being pregnant, that doesn’t essentially imply that prenatals trigger hair progress.

However, a 2018 examine discovered that girls could expertise thicker nails throughout being pregnant. Interestingly, there was no distinction within the progress charge of nails—solely nail thickness. This signifies that since being pregnant hormones influence nail thickness, they might equally influence hair thickness.

Overall, analysis doesn’t help the concept that prenatals will assist your hair develop. However, a weight loss program wealthy in nutritional vitamins A, C, D, E, B nutritional vitamins, iron, and zinc very effectively might!

Best Vitamins in Prenatals for Hair, Skin + Nails

While some could also be tempted to take a prenatal for hair advantages, you can even get key nutritional vitamins and minerals from a high-quality multivitamin or by meals.

Here are the highest beauty-boosting vitamins to look out for.

Vitamin A

Healthy, moisturized pores and skin—in addition to a nurtured scalp—requires vitamin A. It facilitates the right manufacturing of sebum, the oil your physique naturally produces.

Vitamin C

A strong antioxidant, vitamin C can neutralize free radicals (molecules that may trigger oxidative stress within the physique and impair hair progress) with out changing into unstable itself. It additionally will increase the absorption of iron, which is critical for hair progress.

Vitamin D

The function of vitamin D for hair progress/loss isn’t conclusive. But in response to a 2019 examine, there could also be a considerable hyperlink between having sufficient vitamin D and avoiding hair loss.

Vitamin E

Also an antioxidant, vitamin E has related results on the physique to vitamin C. Vitamin E is understood to enhance pores and skin’s smoothness and assist preserve its moisture. This consists of the pores and skin in your scalp—and a serious part of getting wholesome hair is sustaining a wholesome scalp.

B Vitamins

B nutritional vitamins—particularly biotin (vitamin B7)—are concerned within the well being of your hair, pores and skin, and nails. In specific, some research hyperlink biotin deficiency to hair loss.


This mineral is necessary for carrying oxygen to each cell within the physique. Iron deficiency signs embrace weak/brittle nails, paleness/pallor, and hair loss.


Lastly, zinc deficiency is usually related to hair loss.

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Can you are taking a prenatal when you aren’t pregnant?

If you’re not pregnant, there are some things to think about earlier than taking a prenatal vitamin for hair progress.

The most important concern with taking a prenatal once you aren’t pregnant (or planning to be) is iron toxicity. Nonpregnant girls want 18 milligrams of iron per day, in comparison with pregnant girls who want 27 milligrams.

Taking an excessive amount of iron every day over a protracted time period can result in signs akin to:

  • abdomen ache
  • constipation
  • liver issues

However, some prenatals don’t include any iron in any respect. (Many manufacturers exclude iron since wants throughout preconception and being pregnant are distinctive.) In quick, your greatest wager is to research the label totally when you determine you wish to take a prenatal.

Calcium is one other nutrient of concern when taking a prenatal exterior of being pregnant. In the long term, getting extra calcium than your physique requires might contribute to kidney points. (However, consuming a lot of water and taking your complement with a meal could mitigate this danger.)

Foods That Help Hair Growth

A weight loss program that promotes wholesome pores and skin, hair, and nails will embrace fruits, greens, and wholesome fat whereas limiting processed meals. In different phrases, a nutritious diet equals more healthy hair.

The following meals are excessive within the nutritional vitamins and minerals obligatory for hair progress and energy.

1. Eggs are a fantastic supply of nutritional vitamins A and D. They additionally include biotin. Egg yolks particularly are wealthy in hair-growing nutritional vitamins. In sufferers with hassle rising hair, biotin can enhance their potential to keep up progress.

2. Citrus fruits akin to oranges and grapefruits are filled with vitamin C. They additionally include vitamin A. Many fruit juices are additionally excessive in vitamin C.

3. Sweet potatoes are wealthy in vitamin A. One baked candy potato has over 150 p.c of your every day vitamin A wants.

4. Nuts and seeds—akin to almonds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds, walnuts, cashews—are filled with important nutritional vitamins, minerals, and wholesome fat that assist strengthen your hair and promote progress.

5. Lentils and white beans are good sources of iron and zinc. These minerals are necessary for sustaining coloration, energy, and elasticity in hair.

6. Whole-grain meals are sometimes fortified with B nutritional vitamins. Choosing whole-grain bread and cereals over conventionally processed ones means you get much more of their vitamins!

Woman slicing oranges to promote healthy hair growth

Alternative Supplements for Hair Growth

If the thought of adjusting your weight loss program overwhelms you, it’s possible you’ll choose to take a multivitamin as a substitute of a prenatal.

Multivitamins can assist fill in gaps in your weight loss program whereas offering key nutritional vitamins and minerals for hair progress. A multivitamin can also be possibility when you don’t wish to fear concerning the dangers of getting an excessive amount of of any vitamin or mineral, akin to iron.

You may also take dietary supplements particularly formulated for hair progress.

For occasion, HUM’s Hair Sweet Hair gummies have B nutritional vitamins, zinc, and herbs like fo-ti which might be confirmed that will help you develop longer, stronger hair. Since they’re particularly useful in your hair, a hair progress complement is likely to be your best choice to keep away from exceeding your dietary wants.

Final Thoughts

Prenatals are formulated for ladies who’re pregnant or making an attempt to turn out to be pregnant. While they definitely embrace nutritional vitamins and minerals obligatory for wholesome hair, it’s possible you’ll be higher off taking a multivitamin or hair progress complement to achieve your targets.*

Taking excessive quantities of sure vitamins unnecessarily could cause undesired negative effects and even masks different points. Ultimately, solely you and your physician can decide if it’s protected so that you can take a prenatal for hair progress.

Better but, improve your weight loss program to profit hair progress and total well being alike.

*Note: Since many pregnancies are unplanned, it’s not unwise to think about taking a prenatal. Getting sufficient quantities of folate, choline, DHA, and different vitamins in these dietary supplements is essential for optimum maternal and toddler well being.

Many girls don’t have sufficient quantities of those nutritional vitamins earlier than being pregnant. Of be aware, they’re extremely necessary within the early phases of being pregnant, even earlier than many ladies even notice they’re pregnant.