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Letters to the Editor– July 5, 2021


July 4, 2021 | 7: 56 pm| Upgraded July 4, 2021|7: 57 pm

The Concern: Gwen Berry’s responses to skeptics after her across the country anthem argument at the Olympic examinations.

After incredibly freely disrespecting the American flag as well as additionally across the country anthem, Gwen Berry made her point of view faultlessly clear: “The anthem does not promote me. It never ever has” (” Olympic-Size Fight,” June 29).

She does not depend on what this nation along with its symbols represent. Why in the world would absolutely she prefer to represent us along with our well worths to the entire world at the Olympics?

Gwen, your sporting activities performance licensed you simply for the opportunity to represent the United States in the Olympic computer game, not the guaranteed. The Olympics are in addition relating to individuality, along with you have really lain doing not have.

Brian Finn

Stamford, Conn.

Chosen Republican Politicians are having an in shape relating to Berry yet commend the treason that took place on Jan. 6 at the United States Capitol.

She has the right under the Constitution to do what she did. These chauvinists should close as well as additionally effort to bring this country with each various other instead of making audio worrying Berry. Be honored, woman, as well as additionally do what God has really selected for you to do as a powerbroker, which is: “Be civil-minded.”

God honor along with guard you in all of your settings. Maintain the wonderful. Really happy with you.

William Belcher

Worcester, Mass.

I’m alarmed at the routines by this Olympic-bound person.

I have really taken pleasure in winter season as well as additionally summertime period all set as prolonged as I remember. I assume Berry has really not been versed in or does dislike actual interpretation of what the computer game represent.

It’s such an honor to be part of a team of elite expert athletes, along with she acts by doing this?

She’s plainly not educated concerning the example she could be. She should be eliminated the team. Embarassment on you, Gwen.

I’m so pull down. This is not the minute along with location to disclose your disrespect to your country.

C. Hagney

Saratoga Springs

Olympic athlete Gwen Berry placed third at the Women’s Hammer Throw final during the US Olympic Track & Field Team Trials.
Olympic expert athlete Gwen Berry placed 3rd at the Female’s Hammer Toss last throughout the United States Olympic Track & Area Group Trial Runs.
AP Photo/Shizuo Kambayashi, Documents

Berry changed her back on the flag throughout the anthem, along with she had an inefficient reason.

She’s the poster youngster for crucial race principle as well as additionally wokeism. It’s every little thing concerning her along with her campaigning for. She’s a pure pity for America.

She have to be forbidden from the team. It was a pure attention-getting method. The White Residence backs her, which is not stunning, as we have no leader there.

David J. Smith

Stamford, Conn.

Berry is certified to her Very initially Modification lawful civil liberties, yet as each of our moms specified to us as children at the same time or another, “There is a time as well as an area.” This is not the minute neither the location to focus on one’s self.

Not simply requires to Berry be “excused” from the team nonetheless this should be done rapidly. No discussions, no appeal treatments, no meeting. Berry has actually had her 15 minutes of appeal, as well as additionally those 15 minutes are up.

If definitely nothing is done to method Berry, it would absolutely be the extremely very first time in my developed life I would absolutely be rooting versus an other American in the Olympics. That’s specifically just how disappointing this scenario is.

Jack Cashman

Brambleton, Va.

Berry has really dishonored our country. Why does she compete for a country she dislikes? I will absolutely change my back on her along with the Olympics as an outcome of “protestor” routines.

If Berry is so contemptuous of our anthem along with flag, probably she should finish for China, Russia or a couple of various other country that does not have our versatilities as well as additionally see specifically just how much she gets.

If she desires to be an “protestor” do it on her actual own time, not throughout Olympic rivals.

Gary Acerra

Staten Island

Berry changed her back on the American flag as the across the country anthem was being played in presentation versus related to American bigotry.

Obviously, the mystery of this “racist” country handling a black woman the possibility along with honor of representing us on the world stage, along with the opportunity to make many dollars in referrals, was dropped on her.

I believe when all you have really acquired is a hammer, America will absolutely resemble a nail.

Jack Kaufman

Naples, Fla.

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