Allen Weisselberg does his perp-walk

In the information in the present day: Allen Weisselberg, the longtime chief monetary officer for Donald Trump, was indicted in New York on 15 felony counts that allege a 15-year-long tax fraud scheme.” And sure, there’s an un-indicted co-conspirator. The Supreme Court took one other step in direction of dismantling the Voting Rights Act. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi named the members of the Select Committee that shall be investigating the Jan. 6 revolt on the U.S. Capitol. Republican Rep. Liz Cheney is certainly one of its members. House Minority Leader—and chief jackass—Kevin McCarthy tried to vary the topic by pretending Devin “Cow” Nunes can be investigating delusional claims from Tucker Carlson. And convicted assassin Derek Chauvin could, lastly, should publicly take duty for his actions. 

Here’s a few of what you might have missed:

Top Trump executive Allen Weisselberg indicted on 15 felony counts

Supreme Court’s conservatives deal historic blow to the Voting Rights Act’s last remaining pillar

Pelosi names members of select committee to probe Jan. 6 siege. Liz Cheney is one of them

Kevin McCarthy seizes on Tucker Carlson’s attempt to distract from Jan. 6 investigation

Plea deal could force Derek Chauvin to take public responsibility for his actions for first time

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