OnePlus Nord 2 vs Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

If you are looking for the best economical phone, the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G has in fact perhaps end up on your radar: a phone with magnum opus, long lasting battery life as well as additionally an outstanding digital video camera, it is among the finest around. Currently, nevertheless, there is a new opposition in the location that means to do all the Galaxy A52 can in addition to additionally better, in addition to it’s called the OnePlus Nord 2.

The Nord 2 brings an additional phenomenal, refined design, experiment with a MediaTek cpu instead of the usual Qualcomm-made chip, acquires some special front jogger qualities like exceptionally quick billing, as well as additionally matches the Galaxy on the battery front in addition to means to compete in the camera department also. Currently, that requests for a much more comprehensive exam which is especially what we have in fact been performing in the previous number of days. Has the new mid-range king appeared with the Nord 2, or will it be yet an added phone that will stain in the extensive darkness of the Galaxy A52?

Layout, Dimension as well as additionally Present

There is a substantial difference in the sensation of these phones when you hold them in your hand: not simply is the Nord perfectly additional mobile, yet it furthermore has the far more remarkable sensation with that said glass back contrasted to an exceptionally cheap-o plastic actually feel on the Galaxy. The second-gen Nord includes a glass back in addition to simply the mid-frame is plastic, while both the framework in addition to the back on the A52 are constructed out of plastic. Also little details like the buttons have rather much much better taking a trip as well as additionally click the Nord. And additionally it furthermore includes its hallmark 3-way slider, so you can promptly switch in between ring, shake as well as additionally silent setups, exceptionally easy.

Remarkably, when it concerns the weight, both phones action especially the identical: 189 grams (6.7 oz), yet at the precise very same time the Galaxy is wider with a rather larger screen which furthermore has bigger bezels surrounding it.

Up previously, the Nord most absolutely types like the prettier phone. The Galaxy, nonetheless, might be a little a whole lot better as it flaunts IP67 primary water protection rating, while the OnePlus does not have such credentials. There is a little making clear due listed below: OnePlus phones are generally water protected also, nevertheless they often prevent the primary rating which adds to the cost of the phone, so you require to be fantastic making use of the Nord 2 in the rains, merely ascertain not to discard it in water intentionally.

Mentioning display screens, you have a 6.4″ one on the Nord and also a 6.5″ measurement on the Galaxy. Both are of the OLED kind as well as additionally have punchy, delicious tones, deep blacks as well as additionally phenomenal contrast, no worry whatsoever. We might not find much of a difference as well as additionally both phones allow customizing the tones in addition to changing over to a far more light sRGB color account, if the normal dynamic OLED tones are not your fave.

Biometrics in addition to Haptics

Both phones consist of finger print scanners mounted under the screen, nevertheless there is a clear difference in simply exactly how fast these work: the one on the Nord 2 actually feels practically instantaneous, while with the Galaxy it takes a prolonged included second up till the phone opens up, which is a constant little swelling that will definitely surround your usage the phone. Both are furthermore specific, it’s merely that the one on the Galaxy is additionally slow-moving.

And additionally when it worries haptics, the vibration electrical motor on the Nord 2 is a whole lot extra effective in addition to deals a pleasing precise vibration whether it is for а sharp or to aid you in keying much quicker, while the Galaxy drinks like a crazy beehive whatsoever times which swiftly acquires rather irritating.


Under the hood, the Nord 2 is powered– for the extremely very first time in a mainstream OnePlus phone– by a MediaTek cpu instead of a Qualcomm-made one. And additionally we should state that we do incline this collection little as this chip is far more efficient than the requirement for this program.

Contrasting the MediaTek 1200 on the Nord 2 vs the Snapdragon 750 G on the Galaxy A52 5G, as well as additionally we find that the MediaTek cpu offers a lot more power in almost every regard.

On the favored GeekBench exam, the Nord 2 acquired double the single-core effectiveness in addition to 50% better multi-core effectiveness than the A52 5G:

  • 808(Nord) vs 421 (Galaxy)
  • 2583(Nord) vs 1607 (Galaxy)

In truth, we furthermore uncovered a little stutter periodically on the Galaxy, while the Nord ran a whole lot smoother.

Video pc gaming as well as additionally GPU effectiveness

Committing computer video gaming, in addition to we find an equivalent pattern. To ideal understand the computer video gaming effectiveness, we use the 3DMark Wild pets Cardiovascular examination which contends 20 minutes as well as additionally exposes not simply the very first burst of power that you acquire from your GPU, yet furthermore shows exactly how well it looks after the cozy as well as additionally whether it suffocates.

Summing up the end results, we can declare that the Snapdragon 750 G does not suffocate in addition to remains consistent throughout the duration of the exam, yet its base ranking is merely also minimized at around the 640 aspect mark. The Nord 2 with the MediaTek 1200 inside it, starts at practically 7 times that power, nevertheless it does suffocate significantly after pertaining to 10 minutes of computer video gaming, going down to around 2,500 -3,000 elements, which is still a good deal better than the Galaxy. At completion of the day, the Nord 2 resembles an exceptional choice as a video clip pc gaming phone, especially for those longer video clip pc gaming sessions in addition to its effectiveness is in fact not also away front joggers.

Storage Space

There are 2 styles of the Nord 2: a base variant with 8GB RAM/128 G storage area, which establishes you back 400 euro, and also afterwards you can furthermore tip approximately 12 G/256 GB some time a whole lot extra. There is furthermore a much more budget friendly Nord 2 style with 6GB RAM/128 GB storage area for India, nevertheless it is not more than likely to appear to different other markets. When it concerns the Galaxy, it furthermore consists of 128 GB of native storage area, yet has 6GB RAM, a little much less than its challenger. The Galaxy does, nonetheless, support microSD card broadening storage area, which is not provided on the OnePlus.


OnePlus phones have in fact had all the structure for success besides one: an exceptional digital video camera. Can the OnePlus Nord 2, of all gizmos, promptly disclose that business has made a camera break-through? It has a remarkable opposition in the Galaxy A52: Samsung’s mid-ranger breaks photos that budget strategy phones can want in both daytime as well as additionally in minimized light.

First, nevertheless, right below’s a peek at the web cam devices on both:

  • big (significant) digital video camera is a 50 MP one on Nord 2, 64 MP one on Galaxy A52 5G; both have OIS
  • ultra-wide is 0.6 X 8MP on the Nord 2, 0.5 X 12 MP one on Galaxy, so you acquire a larger visual field on the Galaxy
  • third lens is black and also white on Nord 2, you have a 5MP macro digital video camera in addition to 5MP deepness camera on Galaxy

The lack of a telephoto zoom lens is absolutely the substantial noninclusion on both, nevertheless this dominates with budget strategy phones so we require to look after it.

Key digital video camera

So … can a OnePlus phone last but not least win a web cam battle? We require to state that OnePlus has in fact overhauled the color clinical research study from the first-gen Nord in addition to the second-gen phone presently has a far more competent digital video camera.

In the first shot above, you will definitely find a number of factors that are patterns on the Nord 2: first factor is merely specifically just how leading environment-friendlies hop on this photo, kind of taking control of different other tones, while there is a good deal a lot more distinction in between tones on the Galaxy. Successive, look even more comprehensive in the darkness, they are merely compressed on the OnePlus Nord 2, while you acquire a lot a lot more details in the darkness with the Galaxy. Information is razor sharp on the Nord 2, especially noticeable in the blades of grass, while the photo on the Galaxy has softer details as well as additionally a lot more light tones.

On this adhering to shot, the Nord 2 options up a whole lot even more details expenses, yet the whole image has a bit a green-ish shade to it, while the Galaxy does not rather have as much analysis in the highlights, nevertheless acquires the white stability suitably.

In the above shot, you can see something actually usual for the image managing on the Nord 2: when you have plant, all the tones mindful show up to change bleaker in addition to with an eco-friendly shade, in addition to it practically resembles a few of the tones are losing out on, while the Galaxy safeguards the vibrancy of each color as well as additionally has the far more intriguing look.

Very very same factor right below: the brown-orange accent has in fact taken control of the shot, while you have a good deal a whole lot extra in relation to unique tones in addition to qualities on the Galaxy.

In minimized light, the responsibilities contrary: tones on the Galaxy look a little soft, while the OnePlus has in fact captured the a lot more dynamic shot with a lot more contrast.

Another minimized light shot as well as additionally it’s in fact superior simply just how much light the OnePlus is getting from this scene, naturally there is an exceptionally noticeable orange-green shade to the photo, nevertheless we would definitely recommend that it brings a lot more of the feel of the place as well as additionally looks better.


Both phones furthermore have an ultra-wide web cam, a requirements to for a 2021 device, as well as additionally the first difference that needs to be mentioned is merely the bigger visual field on the Galaxy.

In this second shot, we see that in many cases when you acquire a good deal of plant in the scene, the OnePlus creates these dull tones with little contrast, while the Galaxy documents an attractive photo.

Aside from the odd halo on the lights on the Galaxy, we such as the photo it captured much much better as it highlights the atmosphere of the place better.

In this adhering to scene, nevertheless, we have the total opposite: the Nord has the capability to extract a good deal a whole lot extra light in addition to although the photo has an orange stars, it looks considerably much much better than the dark as well as additionally short-tempered photo from the Galaxy.


Samsung phones are typically complimented for their selfie webcams as they have in fact absolutely boosted majorly in the last variety of years, as well as additionally the Galaxy A52 5G is a great circumstances of specifically just how additionally a budget variation can consist of a superb selfie web cam with exceptional dynamic range as well as additionally pleasing tones.

The OnePlus Nord 2 consists of a singular front camera also, as well as additionally it furthermore shots exceptional looking selfies. The front digital video camera is not instead as substantial as on the Galaxy, as well as additionally it tends to overexpose shots a little, so we would definitely still the Galaxy the side when it concerns selfies, nevertheless it’s definitely a little lead.

Video Clip Top Quality

We found some restraints with video recording on the OnePlus Nord 2 from the beginning: despite having an ultra-wide camera aboard, you can not actually press set on use it as quickly as you have in fact started videotaping 4K video with the main web cam, as well as additionally you require to give up the video and also later on start once more with the ultra-wide web cam. The Galaxy merely allows you to freely concentrate as well as additionally out in between webcams, as whatever requires to work.

If we overlook that, nonetheless, we require to declare that OnePlus has in fact enhanced the dynamic range, tones, details in addition to basic top quality of the Nord 2 by a mile, as well as additionally it not simply handles the Galaxy, a great deal of the minute it looks much much better. We situated that video video was a little far more cut recognize the Nord contrasted to a larger visual field on the Galaxy. Video clip stablizing with the main camera was better on the OnePlus Nord, as well as additionally so was details in addition to especially dynamic range as the Galaxy A52 blew the highlights as well as additionally typically overexposed the video clip footage.

Sound Top Quality

We require to furthermore spend a min mentioning audio as a result of the reality that the Nord 2 is enhanced from its forerunner as well as additionally presently includes stereo sound speakers that are louder in addition to can not be promptly suppressed like you can when you have merely one sound speaker. That is a welcome improvement, yet we can not mention that audio high quality by itself is excellent. Sound shows up doing not have in high quality in addition to analysis, while the Galaxy, which furthermore consists of dual audio speakers, offers a much cleaner, well stabilized in addition to overall a whole lot extra delightful sound.

The Galaxy furthermore includes a 3.5 mm earphone jack, our preferred vintage of the past. Really, it might not be an antique nonetheless, most of cordless earphones audio enough presently, yet if you prefer one of the most efficient mic high quality for video conferencing, a wired headset is both much less expensive in addition to appears dramatically much much better. The Nord 2, on the different other hand, does not have an earphone jack.

Battery Life

With both phones having in fact the identical sized, 4,500 mAh batteries, we asked yourself to see specifically just how OnePlus as well as additionally Samsung look after the software program application in addition to which phone has the capability to push a lot more battery life out of the precise very same battery capacity.

First, having in fact used the Galaxy a little a whole lot extra, we can definitely declare that it is among the a lot longer long-lasting phones we have in fact analyzed. Unless you are pushing it hard, you can normally browse a day in addition to a half of use in between charges. In our week of making use of the Nord 2 prior to this examination, we have in fact uncovered that it mostly matches the battery life on the Galaxy.

Surprisingly, in our unique battery testing, the Nord 2 beats the A52 with a little marging, have a look at the end results listed here:

  • 13: 13 minutes at 90 Hz browsing vs 12: 35 minutes on A52
  • 9: 25 minutes YouTube Nord 2 vs 8: 30 minutes A52

These evaluations are executed under the very same issues, with both phones reviewed the precise very same lighting level, so they lack a question exceptionally a step of the actual battery situation, as well as additionally we require to declare that the Nord 2 does properly.

Billing prices

Both phones included provided battery chargers in plan (can not assume we

require to review this). There is a big difference in the power end result of those battery chargers, though: you acquire an essential 15 W one on the Galaxy, which is not ideal– it hides the phone in 1 human resources in addition to 40 minutes, definitely on the slow-moving side. The Galaxy does help 25 W payment price, nevertheless you would definitely call for to buy such an adapter independently if you plan to acquire those prices.

OnePlus, on the different other hand, takes the program when it concerns payment. Pay focus extremely carefully, this $400 budget strategy phone includes a 65 W battery charger contained in plan at no cost that covers up the phone 0 to 100% in … merely half a human resources! (It took around 40 minutes in our testing, nevertheless still) This is merely CRAZY. OnePlus clears up that such payment prices are viable due to the fact that it divides the battery inside the phone in 2 different call that butt in parallel, as well as additionally it’s merely remarkable that you can acquire such prices on an affordable phone like the Nord 2.

Neither phone bargains cordless payment, nevertheless that is to be prepared for at this price, in addition to honestly, we do incline that much with the OnePlus.