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© Reuters. Smoke is seen in al-Baghdadi adhering to rocket assaults in Anbar district, Iraq July 7, 2021. Iraqi Media Security Cell/Handout by means of REUTERS


By Ahmed Rasheed as well as Suleiman Al-Khalidi

BAGHDAD/AMMAN (Reuters) -U.S. mediators as well as soldiers in Iraq as well as Syria were targeted in 3 rocket as well as drone assaults in the previous 1 day, U.S. as well as Iraq authorities claimed on Wednesday, consisting of a minimum of 14 rockets striking an Iraqi air base organizing U.S. pressures, injuring 2 American solution participants.

While there were no instant insurance claims of duty for the assaults – component of a wave targeting U.S. soldiers or locations where they are based in Iraq as well as Syria – experts thought they became part of a project by Iranian-backed militias.

Iraqi militia teams lined up with Iran promised to strike back after U.S. strikes on the Iraqi-Syrian boundary eliminated 4 of their participants last month.

Two individuals were somewhat injured in the rocket strike on the Ain al-Asad air base in western Iraq, claimed union spokesperson U.S. Army Colonel Wayne Marotto. The rockets arrived on the base as well as its border. He claimed previously that 3 individuals were injured.

U.S. authorities, talking on problem of privacy, claimed both workers hurt were U.S. solution participants. One endured a blast as well as the various other had small cuts, among the authorities included.

Two rockets were discharged at the U.S. Embassy inside Baghdad’s Green Zone early Thursday, Iraqi protection resources informed Reuters.

The consular office’s anti-rocket system drawn away among the rockets, claimed among the resources – a protection authorities whose workplace is inside the Green Zone. The 2nd rocket dropped near the area’s border, protection authorities claimed.

Sirens blasted from the consular office substance inside the area, which houses federal government structures as well as international objectives, the resources claimed.

In Syria, the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces claimed no damages was done by a drone strike on the Al Omar oil area in an eastern location surrounding Iraq where U.S. pressures came under rocket fire however got away injury on June 28.

The Pentagon claimed a drone had actually been reduced in eastern Syria which no U.S. solution participants had actually been hurt as well as there had actually not been any type of damages.

Iraqi military authorities claimed the rate of current assaults versus bases organizing U.S. pressures with rockets as well as explosive-laden drones was extraordinary.

Iraqi armed forces resources claimed a rocket launcher chosen the rear of a vehicle was made use of in Wednesday’s strike as well as was discovered on close-by farmland lit.

On Tuesday, a drone struck Erbil airport terminal in north Iraq, targeting a U.S. base upon the airport terminal premises, Kurdish protection resources claimed.

Three rockets likewise arrived on Ain al-Asad on Monday without triggering casualties.


The United States has actually been holding indirect talks with Iran focused on bringing both countries back right into conformity with the 2015 Iran nuclear bargain, which was deserted already-President Donald Trump. No day has actually been established for a following round of the talks, which adjourned on June 20.

Hamdi Malik, an associate other at the Washington Institute as well as a professional on Iraq’s Shi’ite militias, claimed the assaults became part of a collaborated rise by Iranian-backed militias in Iraq.

The effort to strike in eastern Syria seemed the initial instance of procedures being performed at the same time in both nations.

“It seems to me they have the green light from Iran to escalate, especially given that the nuclear negotiations are not going well. But at the same time, they do not want to escalate beyond a certain point – they are more vulnerable to U.S. air strikes than they used to be – and they don’t want to overcomplicate the negotiations Iran is holding with the West.”

The United States informed the U.N. Security Council recently that it targeted Iranian-backed militia in Syria as well as Iraq with air raid to prevent them as well as Tehran from performing or sustaining more assaults on U.S. workers or centers.

Iran rejected sustaining assaults on U.S. pressures in Iraq as well as Syria as well as condemned U.S. air raid on Iranian-backed teams.