Sweet temptation
Cherry period: Recipe for a succulent cherry fall apart with oat flakes

This cherry fall apart preferences great as morning meal, treat or as a wonderful dish

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Sweet and also juicy cherries covered with baked fall apart – an unequalled mix. Made rapidly, from totally all-natural components and also incomparably delicious. This dish for a home made cherry fall apart with oat flakes is an emphasize of the cherry period.

A summer season without cherries is just half as wonderful: June to August is cherry period. Because after that the wonderful fruits remain in period and also preference specifically fragrant and also wonderful. Whether as jam, gelato, cake or just munched directly from the tree – the fruits rack up with their scrumptious fragrance.

Cherry fall apart with oat flakes: Irresistibly delicious and also also healthy and balanced

But have you ever before refined the scrumptious fruit in the type of a crumbles? The succulent fruits create a terrific comparison to the sprays. When baked, the cherries maintain their juicy bite and also rarely obtain soft. Fresh fruits are best refined. Coring can be a trouble, yet it’s most definitely worth it.

Tip: Cherries are best matched with a steel or glass straw. Simply press with the whole fruit with the stem of the cherry.

The basis of this crumb is oat flakes. In mix with meant flour, ground almonds and also honey, a healthy, healthy and balanced dish is developed that can additionally be consumed for morning meal with no troubles.

Incidentally, the beginning of the regular crumbles depends on England. It exists that the treat was designed in the 20th century. Traditionally, fruit is covered with sprays made from butter, sugar, and also flour and after that baked.

From wonderful and also sour cherries

There are cherries for every person. Whether wonderful or sour – there is something for every single preference kind. Sweet cherries hold on the trees from June. The supposed heart cherries begin the harvest. They rating with specifically soft and also succulent flesh. The knubber or cartilaginous cherries that are after that collected ripen right into summer and also are understood for their company flesh.

When the last, late, wonderful cherries are collected, the sour cherries do the same. The most popular is the morello cherries, which is among the sour cherries. As the name recommends, the sour cherries vary substantially in preference from their wonderful sibling. Due to the substantially greater percentage of fruit acid, they taste sour to really sour, relying on the selection.

Delicious nutrient bombs

Whether wonderful or sour: cherries are not just scrumptious, they additionally rack up with a great deal of nutrients and also vitamins. Fiber, potassium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins B1, B2 and also B6 in addition to vitamin C, folic acid and also beta-carotene make one of the most sexy of all fruits a truly great number. It not just sustains food digestion, yet additionally blood development, boosts cellular division and also reinforces the body immune system.

If you munch a lot of cherries, you obtain a belly pains?

An old other halves story. Excessive intake of rock fruits of any type of kind can bring about windiness. However, the adverse effects just show up after regarding half a kilo of fruit – due to the fact that even more can bewilder the belly. Cherries are consequently not a perpetrator.

By the means: The misconception that alcohol consumption water after eating the wonderful fruits canister additionally bring about swallow pains has actually additionally been shot down. The source of belly discomforts that took place after consuming rock fruit and also alcohol consumption water at the very same time in earlier times were possibly bacteria in the alcohol consumption water, which triggered windiness and also looseness of the bowels.

Nowadays, nevertheless, the high quality of the alcohol consumption water is so great that there is no more any type of demand to stress over the microbial tons.

Recipe for a cherry oat meal fall apart


  • 200 g of oat meal
  • 100 g meant flour
  • 30 g ground almonds
  • 60ml agave syrup / honey
  • 2 tsps of cinnamon
  • 60g coconut oil
  • 400 g fresh cherries, matched
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon corn starch

Sweet temptation: Cherry season: Recipe for a juicy cherry crumble with oat flakes

prep work

  1. Mix the oat flakes with the meant flour and also ground almonds in a dish.
  2. Add the fluid coconut oil with the agave syrup / honey to the completely dry components and also knead well up until the crumbles are developed.
  3. Wash and also rock the cherries. Then combine with the starch and also lemon juice.
  4. Pour the cherry combination right into a baking meal and also spread out the fall apart ahead.
  5. Bake the cherry fall apart for around 40 to 45 mins at 180 levels.
  6. It is finest to offer it cozy.

Vanilla gelato, vanilla sauce or quark match it.