Like a few of the finest customer technology from the last years, I didn’t recognize I required an e-bike till I got on one, breezing down the bike lane considering my newly found flexibility.

Before purchasing a Nintendo Switch, I would certainly have never ever thought just how much a candy-colored pc gaming console that I can bulge of a dock as well as right into my knapsack for lengthy trip would certainly load me with delight. An e-bike, especially this e-bike, the VanMoof X3, seems like that.

I reside in Portland, Oregon, land of sufficient bike lanes as well as nude bike flights. When I initially relocated right here, I biked anywhere, yet that practice gradually liquified throughout the years. First, I acquired an automobile for weekend break outdoor camping journeys, which gradually came to be weekday duty running.

A couple of years later on, I obtained identified with a persistent disease as well as instantly located myself a lot less certain in what my body can do as well as where it can easily take me. Over time, my bike would just see a handful of flights a period on lovely days, when I’d constantly sigh as well as believe I desire I biked a lot more — it makes me really feel great!

Before checking the X3, I’d discover justifications to drive brief ranges as opposed to riding my bike. What if I burnt out as well as didn’t seem like cycling residence? What if it begins putting rainfall? What’s if it’s also warm? What if I’m also perspiring when I reach the workplace? Riding an e-bike eliminates the majority of those issues outright.

The X3 is an easy sufficient flight that I can still zoom to function if it’s 95+ levels out. It’s quick sufficient that I can leave a shock rainstorm swiftly if demand be. If I don’t wish to be perspiring at the beginning of the day, I can lean on pleasant, pleasant power to blend me away, rolling up to my workplace without damaging a sweat.

And it can’t go unstated that going quick on a bike — during, with as much or little initiative as you seem like placing in — is truly, truly enjoyable. If you haven’t had a possibility to attempt an e-bike, recognize that the experience of easily zooming about, power near-imperceptibly humming below you, is hard to define as well as finest skilled first-hand.

VanMoof’s good-looking set of advanced bikes, the X3 as well as its bigger relative the S3, are much from the only alternatives on the marketplace, so a few of their ands also would certainly apply for any kind of electrical bike. But that doesn’t make the VanMoof compatible either. The VanMoof X3 has an extremely particular appearance, really feel as well as include collection that will completely fit a particular type of cyclist (myself consisted of) yet various other e-bike buyers will certainly still wish to play the area. We’ll enter that — right here goes!

VanMoof X3 e-bike

Matrix screen reveals battery life, rate as well as various other vital details.


I evaluated the VanMoof X3 over the S3 not voluntarily — its geometry is a little crazy searching in images — yet due to the fact that I’m 5’4″. The X3, which fits anyone from 5′-6’5″, is a little smaller sized as well as much less typical looking than the S3, which fits anybody taller than 5’8″. The X3 has 24″ wheels as opposed to the S3’s 28″ wheels as well as it has a little bungee-corded system in the front where most likely you can bring something, yet I still have no concept what (You can additionally get an add-on front basket that ports in there as well as looks extremely adorable.)

Like most e-bikes, the X3 is a lot, much larger than a typical roadway or traveler bike. The provided weight is 45.8 pounds as well as you’ll really feel every extra pound of it if you ever before require to bring it extremely much. I reside in a standalone residence in Portland, Oregon as well as needed to bring the X3 down an extremely brief front action to ride it — absolutely great!

I utilized to reside in a 5th flooring walkup in Brooklyn as well as lugging it up or down that would certainly have been difficult. If you can’t save the X3 (or most any kind of e-bike) around ground degree with accessibility to a battery charger, it could not be a great suitable for you. (Note that in our images, the little system over the chain location is where an optional outside battery pack, gone over later on, rests. The system is detachable.)

Though theoretically I’d choose the appearance of the S3, the X3 doesn’t look unusual in all IRL, whether parked or with someone riding it. It’s adorable, advanced yet not noticeable as well as obtains a lot of praises. My better half explained its visual as “Death Star chic” as well as while I don’t absolutely recognize what that indicates, she’s not incorrect. On the means to my workplace a hygiene vehicle chauffeur rolled down his home window to shout “HEY—THAT’S A REALLY COOL BIKE.” Thanks, my guy!

VanMoof X3 e-bike

The existing generation of VanMoof e-bikes are covered in matte paint as well as you can select in between a traditional, hot matte black or a happily happy matte light blue. A previous variation of the bikes utilized shiny finish, yet evidently the matte is expected to be a lot more scrape immune. The paint does appear quite difficult though it’s not absolutely bombproof. Somehow the handlebars grabbed a little nick in the paint, though I still have no concept where it originated from or what did it (owls?).

Something crucial to note is that neither the VanMoof X3 or S3 appear like e-bikes. They don’t have an awful lump protruding from the framework as well as the leading tube as well as down tube are both thick yet consistent — as well as not so thick you’d reconsider it.

The digital parts are snuggled away in the framework as well as also the drivetrain is concealed as well as confined. And while there’s a deeply amazing LED matrix screen installed in the leading tube, just the cyclist truly sees it. For anybody searching for an e-bike that doesn’t howl e-bike!!!! the VanMoof is just one of the very best selections otherwise the very best selection you can make. It’s an outstanding looking bike — not simply an outstanding looking e-bike.

VanMoof X3 in the city of roses.


The VanMoof X3 is a nice-looking bike — you obtain it. But what around, you recognize, the cycling? I can with confidence report that from the very first time you get on it to your twentieth commute to function, the X3 is an outright delight to ride.

As an e-bike newbie I had appointments. Would the electrical support lower the magic of riding a bike? Do I truly desire a bike doing the moving for me? As it ends up, fairly the contrary as well as indeed, definitely.

The VanMoof X3 (as well as its brother or sister the S3) provide you an electrical increase while pedaling — you’ll still be pedaling yet it really feels enticingly simple as well as you’ll go much faster with much less initiative. The bike additionally includes a Turbo Boost switch on the right-side handlebar that provides you a large increase in addition to the smoother typical digital support, as much as 20 miles per hr in the U.S.

You can select the quantity helpful that you desire. Using the VanMoof application, which we’ll reach, or a physical switch, you can pick what degree of power aid you’d such as from no to 4. Zero is you pedaling a heavy-ass bike alone without aid (it draws) as well as 4 makes every little thing really feel so simple there’s practically no other way to perspire.

In my time checking the bike, I’d make use of “two” when I seemed like obtaining a little bit of an exercise with additional pep in my pedal, 4 when I remained in a rush to reach my co-working room in the early mornings as well as 3 the remainder of the time, like riding to breakfast on a weekend break. Being able to select the degree of pedal support is a big perk as well as it makes the bike really feel versatile for various usages.

VanMoof X3 e-bike

The kick lock switch, back wheel as well as encased chain.

Whatever setting you’re on, the turbo increase switch is an awesome attribute. It flattens high hillsides as well as makes it really feel means more secure to whiz throughout hectic junctions where you’re not exactly sure chauffeurs are listening. It’s enjoyable as well as outstanding for risk-free, protective city riding.

It takes a bit to obtain utilized to the automated digital moving yet that’s silky smooth also. I originally presumed that, like numerous points that functioned completely well prior to having some additional “smart” modern rubbish curtained over them (refrigerators! lights! vibes!) the innovation would certainly fall short simply usually sufficient to be a hassle.

After an extended period of screening, I can report that the X3 flights as smooth as well as smooth as ever before. Every every so often I’d problem down on the pedal or an equipment won’t capture right now yet it’s incredibly uncommon. You can also make use of the application to tailor when the bike moves backwards and forwards as well as it’s worth experimenting with that to discover something that really feels perfect.

What else? The X3’s optimum aided rate remains in the U.S. is 20 miles per hour (32km/hr), yet anybody in Europe will certainly be restricted to 15.5 miles per hour (25km/hr). The U.S. rate really feels fantastic as well as it’s pain-free to rise to 20mph as well as keep that rate with the X3 in a manner I’d need to damage my quads to take care of or else, also on my active non-electric roadway bike.

Beyond that, the seat is extremely comfortable as well as the flight is happily upright as well as all-natural. After riding the X3 for some time I had a tough time returning to stooping over on my (lovable) little Bianchi as well as craved the comfortable flight I’d obtained so utilized to.

VanMoof X3 e-bike

Tail light from the future.


The VanMoof X3 is a superb worth, all points taken into consideration. The firm has an unusual practice of dabbling with its rates, yet after a redesign as well as an enormous cost decrease in 2020 ($3,398 to $1,998 at the time) the bikes really feel extremely well valued. Now they’re retailing for $2,298 — $300 greater than the previous cost yet still a great bargain for anybody searching for an extremely full-featured e-bike without investing greater than around $2,000.

That’s not that a lot more than you’d invest in a normal brand-new bike, sans power as well as VanMoof’s numerous, numerous amazing bells as well as whistles. If you’re into greater end bikes, it can also be a whole lot much less. And genuinely, it’s equally as most likely that you’re purchasing an e-bike to depend much less on an automobile, mass transit or whatever else you’re spending for to navigate — not to change a conventional bike. (For something in the U.S. in the below-$2,000 array, take a look at Rad Power Bikes as well as Charge for some great alternatives.)

VanMoof’s rates is additionally significantly much less than you’d spend for the high-end rate of feature-rich e-bikes with excellent quality parts, yet the firm still handles to take on those on appearances as well as functions. Still, it’s type of demanding that VanMoof is silently tampering the rates with the bikes currently out in the wild. It would certainly draw to prepare to get one just to see the cost soar prior to you’d shot.

The firm must be a lot more clear regarding this, providing established future days for intended cost adjustments. There additionally appear to be updates within generations of the bikes, so an X3 you get currently could vary from an X3 you can get in 2020. That’s complicated as well as all of it must be made more clear someplace apparent on the site.


The VanMoof application’s in-app flight monitoring as well as recap statistics.


One of the most significant factors to consider with an e-bike (or an e-anything!) is array. VanMoof states the X3’s array is 37 miles making use of “full power” as well as as much as 93 miles in economic situation setting. If you’re obtaining 93 miles out of the battery, you possibly aren’t also making use of the pedal support in all, so you can simply throw that number out. The reduced end price quote of 37 miles could be a little charitable for somebody that’s making use of the bike on the 4th power support degree as well as wrecking the turbo increase routinely, yet 35-45 miles really feels around right from my screening (generally setting 3 or 4, periodically 2, light use turbo switch).

The array really feels great. Even making use of the X3 most days out of the week, billing is irregular sufficient to never ever really feel aggravating. In my instance, that suggested day-to-day brief flights (2.5-5 miles, generally) as well as the periodic longer flight (10-20 miles). If you’re making use of the X3 or S3 to commute to function someplace that’s further away, you’re mosting likely to discover on your own connecting in a lot more. Even so, I never ever entered a circumstance where I was worried that I’d lack battery much from residence. And also if you do, you can still pedal the bike — it’s simply truly hefty. Most individuals will possibly bill up over night, yet you can fill the battery in 4 hrs if you require to.

Something to keep in mind is that you’ll connect in a wall surface battery charger straight to the bike to bill it. For anybody that can’t bill as well as save the X3 on ground degree, recognize you’ll need to bring the entire dang bike to an electrical outlet. The absence of a detachable battery could be a strike versus the VanMoof bikes for people that reside in walk-ups or studio apartments, however, for individuals with someplace simple to save it, this wasn’t something I reconsidered.

While the integrated array is absolutely appropriate for a great deal of usage instances, VanMoof simply presented an outside add-on battery pack for both the X3 as well as S3. The battery ports right into a little system, visualized listed below as well as installed on our examination bike, as well as it prolongs the X3’s array significantly. VanMoof markets the PowerFinancial institution device for $348. The point isn’t little — it considers 6 extra pounds — yet VanMoof states it’ll provide you anywhere from 28 to 62 miles of additional array. Again, practically no one is mosting likely to strike the high-end of this, yet also at the reduced end it practically increases the bike’s existing array.

External PowerFinancial Institution using VanMoof

The PowerFinancial institution allows as well as quite confusing. It doesn’t look horrible, yet it certainly makes the X3 appear like an e-bike. It’s not stylish like the detachable battery on the Cowboy, one more very good-looking e-bike, yet it’s ok. If every little thing else regarding a VanMoof fits you completely yet you require a lot more array, it’s fantastic to have the choice, also if you’ll be forking over for it.

VanMoof X3 e-bike


The technology bells as well as whistles are something that truly makes the VanMoof X3 as well as S3 stand apart from the group. The X3’s cost really feels affordable for a dependable, beautiful e-bike, yet in addition to that you’ll be obtaining an electrical horse with some lovely pleasant methods:

  • Matrix screen: On the bike’s leading tube a selection of LED lights developed right into the steel shows your rate, battery life as well as various other beneficial details. This is an awesome attribute, it’s very amazing!
  • Alarm. You can turn on an alarm system that will certainly *essentially grumble* at anybody that scrambles your bike. It’s extreme as well as truly loud.
  • Kick lock. You can kick a tiny physical switch to alarm system the bike as well as secure the back wheel. If you reside in a city with bike burglary, somebody can still throw the bike in a vehicle conveniently so this isn’t a solitary safety option (I utilized a typical mini Kryptonite lock which functioned fantastic.)
  • Find My on iphone. If you’re an iphone customer you can track your bike’s location conveniently. It’s a wonderful attribute, though preferably if your bike is well-locked you aren’t mosting likely to be tinkering this much.
Vanmoof Find My iOS

VanMoof assistance for “Find My” application in iphone

  • Lights. The VanMoof X3 has fantastic integrated lights, front as well as back.
  • App: Surprisingly, the application is really respectable. You can tailor great deals of little points (bell sound, alarm system on or off, moving choices), utilize it to track your flights as well as even more. You additionally don’t need to be linked to the bike with the application to do one of the most crucial things, preference riding it, opening it as well as transforming your degree of electrical support. I had a periodic connection issue with the application (generally on Android) yet this was conveniently solved as well as never ever maintained me from cycling anywhere, though it did suggest some flights weren’t instantly tracked. Importantly, you can additionally track your bike’s location with the application as well as VanMoof proclaims this attribute incorporated with its alarm as well as healing group for assisting individuals obtain their bikes back.

VanMoof X3 e-bike

Overall, something fantastic regarding the X3 is that the technology functions aren’t simply expensive methods — they truly improve the experience. And however, they’re optional. You can ride the bike as well as take advantage of the power support without making use of the application. You can make use of a normal lock as well as avoid the alarm if you select to, or make use of a physical switch code to disable it by hand. You can alter the power support setting with the exact same switch. This is all big as well as allows you make use of the e-bike exactly how you wish to. Personally, I’d never ever get an e-bike that needed connection, a phone or an application to run it; that’s simply throwing down the gauntlet.


Shipping as well as Assembly: The VanMoof X3 as well as S3 can be found in the mail in a large box. The setting up procedure was practically pain-free — besides this set truly fiddly little bit you need to glide right into one more fiddly little bit which took me the lion’s share of a hr as well as some looking on the VanMoof subreddit (not the just one with this issue!)

Extra Support: VanMoof deals 3 paid strategies to maintain your bike in functioning order as well as in your property. You can get a three-year upkeep prepare for $348, a three-year burglary healing prepare for $398 or a consolidated prepare for $690 (damaged down using VanMoof listed below).

VanMoof support plans

Maintenance: Where you live ought to be a significant factor to consider when thinking of purchasing a VanMoof. In my time checking it for integrity over a prolonged duration, I was amazed by exactly how couple of troubles turned up. I needed to mess around with re-centering the front wheel at some time due to the fact that a brake pad was scrubing, yet in addition to periodic application connection problems, that was virtually it. Of program, substantial deterioration ways any kind of bike can take advantage of a professional song up from somebody that understands the design.

VanMoof has full-fledged shops in Amsterdam, London, Paris, Berlin, New York, San Francisco, Seattle as well as Tokyo. Beyond its front runner shops, the firm counts on a broadening network of solution facilities as well as “certified workshops” to keep its bikes, so make certain to examine what’s near you. Personally, I’d wish to be near sufficient to a VanMoof shop or at the very least a solution facility to assure my $2,000+ financial investment as well as its numerous, numerous technical little bits can be preserved in excellent health and wellness. Nobody wishes to deliver a bike back for fixings, specifically a hefty, technically intricate one.

Prior to checking out the X3, e-bikes aren’t something I’d believed a whole lot regarding as well as I wasn’t truly certain that they were for. I initially became aware of VanMoof a number of years ago when a buddy as well as a lot more major cyclist than me acquired one for lugging her canine (the goodest lady) on a lengthy job commute. We rode to the farmer’s market with each other as well as I appreciated her VanMoof, yet I was doubtful that something with a lot innovation under the hood can confirm trustworthy gradually.

Bikes are mechanical as well as straightforward — that’s something remarkable regarding them! Could an e-bike truly equate the joyous simpleness of cycling right into something a lot more advanced? As it ends up, yes. After examination riding the VanMoof X3 to obtain a feeling of its integrity as well as exactly how its functions stand up in typical daily usage, I regret my very early suspicion.

I don’t recognize if I can overemphasize just how much riding an e-bike, particularly this e-bike, improved my life in little means right while I attempted it out. Biking a lot more — as well as e-bikes do obtain individuals cycling a lot more — makes me better as well as much healthier. Biking a lot more has actually assisted me relieve of an extremely less active pandemic duration right into brand-new routines that make me really feel a lot more linked to the globe around me. I’m seeing my city with fresh eyes, cycling to brand-new areas I’ve never ever discovered as well as valuing every one of the little points I considered approved. My just e-bike remorse is not getting on one faster.