Washington Post Hypes Assaults on Reporters: Skips Antifa/BLM, Blames Trump

On Friday, The Washington Post released a tale headlined “TV news crews are increasingly threatened with violence on the job.” Nowhere in this tale was any type of reference of words “Antifa,” in spite of their duplicated practice of assaulting TELEVISION information staffs. Media press reporter Paul Farhi described:

One in 5 TELEVISION information supervisors checked by the Radio Television Digital News Directors Association claimed their staffs had actually been struck at some time in 2014. About fifty percent of the episodes came from covering mass celebrations, such as the demonstrations that complied with the murder of George Floyd and also presentations objecting pandemic lockdowns….

Station supervisors that reacted to the market study claimed their reporters had actually been vocally bugged, punched, put, pushed, altercation on, burglarized at gunpoint, and also struck with rocks and also canteen. At a rally for Trump, one participant “deliberately coughed on our reporter,” one information supervisor reported.

Many of the perpetrators were demonstrators, supervisors claimed, however cops have actually additionally been associated with roughing up reporters.

“Demonstrators” are assaulting press reporters, however they in some way none are connected with Antifa or Black Lives Matter. The tale was highlighted by an image of Associated Press video clip tools wrecked by rioters at the Capitol on January 6. Somehow just one taste of extremism deserves recognizing.

Farhi located a professional at fault Trump and also conventional media: 

Some of the enhanced danger might be an outcome of the pandemic and also the stress produced by lockdowns and also financial disturbance, claimed Bob Papper, an accessory teacher at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Communications that performed the market study.

But he criticizes a few of it on the proceeding demonization of the information media by Trump and also his allies, consisting of those in the conventional media.

“It’s clear a lot of people are still angry, and they’re angry at the media,” he claimed. “It’s the expected consequence of calling the media ‘the enemy of the people.’ ”

By preventing the concern of radical-left physical violence towards reporters, Farhi and also his editors might additionally prevent the method the nationwide media either stop working to report strikes on their press reporters, or their press reporters come on to claim they kind of deserved it.

On the 1 year wedding anniversary of Charlottesville demonstrations in 2018, NBC News prevented pointing out Antifa militants getting at their tools and also swearing at them. Reporter Garrett Haake slightly pointed out press reporters were “heckled.”

In mid-April, CNN remained silent for half a week where among their staffs in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota was showered by canteen and also chased after off by a fierce Black Lives Matter crowd. Then it appeared on Reliable Sources, where host Brian Stelter bizarrely claimed it was “ridiculous” that they were concealing the attack. Reporter Miguel Marquez urged “I cannot blame them for being angry….there were people who were angry at everything and everybody and we happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

And speak about Antifa’s physical violence towards press reporters begins with self-employed reporter Andy Ngo, that looked for to chronicle Antifa physical violence and also wound up beaten into a brain bleed in July 2019. The Post hardly discovered it at that time.