WATCH: Jim Acosta Blasts Greg Abbott for Feeding Into Trump’s Alternate Reality and Shielding Him From Answering Questions.

While most head of states invest their initial year out of workplace under the radar, that hasn’t held true for Donald Trump. The previous head of state, hopeless for adulation, is once again holding political rallies.

On Wednesday, Trump showed up in Texas as Greg Abbott introduced enhancements to the state’s boundary wall surface. The guv’s group made certain to protect the previous head of state from any kind of sort of concerns from non-Conservative press reporters. During a night-time section, Jim Acosta torn Abbott for feeding right into Trump’s misconceptions.

The press reporter told Poppy Harlow, “We spent a day trapped in Trump’s alternate reality about the 2020 election. He was down here to meet with Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas to talk about Abbott’s plan to spend $250 million on the border wall to fill in gaps in Trump’s border wall that weren’t completed during the Trump administration.”

Acosta continued:

“Abbott’s people went to great lengths to keep reporters from asking questions of the former president and so at this event at the border wall it got quiet for a few seconds and I tried to ask the question: ‘do you apologize for what happened on Jan. 6th?’ Trump knew what was going on. He looked right at me and did not respond. That is when we heard boos from the crowd but keep in mind, this is not a crowd of Trump supporters. This was a crowd of Republican members of the House who skipped out on the vote today for the Jan. 6th select committee that Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker proposed instead they were down in Texas kissing Trump’s ring. Another example how we’re not seeing profiles encouraged up on Capitol Hill on the Republican side.”

Watch a clip of the section listed below, thanks to CNN: