Carrie Gabriel, MS, RDN, shares her tackle the most effective eggs to purchase based mostly on well being content material and worth. But first: every little thing it’s best to know in regards to the various kinds of eggs on provide.

Imagine you’re on the grocery retailer doing all of your weekly procuring. You head over to the refrigerated part to verify off the eggs in your listing, and right here’s the place the confusion units in.

Why are there so many various kinds of eggs at varied value factors? What do the totally different egg colours, labels, and rankings imply? And lastly, what are the most effective eggs to purchase?

Different Types of Eggs

To start, there are numerous varieties of eggs to select from.

As famous above, the primary classes of distinction embody:

  • colour
  • label/designation
  • grade

Let’s focus on what all of those components imply and which qualities are probably the most useful in your eggs.

White, tan, and brown eggs in a carton

Egg Colors

Does the well being worth or taste of an egg differ based mostly on its shell colour? According to Michigan State University Extension, the reply is not any.

Egg colour is set by the hen’s genetics. Their breed will in the end inform you the colour her eggs will likely be. Perhaps surprisingly, all eggs begin out the colour white. If you have a look at the rooster’s ear lobes, normally the colour would be the similar because the eggs they lay.

(There’s a breed of rooster that lays blue eggs known as Araucana. I’m unsure I’ve ever seen a rooster with blue ear lobes, however the subsequent time I’ve a chance, I’m going to start out wanting!)

Overall, the underside line is that that the egg’s shell colour has no main bearing on dietary content material or style.

Egg Labels (Designations)

Here’s a better have a look at a few of the most typical labels on egg cartons and what they imply.


These are your normal eggs, which frequently don’t have any particular label. If that’s the case, they almost certainly fall into the “regular” class.

This kind of egg comes from chickens raised in massive industrial farms. Their wings and beaks are sometimes clipped they usually’re saved in small cages on prime of each other.

Due to those dwelling situations and the truth that they arrive from massive industrial farms, these eggs are probably the most inexpensive for these with smaller budgets.


Next, cage-free eggs are literally fairly just like typical eggs. The chickens that lay cage-free eggs nonetheless get their beaks and wings clipped and stay in shut quarters with minimal daylight and no assured entry to the outside.

The solely main distinction is that—true to its nomenclature—these chickens aren’t raised in cages. In phrases of price, cage-free eggs normally price a few greenback greater than common eggs.


If the time period “free-range” makes you consider chickens roaming at will in grassy fields all day, you might need to assume once more.

Yes, free-range does assure that chickens have some entry to the outside for not less than a portion of their lives. Free-range is a blanket time period, nonetheless, because the period of time and amount of area open air can differ.

Free-range eggs are likely to price the identical because the cage-free selection. They additionally don’t have any particular dietary implications.

Woman breaking white organic eggs into bowl for baking

Certified Organic

If your eggs are marked with the USDA’s licensed natural designation, it means the chickens who laid these eggs got licensed natural feed free from chemical substances and antibiotics.

But are natural eggs price it?

One of the primary advantages of the sort of egg is that its consumption limits your publicity to dangerous pesticides. These chickens are additionally uncaged and free to roam open air, so technically, they’re also referred to as natural free-range eggs.

Because of this additional step within the manufacturing course of, the value of natural eggs will likely be barely greater than different varieties.

Organic Vegetarian-Fed

Eggs with this label have been produced by chickens that have been fed a strictly all natural and vegetarian eating regimen.

Sure, the vegetarian-fed label could have a sure enchantment to vegetarians. However, it’s not essentially a built-in profit, as chickens aren’t ideally vegetarians. After all, worms and bugs are a part of a rooster’s pure eating regimen.

As far as prices go, the value of natural vegetarian-fed eggs will likely be barely greater than that of a licensed natural egg.


Antibiotics are extra widespread in rooster feed, however few hens are ever truly injected with antibiotics.

Out of the three varieties of antibiotics authorized by the FDA to deal with illnesses in hens, none of them have had any marked impact on the eggs. In reality, these antibiotics truly forestall the hens from laying contaminated eggs.


Finally, we saved the healthiest eggs to purchase for final. When it involves egg labels, pasture-raised is the gold normal.

These eggs come straight from chickens raised on a pasture, which usually signifies that they may freely roam full entry to daylight. These chickens ate an natural eating regimen, full with bugs and worms for nourishment.

Lastly, pasture-raised eggs are freed from hormones and antibiotics.

Man cutting into omelette made with organic free-range eggs

Egg grades

Grades are how we classify eggs by construction and consistency. The shopper grades for eggs within the United States are:

  • AA
  • A
  • B

You ought to know, nonetheless, that grades aren’t a security normal. If you purchase eggs from a grocery retailer, they need to be fit for human consumption—whatever the grade.

Here’s a deeper dive into the various kinds of egg grades and what they imply.

Grade AA

Grade AA eggs ought to have a thick, agency egg white and a transparent anchor between the egg and the yolk (known as the chalazae). The yolk ought to be spherical and excessive.

These varieties of eggs are nice for every kind of cooking, however are perfect for poaching and frying. Eggs of this grade are full and repeatedly formed.

Grade A

Grade A eggs are similar to AA—nonetheless, the whites could also be barely much less agency and thick.

This egg can also be nice for all makes use of and is the kind most often offered in grocery shops. Like AA eggs, this egg has no structural points.

Grade B

Grade B eggs have a skinny, flat yolk. The whites are usually skinny and watery with no chalazae.

This egg grade is unbroken however could also be misshapen with stains. It’s finest for unstructured use and is seldom offered at meals markets. Instead, frozen or freeze-dried egg merchandise typically use grade B eggs.

Father serving daughter the healthiest, best eggs for breakfast

The Best Eggs to Buy

As a registered dietitian, I really useful pasture-raised eggs as the most effective eggs to purchase. After all, the chickens that lay these eggs are capable of roam freely and have entry to daylight and contemporary air. When you’ve gotten a wholesome rooster, it’s extra possible that they’ll lay wholesome eggs.

Otherwise, domestically farmed eggs are my selection for runner-up. They normally have smaller operations operating for his or her rooster’s eggs, which frequently means a greater setting.

If you don’t have entry to both of those two choices, cage-free or free-range could be your subsequent finest wager, largely as a result of they’re most likely more healthy than caged chickens.

However, if budgetary issues forestall you from shopping for premium eggs, don’t fear.

Simply put, regulatory our bodies ought to make sure that each egg on grocery retailer cabinets is secure for human consumption. There’s all the time an opportunity for there to be one odd egg, however that would occur with any meals.