Why Shawn Johnson Says She Feels "Sad" Looking Back at Herself on Olympic Podium

“I was probably the least healthy I had ever been, I was abusing Adderall at the time, because it was gonna help me lose weight,” stated The Challenge alum, that has actually formerly opened about her history with pill “overdosing” and also a rigorous 700 calorie diet plan.

She determined to retire prior to the Olympic tests, which she claimed featured its very own troubles when enrollers failed. “I lost all my money, everything … It was just a very, very hard time,” she took place.

Fortunately, she had a “turning point” at the London Olympics, claiming, “I was so happy and so free, to be not a part of that world anymore. And that’s where I met my husband, and he completely changed my life. “

She married football pro Andrew East in 2016 and also brought to life their very first kid, a daughter named Drew, in November 2019. The couple’s baby boy schedules at the beginning of the Tokyo Olympics on July 23.

As Shawn informed followers in 2014, “Having gotten clean from the medications and the prescriptions and just the obsessiveness, I wouldn’t change anything for the world. I love that I went through it. It was very hard and I don’t wish it on anyone, but I’ve had these tough experiences that make me a stronger mom that will allow me to teach Drew how to be strong as well. “